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Often I've heard and read that one should put aside the mind and tune into one's intuitive side. Many say that the mind can be a hinderance. So I'm thinking, 'huh?' Seriously? I just don't buy into that. I'm thinking that some have it confused, imo. It's not the mind that is a hinderance, it's the ego. Ego is the problem. Perhaps that's what many are talking about when they say to set aside the mind. Personally, I love my logical mind and have successfully used it in situations that most would use intuition to handle. Which takes me to the idea that Indigos are supposedly right brain oriented.  I've read this often on the web.


So if indigos are supposed to be the next step in human evolution, wouldn't being mostly right brained oriented be a hinderance? I don't know, to me it would be more advantageous to possess a healthy balance of both hemispheres. That is something that I personally strive for. I couldn't imagine being mostly right brained. Yeah, it has its advantages but if I were an inventor, I would need the left side. The creative side could come up with something great to invent, but it takes logic to flesh it out. So could it be that being mostly right brain oriented is actually a devolved aspect of Indigos?  If so, what does that say about us?


Should I or any of us Indigos strive to be more right brain oriented?  I just don't see how that's working for me.  Angels are logical, Ascended Masters are logical, the universe is logical, the Goddess is logical and yet some say to shut down that side of my mind.  I don't think it's supposed to be like that.  I feel that balance is the way to go.  The universe often demonstrates the need and importance of overall balance.  I think that the educational system should emphasize the importance of balance in the usage of the hemispheres.


Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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I love hearing about these gifted kids. My oldest indigo/crystal is almost 12 and he does have a hard time in the school system. he knows the stuff they teach is absolutely useless in this life so he doesn't waste his time paying attention to what he experiences as nonsense. 

My 2 other I/C's are not of school age yet. One is 4 and the other is going to be 1 on July 3rd, though she is not indigo.. she is a rainbow starlight, which is a highly adjusted child who you feel like is a wise old woman in that tiny little body. She is an utter delight, nothing takes her out of her joy.  My daughter had 4 boys before this little angelic girl came along and she danced in my aura before my daughter to let me know she was on the way.

All but my oldest do really good in school, like getting straight a's without even trying. They have already figured out how to make the system work for them instead of against them and it is working much to all of our delight and surprise.

Blessings to you and your beautiful family too.. it is refreshing to speak to someone who actually speaks my language.  There is alot of ego based fear crap that goes on in this forum which is disappointing to say the least. I'd hang out here more if the vibrations of this place would increase.

Have a joyous weekend!!


Thank You YaMa"EL,

Blessing to you and your family.

My g-son also appeared and communicated with me through telephaty before he was born. He showed me his baby face and said:  Hi G-Ma

I am very Telephatic so I could understand him and to this day we still have this connection....

It is so nice to communicate with others that can relate to my experience as well.

He is also starting to figure out the system and make it work for him as well, he is very smart........






I have read about this quite a lot,so I have information that the most intelligent people that lived on this planet used the left and the right part of the brain equal.For example Albert Einstein.So I think that we should use the both parts of our brain because the both of them are very beneficial.We should use everything we have,that's why we have it.And need to stay balanced.If you use one part of the brain more that the other,are you balanced?Balance is a lecture we learn in our life.They are books about how to keep your brain balanced and how to develop the talents from both side of it equally.

Me,myself am right brain oriented but I constantly practice mathematics and other logical things so now I developed logical and analytic thinking and keep balanced the both sides.

I know that I am right brained oriented, and sometimes my lack of left brained logic gets in the way of things, and how I figure things out is a little different than other left brained people.....I have to poke it with a stick until I figure it out, while left brained individuals have figured it out long time ago....


I know someone is who both right brained and left brained and she is amazing to watch figure stuff can see the eyes moving back and forth as she figures stuff out.....

I believe that today's humanity is heavily, excessively so lead by left-brained people. The point of this is that not enough people tune into their right brain. It's a left-brained world where anyone ''right-brained'' is ridiculed. To balance this out, we need more ''right-brained'' people out there.

I agree it is not one thing or the other but unifying and aligning all aspects of ourselves so we can ascend. You can't throw out the baby with the bath water. There are times to sit and just feel something deePly as in rolling back into ecstasy that is where rational thought is not in play. Then there are times when you sit with yourself pondering your life, god/goddess, society, healing. A healthy balance is needed, as in right brained painting, creating to being more logical.....

Our society is mostly.......well at least our schools are left brained dominated which is a suppression of the divine feminin, because the right brained is seen as mostly female, or feminin. Which I think isn't good because again the schools are missing out on so many other aspects of Learning.

I think if I am like other indigos mostly shooting for balance and higher consciousness.
What I think has gotten a "bad rap" are the lies, illusions, delusions that our minds come up with.....or is that the ego?



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