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Often I've heard and read that one should put aside the mind and tune into one's intuitive side. Many say that the mind can be a hinderance. So I'm thinking, 'huh?' Seriously? I just don't buy into that. I'm thinking that some have it confused, imo. It's not the mind that is a hinderance, it's the ego. Ego is the problem. Perhaps that's what many are talking about when they say to set aside the mind. Personally, I love my logical mind and have successfully used it in situations that most would use intuition to handle. Which takes me to the idea that Indigos are supposedly right brain oriented.  I've read this often on the web.


So if indigos are supposed to be the next step in human evolution, wouldn't being mostly right brained oriented be a hinderance? I don't know, to me it would be more advantageous to possess a healthy balance of both hemispheres. That is something that I personally strive for. I couldn't imagine being mostly right brained. Yeah, it has its advantages but if I were an inventor, I would need the left side. The creative side could come up with something great to invent, but it takes logic to flesh it out. So could it be that being mostly right brain oriented is actually a devolved aspect of Indigos?  If so, what does that say about us?


Should I or any of us Indigos strive to be more right brain oriented?  I just don't see how that's working for me.  Angels are logical, Ascended Masters are logical, the universe is logical, the Goddess is logical and yet some say to shut down that side of my mind.  I don't think it's supposed to be like that.  I feel that balance is the way to go.  The universe often demonstrates the need and importance of overall balance.  I think that the educational system should emphasize the importance of balance in the usage of the hemispheres.


Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Espavo Sister!! Beautifully said
I don't believe that thoughts and ego come from the same place.  This wouldn't occur all the time.  Ascended Masters and other divine beings have thoughts that are free of ego.  Chaos is something that does not exist.  It only appears to exist because our limited minds cannot see all the causes and effects of a situation.
you are right adalis is a balance. i igree with you

I don´t think indigos need to be right brain orientated, rather that both hemispheres work perfectly together, I think in the ninetees Educational Kinesiology had this Switched On programme, exercises to activate both hemispheres to work.

I agree with you it is the ego that stops all change, as ego is afraid of change, and wants things to stay the way they are.

So the average left brainer´s or right brainer´s ego finds the other hemisphere "evil", and fights to keep its stance. How many people are worried about "brainwash" or tampering with their own brain? I know many. I have washed my brain over and over again and reprogrammed it the way I like, so it ALL works. Keep washing your brains and get all the neurons between your lobes to light up, maybe for the first time in your life. Scary isn´t it :)

um the main aspect in dealing with the other dimensions that ppl have trouble understanding is that reason and logic dont work when they encounter the unknown it is something akin to you trying to logically explain what red is to a blind person you fall very short of the actual experience of red


Perhaps logic wouldn't work because we lack the mental capacity to comprehend higher dimensions.  If there was no lack, logic would work.

Balance creates PEACE within and we can operate from that state of consciousness much better seing the truth and how to express that in the physical world.



beautifully said Anata! xox

As an Indigo Starseed myself, I can answer some of these questions, however i am shocked that there is so much misconception about us. That really blew my mind, I thought most people understood what the term meant.

Indigo's are not the next step in human evolution, an AWAKENED HUMANITY is the next step in our evolution. We as Indigo's are a group of beings like everyone else on this planet. We are the wayshowers, the forerunners for helping the rest of humanity wake up and remember who they are. We are neither rightbrained or left brained, We are equally adept at using both hemispheres of the brain. We are highy sensitive and intuitive beings who came with a specific set of blueprints and gifts to serve humanity and help them evolve. 


You're either Indigo or you're not and from most of what I read in this thread, those who don't get it or understand it are definately not Indigo's but that doesn't matter. Each person here on earth at this time has a unique set of gifts and blueprints to help that individual evolve into all they were created to be. Most of the indigo's on planet now are much younger as I am an Indigo Scout, I am of the first genration of Indigo's to hit this planet. Talk about feeling ALONE!!! Until I figured out who and what I was and found others like me, tliving on this planet SUCKED.

Now that I understand my role, I also understand that this playground we are here to play in is LIQUID and moldable and can be morphed and recreated into whatever we desire. Living here now is FUN and EXCITING because I now know that HOME is within me and not "out there" somewhere.

Most of us Indigo's are transitioning into Crystal beings who are now traversing the 5th, 6th and higher dimensional energies and working with them for the highest good of all creation. We are ALL moving out of thinking consciousness into heart centered feeling consciousness. The human mind has a built in ego that is needed while living in the dream of the illusion known as 3d life. Once moved out of the head and into the heart, the true essence of all that you are can shine through. If I were stuck inside a 3d left brained mind I woulld go insane!!!!!!!

I knew what I was doing as did each of us when we agreed to come here and play this game of life on earth. The whole point of the brain is to remember that you are God in a body experiencing life through you. How can life not be fun once we know the truth???

In love and oneness I AM




Beautiful explaination, my g-son is a INDIGO and he and I have the deepest conversations about GOD, since he was just a little boy of 2 and started to speak. I feel like I am speaking to a grown up instead a child. The insight that this boy has are so interesting.

He is very sensitive, high intellect and very lovable.........Love's Yoga, Sports and I watch over him and his evolution..




Thank you Ananta... actually.. your g-son feels to also have very strong crystal energies as 2 of my own 8 grand children do which would better explain his ability to have conversations about GOD. Indigo's are system busters who seek out and find the truth. Crystals have an uncanny connection to God already established. He is very lucky to have you in his life as he has much greatness to bring to the people of this earth and for earth herself.

Give him and yourself a BIG HUG from me :)


Thank You YaMaEL

He has a variety of crystals that he play's with and pray's with. His G-ma is also a system buster and I sleep on various crystals under my pillow, :-)

He defently seeks out the truth with his questions. He had a hard time adjusting to school and wanted to go to a Yoga School/Ashram in the mountains, but his mom and dad wanted to have him a normal life,how boring. This year his grades where much better. We make learning fun for him now....

He loves water and I thaught him how to swim :-)

How are you g-children adjusting???

I hope all is well for you and family.







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