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Often I've heard and read that one should put aside the mind and tune into one's intuitive side. Many say that the mind can be a hinderance. So I'm thinking, 'huh?' Seriously? I just don't buy into that. I'm thinking that some have it confused, imo. It's not the mind that is a hinderance, it's the ego. Ego is the problem. Perhaps that's what many are talking about when they say to set aside the mind. Personally, I love my logical mind and have successfully used it in situations that most would use intuition to handle. Which takes me to the idea that Indigos are supposedly right brain oriented.  I've read this often on the web.


So if indigos are supposed to be the next step in human evolution, wouldn't being mostly right brained oriented be a hinderance? I don't know, to me it would be more advantageous to possess a healthy balance of both hemispheres. That is something that I personally strive for. I couldn't imagine being mostly right brained. Yeah, it has its advantages but if I were an inventor, I would need the left side. The creative side could come up with something great to invent, but it takes logic to flesh it out. So could it be that being mostly right brain oriented is actually a devolved aspect of Indigos?  If so, what does that say about us?


Should I or any of us Indigos strive to be more right brain oriented?  I just don't see how that's working for me.  Angels are logical, Ascended Masters are logical, the universe is logical, the Goddess is logical and yet some say to shut down that side of my mind.  I don't think it's supposed to be like that.  I feel that balance is the way to go.  The universe often demonstrates the need and importance of overall balance.  I think that the educational system should emphasize the importance of balance in the usage of the hemispheres.


Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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I tried to use this term for some time in my life - I became so negative, so negatively judgemental, so negatively criticizing, so insulting, and such a ´speciist´, that I decided to just give it up.

Now I hate this term and I find it disgusting somehow. I can´t stand that there are people still referring to themselves as ´indigos´because it reminds me on the times when I did with myself, to the detriment of my intelligence - all caused by myself. I became my own worst enemy by the abuse of this word and froth mouthing it into other peoples´ears and I apologize for it.

Life became a living hell, a nightmare for me when I was using this word every day in that period - and thank goodness I am now finally free from this Indigo obsession.

At least it didn´t cost me much money unlike all the other obsessions in my life.

I wanted to be smart so I thought that if you´re an Indigo everyone thinks you´re smart so I declared myself one.

Then I saw it for all it was - an english word which can become empty once you try to use it to define characteristics and so on instead of colours.

So something had to do - I decided to give this term a new meaning.

I decided that the next geological record would be termed Indigocene.

We had had Oligocene, Pleistocene, and Esoscene and so on, and soon we´ll have Indigocene.

I decided to put the start of the period sometime between AD 2012 and AD 2212 - the birthing stages of Indigocene.

So that was at least one useful thing I could do for this term - give it a ´scientific´name so it could be used in the far future and not just now.

I don't have a problem with the word.  I don't have problems with labels.  I've always found it interesting when people talk about being caught up in labels and such.  I say, why would you let that happen to yourself?  Of course, we've all been through that phase of being caught in them for one reason or another.  At this point in my life, I am of the mindset that labels can't trap you unless you let them, and your experience is a perfect example of this.  It would appear that you became so caught up in what you thought the word meant that you created some negative consequences for yourself.  Good thing you learned from the experience.


My personal usage of the word comes from the fact that I've actually seen my aura and it was that color.  Confirmation of who I am has also come in other forms.  But I never forget that there is far more to me than the ideas, some of which are true, that are associated with the term.  I am an Indigo and so much more.  I don't let any labels trap me, own me or control me.  If I feel myself getting to that point, it's just a reminder that I'm getting too comfortable and probably lazy.  In my mind, the label issue means nothing.

What's in a name?? We are all diverse and of our own creation for our own purpose of self-evolution. As you say Adalis, maintaining balance between logic and intuition is the key. A butterfly cannot fly with one wing. It has 2 wings and the heart in the middle. An obvious symbol of the devine design and geometry in nature with the heart at it's core.

Love and blessings

What's in a name?  As much as one wants. 


Doesn't really matter, I was simply commenting on some of the curious things I've read online.

This interested me a lot as i've always thought i was more right brained than left brained. So i randomly did a search on the internet for some sort of test and found this:

It is pretty good, not your usual generic one either, give it a go! I found i am 66% right brained, 34% left brained, which to me sounds aboutthe right balance. Let us know your results :)

Peace, Respect and Blessings

I haven't read it often, but I've seen it floating around the web.  I always found it rather strange.

you took the words out my mind that had been there for years....

developing over time

Thoughts and the ego are of the same thing. Thoughts are  echos of the past or reflection of fears and hopes for the future. There is only now. Thoughts are a result of one believing them self to be separate. There is only one being, one eternity. Anything with in it is a thought. A wave.An idea. A temporary vision with in eternity so eternity knows self.With out forms there would be nothing to be aware of yet these forms are you. The thinking mind thinks it knows what is best based on its knowledge and limited experiences. It does not trust the true nature of being . When we surrender the personal identity (ego) we allow our true self to shine through from the heart. Decisions will be made with out thought, They will simply just be done driven by your higher self that has created the limited self you experience now. What do you think knows better? Your limited temporary self or your infinite eternal self. When one truly makes actions from their higher self (intuition) it does not come as a thought but as an experience. All forms of this world with in body and out are of chaos. When you allow your self to be still the chaos with in your energy field will slowly but surely fade away and there will only be this. Your thoughts are a form and are of chaos. If you create actions from the thoughts intent you can only create chaotic actions. if you create from the hearts intent you create peaceful and harmonized actions.


ESPAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boy you are as refreshing as an icecream cone on a blistering hit day!!! I couldn't have said this any better myself!!!!

Whew.. ok I'm not the only one here who gets it LOL and thank you God!

There is much confusion in the "new age" movement due to the same reason as perversion of religion. A long time ago the teaching was love. It was taught by those who have realized and truly have experienced higher self. As they taught the people who were asleep the people took these spiritual concepts and injected their egos thoughts, opinions, and beliefs upon the awakened words causing branches of intraget interpretation. This is the birth of religion. That is what I see here prominently on this web site. I had never read or studied spirituality. All I know has come in realization as an experience. I am considered a young guru to many. And as even I teach I see my students bending the words from my heart to fit the comfort of their egos limitation.The difference between the realized teachers and the asleep students is this. As an awakened man walks down the street he is not thinking. he is experiencing. He is allowing him self to experience the love with in the chirping of birds. Allowing him self to feel the love with in the winds touch upon his face. Allowing him self to feel love of that which he sees.Allowing himj self the experience the love in the smell of flowers. Allowing him self to be in unconditional love with the immediate moment no matter what is happening. This is because he sees all as him. there is no seperation with in his experience. All is love and as he allows this moment to be as it is he allows him self as love to experience the love that he is through infinite temporary manifested forms. Now for the un awake student as he walks down the street he is thinking. he is thinking I must love. Thinking somthing needs to be changed, somthing needs to be fixed. The student tries to up hold the concept with in his experience .In the end words of enlightenment will not bring enlightenment. You can study under an ascended master your whole life and never experience truth. Words are only labels. A concept may be spiritual, it may speak of truth but at that it still is only a concept. And as one tries to manifest the concept with in their experience they try to up hold the idea the concept holds. An idea is of limitation. You must take the leap your self . Shatter the shell of limitation and know this moment. know life. It takes courage, and trust in your true self . Faith in "god". To allow your trust to grow you must make meditation not of recreation, not of an activity but make it your life. Let go and return to the peace amid chaos. As one builds knowledge on spiritual concepts they create an ego that they call spiritual. Though it may be more refined it is still of limitation. They still suffer. They still look for the love that they and all are. One must go with in . One must know self to ever know this that is




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