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Dear Lightbearers,


As consciousness expands among all humans on earth, to varying degrees, the collective transformational energies set the reality matrix grid to ever more refined expressions, and thus turmoil results as the old paradigm grapples with the new one emerging. We are impulsing the new and remain divinely discontented with the old.


The dominant new energy effecting humanity is that of “synthesis” which is creating a closer rapport between individuals, races and nations, in spite of minority attempts by the power elites to disrupt the process…
As well as our response to these energies and self changes, this synthesis is being cosmically impulsed from two sources:


1) The Galactic Core
2) The Aquarian constellation


The energy of synthesis is allowing the occult truism that pertains to the ONE HUMANITY, to be made manifest in ever increasing waves of demonstration upon the physical plane.

The chaos we see around us in all spheres is symptomatic of this impulse towards synthesis…and we increasingly witness calls for sharing, justice and peace among the people to realise this ONENESS.

Also this energy is invoking a mass awakening among many earth humans in the realisation that we are all related to beings from cosmos…and indeed, we are one with them.

We should all keep riding the cosmic energy surf, as it’s waves crash upon our planetary “shores.” It will inevitably lead to unity, peace, freedom, immortality, abundance and much joy…as we return to our previous state of full consciousness, but his time, furnished with even greater wisdoms and experiences than we possessed before we came to Earth, all those millennia ago..


The energy of synthesis spoken of is also bringing together INNER & OUTER Earth....As well as terrestrial and extraterrestrial relatives....

Many are becoming aware that the earth is hollow and that we have a seventh inner continent named Agartha...The rise in consciousness is opening the minds of many to this truism...

I will also place the facts before you that the GFL primary Earth base is located in the inner-Earth caverns, beneath Tibet’s spiritual city of Lhasa….

From that vast base, many miles in diameter, there are cavern tunnels that lead out to various exits, including those in India…


In ancient times, Agartha attempted to externalise it’s influence upon the surface of this planet. That nation was a major rival to Atlantis and was called the Rama Empire.

The experiment eventually failed, as the presence of Rama became a great bone of contention for the hostile Anunnaki, and their Atlantean allies. And like Lemuria before it, an attack on Rama using nuclear weapons, among other more exotic devices, created a great conflict which is described in ancient sanskrit texts, such as the famous Mahabharat, which lends itself to fact rather than fiction…in contrast to the opinions of the conventional academic mindset….


Something I would like to add about our primary GFL base, is that is is right next to Shamballah, 400 miles under Tibet’s capital city of Lhasa…


Officially the base is described as the GFL Command Base and it is 50 miles in diameter, with five levels…

Being members, the Agarthans are in the base too and you will also enjoy meeting them, after official contact..



Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie..!!!


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)


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thank you drexl.... you are a true master of knowledge ,but somewhere i would disagree or agree I don't know i'm still trying to get to know myself and God with u and  SANANDA(JESUS CHRIST) along with the known budhha, teaches us that love is enough!!!! and if we have LOVE ashatar in our heart for all creation that ,that is enough for us to ascend to any level, that's what i love about the scripture that I TRUST !!!!!!!!! read that is that .P.S I dont believe in the bible?koran or any other \\\holy book as it is but I do believe in universal thruth that it was based apon! your brother Jakes( jacobus adriaan pieters)
Drexl I know my comments had almost nothing to do with the post , read and feel if I,m ascending! please I look up to you thats why taht other post the other day hurt me so much.... I really want to learn from you higher starseeds  or inter stellar people how to be at peace and acsend to the 5th dimention!!
P.S Im not good at English but do understand!!
thankyou for your interest and comments...

Is the info in this Video spot on...Cmdr Drekx Omega

Absolutely spot on.....I believe I had already descibed Shamballa as the planetary crown chakra, "where the will of God is known...!!" And all the cosmic energies incoming are relayed via this special crown centre...which stands upon a higher dimension than Agartha proper...
Cmdr Drekx Omega there are a few more questions I put on this blog and I / we will be very happy with answers from you as we know you would have the right answers...and your answers will benefit us all. There is still a lot we need to learn and it is better coming from a genuine source such as you
Feel free to place them......

Dear Cmdr Drekx Omega like you stated: Lord Krishna is the Boddhistva and resident upon the Earth....He is the Christ---Maitryeya Buddha---Immam known by all religions under different names...but will return to Earth life for all, including the World Teacher...the head of the Ascended Masters..

Question: I am a bit puzzled as the Bhagavad Gita states that Lord Krishna resides in the highest spiritual Planet in the Spiritual World called Krishnaloka and he came to Earth about 5000 years ago ..remember the City of Dwarka built during his time and ruins found recently. Was Lord Christ... Krishna himself?

As you state :We have about 500 active service GFL Ground Crew around the world, on six continents....Not many and we are recruiting more

Question: I would very much like to be an active service GFL Ground Crew member so how do i enrol and will i be able to get as much info as you this would be great.


Hi Ravinder,

As you know, the Anunnaki have had a role in shaping the post-flood civilisations and created a mythology surrounding many such mythology surrounds the notions as to when civilisations actually started on earth...and as you may note the mention of 5000 years ago for the timeframe anent Lord Krishna, ties in with the parallel stories of 3000 BCE for Egyptian (Khemetian) civilisation's offical commencement...

Sumer offiially started about 4000 BCE....and these followed the Great Flood...

BUT, they are all legacy civilisations and all spring from Rama or Atlantis...the earth and humanity have been here longer.

The Christ (not Jesus) was also Lord Krishna...

Some fundamentalist christians actually believe that the earth was created in 4000 BCE....they ignore evidence such as fossils, that suggest the contrary....

So a concerted effort was made by "the gods" to convince humanity that there was no history prior to 4000 BCE, except that of cavemen....which is untrue...

Lord Krishna is Lord Maitreya, the Christ/Boddhistva. He ascended in Atlantean times and was the first limited conscious human to regain his full consciousness....on this planet. So a very special being..and thus his role.

He attained the office of Christ around 500 BCE, at the same time as when the Buddha overshadowed his disciple Prince Gautema. He taught the WISDOM of God.

Then the Christ overshadowed his disciple Yeshua (Jesus) to teach humanity the degrees of initiation that all may aspire to..and the principle of LOVE.


Thus, we have avatar teachings anent the very Logoic impulse of this solar sysem, the 2nd ray energy of Love-Wisdom...

The Bhagavad Gita has value, as do many holy books, but there are some distortions to each.

Lord Krisha did not come to Earth 5000 years ago, as he never left it...upon the 6th degree (the Decision) he chose the "path of Earth Service," as did all the Ascended Masters of Agartha. He may have arrived to aid in countering Anunnaki propaganda on the surface, in those times, but was already on (or in) Earth...


We are recruiting Ground Crew, but we need trained telepaths, who are able to communicate with our Flight Crew personnel..are you starseed..?? Which star nation...?? Can you receive and transmit telepathic impulses...??



Dear Cmdr Drekx Omega your statement : We are recruiting Ground Crew, but we need trained telepaths, who are able to communicate with our Flight Crew personnel..are you starseed..?? Which star nation...?? Can you receive and transmit telepathic impulses...?.....IS A TOUGH ONE

My question:  Can you give training to activate 3rd eye Chakra as we all have telepathic abilities but ours are blocked or fogged up or clouded and need activating to reconnect our telepathic powers. Mine seem to be active but very low and slow as i have realised the fact that we are all multidimensional beings and our DNA has connections with other Planets where we originally come from and the ones you call Starseeds are the ones who are fully awake and know exactly where they are from and  their my case i am very much attracted like a magnet getting stronger every day to the Arcturians  as i just like all the info i can get about them and also Inner Earth Agartha, Telos, Adama Head Priest of Telos [ the one who awoke me up and i realised that there are beings in Inner Earth ] Sanat Kumara / Lord Kalki keeps coming to my mind and the Planet these are my strong connections and i just wish to know more and more about them almost every day.....reading all your blogs and comments is like a connection to you and now every day i am searching for your latest blogs and comments and the more i read the more knowledge i want.

I need training to fully receive and transmit telepathic impulses..although  i am getting some sort of awakening messages and tend to sleep very little as i just want to research for info coming mostly from higher dimensions.

Hello my friend,


There are karmic limits on what I can do for you, and inform you of, as I have discovered and confirmed  that you are not starseed, but from a group of ancient Earth souls...Your kin are active within Agartha and you are evidently drawn to them, as I am drawn to my family on Sirius B...

Note that from the necessary limited data I have discovered about you, it seems that your Agarthan ancestory takes you back to the Vegans....They, along with the Lyrans settled Earth in very ancient times and thus we describe their ancestors as "ancient Earth souls," because of that lengthy duration of planetary karmic bondage, endured...The Starseeds, in contrasts, are relatively recent arrivals, if you call 13,000 years "recent," as in my


For various reasons, there are differing ways the GFL Ground Crew Medical team, which is headed by my Lieutenant, Movella, is able to render services....She and her Arcturian contact, M'Zupa, are able to aid in the psychic re-activation of Sirian and Plejaren starseeds...but that is as far as the range of her mandate will permit, a strictly defined mandate, as granted by the Akanowai Regional Council..

We once had a request from an Andromedan starseed and were not able to aid her directly, only indirectly...which is regretable, but one of those areas we must respect, lest we work against the grain, as it were...In her case there was a block placed upon her conscious memory, in ancient times (by her own people) that was intended to be released at the divine right time and she needed to experience it for herself, without any shortcuts...I was able to inform her to utilise sacred geometry in order to locate the key to release her block, which she is accomplishing now...


So in your case, I cannot offer you the services of Movella's team within Ground Crew ops, but I can suggest that you make your request directly with the Arcturians themselves...

They are permitted to make extensive upgrades upon all human DNA and adjust the developing chakras within the aetheric bodies of many...including the Vegans..


You must also try to rest more, as fatigue and insomnia are counterproductive to any night training you receive...

Initially I would recommend the following afirmation:


Tube of Light

(3 times)

"Beloved Mighty I AM Presence!

Enfold me now in Thy Mighty, Magic, Electronic Pillar of Ascended Master Light Substance!

Make it so Powerful that no human creation can pass through ever again.

Within this Mighty Tube of Light, blaze Thy Violet Transmuting Flame in, through, and around my four lower bodies and consume everything less than Thy Perfection now.

In its place, charge my world and all I contact with the Ascended Master Consciousness and with the Substance and Consciousness of each one of the Ascended Masters’ Living Presence and Activity right now.

See that this Light keeps me invisible, invincible, and invulnerable to everything but Thy Almighty Presence and infinitely sensitive to Thee and Thy Divine Perfection. "



With this re-alignment firmly in place, I recommend that you put out the call to the Arcturians directly...requesting that they clear any aetheric mucous present that is still obscurring your you will need a functional third eye to "see" aetherically and develop your natural psychic potential..You might invoke Vywamus to aid in this process, too...

Blessings and good luck...



Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie....!!


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew



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