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Dear Lightbearers,


As consciousness expands among all humans on earth, to varying degrees, the collective transformational energies set the reality matrix grid to ever more refined expressions, and thus turmoil results as the old paradigm grapples with the new one emerging. We are impulsing the new and remain divinely discontented with the old.


The dominant new energy effecting humanity is that of “synthesis” which is creating a closer rapport between individuals, races and nations, in spite of minority attempts by the power elites to disrupt the process…
As well as our response to these energies and self changes, this synthesis is being cosmically impulsed from two sources:


1) The Galactic Core
2) The Aquarian constellation


The energy of synthesis is allowing the occult truism that pertains to the ONE HUMANITY, to be made manifest in ever increasing waves of demonstration upon the physical plane.

The chaos we see around us in all spheres is symptomatic of this impulse towards synthesis…and we increasingly witness calls for sharing, justice and peace among the people to realise this ONENESS.

Also this energy is invoking a mass awakening among many earth humans in the realisation that we are all related to beings from cosmos…and indeed, we are one with them.

We should all keep riding the cosmic energy surf, as it’s waves crash upon our planetary “shores.” It will inevitably lead to unity, peace, freedom, immortality, abundance and much joy…as we return to our previous state of full consciousness, but his time, furnished with even greater wisdoms and experiences than we possessed before we came to Earth, all those millennia ago..


The energy of synthesis spoken of is also bringing together INNER & OUTER Earth....As well as terrestrial and extraterrestrial relatives....

Many are becoming aware that the earth is hollow and that we have a seventh inner continent named Agartha...The rise in consciousness is opening the minds of many to this truism...

I will also place the facts before you that the GFL primary Earth base is located in the inner-Earth caverns, beneath Tibet’s spiritual city of Lhasa….

From that vast base, many miles in diameter, there are cavern tunnels that lead out to various exits, including those in India…


In ancient times, Agartha attempted to externalise it’s influence upon the surface of this planet. That nation was a major rival to Atlantis and was called the Rama Empire.

The experiment eventually failed, as the presence of Rama became a great bone of contention for the hostile Anunnaki, and their Atlantean allies. And like Lemuria before it, an attack on Rama using nuclear weapons, among other more exotic devices, created a great conflict which is described in ancient sanskrit texts, such as the famous Mahabharat, which lends itself to fact rather than fiction…in contrast to the opinions of the conventional academic mindset….


Something I would like to add about our primary GFL base, is that is is right next to Shamballah, 400 miles under Tibet’s capital city of Lhasa…


Officially the base is described as the GFL Command Base and it is 50 miles in diameter, with five levels…

Being members, the Agarthans are in the base too and you will also enjoy meeting them, after official contact..



Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie..!!!


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)


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Hi Jon,

Just read the financial headlines today and gauge how long we will have to wait for their dark matrix to collapse...

TIM---BER.....!!  :-)

Debts cannot be paid back......the system is bust.......


Omg! All of this is so very Exciting!!! Every day I'm overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of it all!! Me and my friends are PUMPED and ready to rock!! :-D
One of my favourites nice post!.. :)
Three attempts later and here is another one that I always loved (I can be so prehistoric lol), even before my awakening, the seed was obviously growing in me even if I didn't realise :D
lol feeling it big time ;)

I feel so too.


But the the good news is that now the global revolution is now unstoppable. :)

Even in London there are some riots now... ôO

Commander Drekx Omega, hello.

I am happy to meet you and know you better...

In the past I read a lot of info about that place and it was never mentioned that GFL Base is there.

Nevertheless, to buy tickets to travel there will be of much cost, too expensive, lol.

So much is hidden under time cover.


Wish you best intentions with helping us, humans on Gaia...

Till next time, with Love...


Hi friend,

No doubt you have heard of the famous Shamballa...and the GFL Command Base is close to that illustrious location, within the caverns.

The way to travel there will be by teleport, straight down to the crystal cities themselves...that will be necessary during the imminent Earth which the surface topography will be altered most drastically...

Look upon Agartha as a future is a TRULY a beautiful place, from what I hear, although I have not been there, myself.

There are several GFL bases on Earth and the command base is near Shamballa..


The Illuminoid families already know the location of the Command base, but do not have the technologies to match those of either the Agarthans, nor the GFL in I have not compromised the Command Base, which resides upon the manasic plane, or 5th a higher vibration to the astral.

The Command Base once had far less personnel, but the numbers have stepped-up over the last 20 years, in readiness for First Contact and also the Externalization of the Hierarchy...


You were NOT given permission to enter Agartha....So why lie...?? As Mr.Ed so eruditely pointed out, it exists upon the 5th density, so one full octave above the astral plane....



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