Commander Valiant Thor


CVT: Hello, Starflower. All set for a new beginning?


SF: Yes, eager and excited, too.


CVT: The time has come for your memories to be expanded.Each being, born on Earth is given a body, anchored within the Earth’s generous field of loving intention. You have a deep origin, within your Earth Self, which contains memory of your divine Earth relationship.


When humans abandon the belief that their primary birth and appearance on any planet is for the establishment of a domain where they must strive in any way, the true divine communion, which is the foundation of all life everywhere, will re-emerge as the true creative power.


Life is a series of ever-enlarging, ever overlapping communities of relationship. The secret essence of community is its communion.


This communion is not a dream, but simply an outpouring of perfected and perfecting harmony.


Truly, when you observe your three dimensional world and apply the referents you have, you observe the communion on a shadow of light reversal.


The sun shines within you, and every sky body is the foundation within, the heavenly firmament within you.


The Earth is the home in which you have emerged, and rather than below your feet, in truth you live within a highly diverse biospace.


The human kingdom is part of the Earth’s consciousness just as much as any other kingdom. When humans perceived themselves, separated from the Divine Earth being, they developed ways to compensate for the fear and terrors of loneliness they felt. In countless ways, humans practiced the refinement of analysis, of comparative thought which developed a way of life based on need, based on competition, based on the possession and consumption of resources.


This has been well documented by other messengers and I only speak of it to draw the contrast for this generation who serves as the bridge.


At the heart of Earth is where humans truly find their placeof sacred communion. For Earth dreams just as humans do and in the heart of Earth is where these dreams are able to activate powers rarely seen by modern mankind.


Earth is a generous being. The understanding of love practiced by what you call, Mother Earth, is of such loving dimension that it manifests as a perfectly self-harmonizing whole. In addition to what you customarily think of as Earth processes, geologic, biologic, atmospheric, Earth shares a space of consciousness entwined with every form of life she hosts.


I will call Earth, she, because that has a beautiful vibration and a reverence which is true. Earth though, is only she in relation.Do you understand?


SF: I see this “she”, Mother Earth expressing part of the dynamic of male and female because she holds the space for the Divine to express in.


Yet I hear you saying that Earth expresses a whole, male and female in balance, am I right?


CVT: Yes, from your frame of reference. However, energetic expression at the cosmic level, beings that comprise stars and planets are more like notes of music than they are male or female.


And I feel, this is perhaps, the simplest way to begin to intuit your Earth communion. You are particularly attentive to sound, Starflower.


SF: Yes, this became focused for me when I realized I had a divine relationship expressing within me as intuition. I wanted so to develop my ability to hear the communication that I began paying serious attention to my inner voice. That has expanded for me into a great sensitivity to natural sound as well.


CVT: Listening is the beginning of divine relationship. Many have come to think that their thinking is the way they are perceived by theplanet.


It is not. Each of you is perceived by the inner harmony you have, by the music you make across your time on Earth.


SF: Too many questions…so will just hold on to my listening space.


CVT: Thank you. That makes this process actually more clear.I know your questions, but want to develop the foundation for their answers.


Simple listening is practiced when one listens to all the natural sounds expressing in one’s presence. At first, you will find yourself naming these, trying to locate their source. You may notice this, but naming causes you to step away from presence.


To enter the presence of nature, the constantly expressing presence, you might regard yourself as a sanctuary for all that nature expresses. If you hear birdsong, place it in the sanctuary; wind, trees, waves, all the great and small sounds, witness them into an inner sanctuary.


You are surrounded by a wealth of natural existence and power. It is not that everything exists to serve man’s needs, nor the needs of any one kingdom, but that the tapestry of nature’s wholeness has been completely misunderstood. To begin to understand, what is the birthright of everyone, is the communion with Earth consciousness.


Rather than further analyzing all the wonders of Earth’s being, you must first create a place of sacred witness. It is akin to building a home to bring your loved one to live.


That is my suggestion, Starflower, that you develop thesacred place of reverential witness and that you fill it with your loving silence.


SF: Sounds very wonderful to me, and individualized, too. For I know, even when I am silent, I am vibrating.


CVT: Yes, and to begin to perceive the shared dimension with Earth consciousness, you, too, must open the space, a space that is empty of all but loving intent will surely be filled by what is the essential harmonic response.


As a part of the living Earth tapestry, you will find great love and creative partnership in this divine relationship. You will find a way to live that does not consume but only adapts and expands what is mutually satisfying.


I know this has been only a brief message, but it is key to natural communion. And what is expressed here is a way to develop any truly harmonious and eternally loving relationship.


SF: Thank you so much, Commander. I will take this to heart.For me to scribe these message, I know I will enjoy the learning of living them.


CVT: I saw you delete the words, “have to,” there, child.That was significant. As long as one’s communion contains fear of mistake such as, ‘I have to do this to get this’, the door of what is only freely shared will remain closed.


This door of communion between your individual focus and Earth is never, really closed though. Only the pressure of holding yourself apart from what you naturally are, and reliance on the old standard of driving yourself through self-judgment: this form of fragmenting consciousness is insufficient.


The whole that you are within Earth consciousness can never be perceived by thinking in a fragmented way.


Earth communion is a completely natural process.


SF: I would summarize that as, becoming the sacred silent witness prepares and opens the space for Earth consciousness to voice or sound personally within.


CVT: That is correct.


SF: Thank you, always, Commander.  It always enchants me the way the most simple ideas come forth on all these divinely referenced topics.


CVT: Simplicity is a genius of true creative harmony. Expect love to be simple. Expect communion to be even more so.


SF: That is indeed, a major reversal of the past ways of being.


CVT: Many reversals are ahead, Starflower, and one is most certainly the establishment of a true divine partnership between Earth Nature and Man.


SF: Is there anything else you’d like to add?


CVT: (smiling) I’d like to be as simple as possible, too, Starflower. So I am complete for now, and thank every reader for their communion with this message.



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  • Dear Friends,

    I strongly believe that EVERYONE has divine relationship, love and its wisdom to share. The truth is alive and working within you, and this is how it voices to me. Valiant Thor is a Universal Teacher and a Light Being, known by many in different ways. For me, it is not the being identified that is to be studied, but rather the message itself, that it may open a door of love and begin to crystallize Earth communion within you, as it has me.

    With respect for your Divine being,

    Lyndy Starflower


    • Thank You for this message which feels SO good to me! Today was my connection day for you and now my life will be enriched for the reading! Blessings to you and Ashtar Command!   Namaste'
This reply was deleted.

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