The I AM ramblings at 5.41am

I am abundance, I am all Love, I am all life; I am all power, I am all present, I feel free, I am free, I am Ascended. I am all that is, I am feeling Loved, I am Loving, I am giving Love, I am recieving Love, I am you, you are I, we are us,

I feel good, I feel great, I feel extacy, I feel Light, I am Light, I am extacy, I am in Heaven, I am in the fifth dimension, I am a starseed, I am a Lightworker, I am an Indigo child/adult, I am a crystal child/adult, I am a wayshower, I am the Light, I am God,

I am happy, I am joyfull, I am feeling incredible, I am amazing, I am eternal, I am infinite, I am filled with peace, I am exalted by billions in the unseen, I am Loved more than I can imagine, I am a beautiful soul, I am gentle, I am wise, I am nature, I am compassionate,

I am rising, I am awareness, I am awake, I am Spirit, I am flesh, I am crystaline, I am eletrical, I am Prime Creator, I am solar oppisite and polar, I am the Tao, I am still, I am tuned in, I am magnitising pure positive energy, I am nurturing, I am flowering, I am the tusk of a rhino, I am also the rhinos backside with a five day old pimple just sitting there,

I am the one because the one is all, I am infinite design, I am a Christ, I am Source energy flowing through me easily, I am connected, I am grounded, I am tender, I am whole, I am complete, I am brilliant, I am a ninga turtle on extasy in some dingy rat hole in Nirvana, I am shinning, I am humble, I am gratefull, I am respectfull, I am the readers digest lol..

I am Love in action, I am moving, I am stillness, I am breath of life, I am seeing, I am hearing, I am listening, I am learning, I am teaching, I am the Master, I am the student, I am yan and I am yang, I am black, I am white, I am Red, I am orange, I am yellow, I am green, I am blue, I am indigo, I am violet, I am white Light, I am comming into being, I am comming home, I am already here, I am now, I am Terry Wogans granny aged 2 going on 3,

I am the Earths star portal, I am a stargate into the Heavens, I am seated as the Father because I am the Father, I am the prodical son returned, I am a daughter, I am a Mother, I am a sister, I am a brother, I am the body and blood of my own I AM Presence, I am family, I am Extra Terrestrial, I am Gnosis, I am silver cord,  I am the essence of the cartoon Christ, I am naked, I am wearing nothing, I am a Merkaba, I am watching the sunrise, its taking forever,

I am Violet Flame, I am Silver Flame, I am Gold Flame, I am grace, I am gratitude in action, I am feeling uplifted, I am open to possitive flowing evergy always, I am thoughfull of Love, I am mindfull where my thoughts go, I am Loving all, I am the image of perfection because I am perfect, I am left, I am right, I am up, I am occasionally down, I am inside, I am outside, I am nowhere, I am everywhere,

I am creating myself, I am co creating Heaven on Earth right now, I am grounding the Light, I am an aspect of the whole, all that is, I am ever mindfull to treat others with respect, I am being, I am seeing, I am believing, I am watching, I am busy, I am thriving, I am resourcefull, I am having a laugh,

I am deep enough to be shallow, I am smiling, I am beautiful as you are beautiful, I am hygenic, I am clean, I am pure, I am strong, I am able, I am confident, I am perfectly physically healthy, I am perfectly emotionally healthy, I am perfectly mentally healthy, I am perfectly spiritually healthy, I am in need of the toilet, I need nothing but to evacuate my bladder,

I am alive forever, I am within, I am balanced, I am deeply aware of all that is, I am centered, I am calm, I am comfortable, I am excited, I am beaming, I am glowing, I am God in action, I am wide awake in the present moment, I am everybody that has ever been, is and ever will be, I am typing fast, I am brething slowly, filled with questions, I am the answer,

I am Universal conciousness, I am a sign post in the Arizona dessert, I am the dreamer inside the dream, I am the Akashic records, I am Earth, Air, Fire, Water, I am the north, the south, the east, the west, I am horizontal, I am vertical, I am every direction, I am layer upon layer, I am multi dimensional, I am the pearl inside the shell, I am the shell,

I am every angel in the heavens, I am all the arch angles ever known, I am the Merlin, I am an oak from root to peak,  I am the brotherhood of Light, I am my own personal divine group council, I am a happy camper, I am soaked in the rains of suffering yet I am the pheonix risen from the ashes, I am burned by the fire of Love, I am also in serious need of a piddle,

I am Jack Nicholson, I am his great grandmothers cousins aunt once removed, I am a turkish cat, I am a pencil, I am the dew on a forrest pine leaf, I am a the life inside a ravens egg in the top of a douglas fir, I am the root of all bloodlines, I am the Godhead, I am artistic, I am sensitive, I am music to my own ears, I am the reflection of myself, I am a sacret shrine in Nepal,

I am alive and living in on the back of a pebble on the dark side of the moon, I have died countless times only to be reborn into a hard ass 3d world again and again in order to come unto myself.. I am a new born baby wrapped in linin floating down a stream by the rivers of babylon, I am boney M..hahah.. I am seriously getting carried away as you can see, but I dont care because I am free. I am whatever I wish to be..

I am even the girl below in the gif stirring her tea ... I am an aspect of her... as she an aspect of you .... as you are a aspect of me :o)


Bliss Balls, mucho grande Love and Lightbulbs to ya :o)        





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  • AM .. God.. Manifested - Everywhere. ( without the 'I' - nor 'mirroring' )
    • Thanks Kel :o) ... ok.. AANYWAY.. there I was, just sitting there minding my own buisness when all of a sudden a fluffy bear passed by who I thought I recognised but I didn't and so today I went for a walk, it was nice weather although a few drops of rain in the afternoon so I dropped into the cafe for a cup of tea and would you believe I met old molly reading the paper, I swear ! ANYWAY.. later we had some tomato soup, it was great although a bit lumpy, you know those packet soups.. oh what do you call them.. pot noodles thats it.. ANYWAY... star trek is on telly later, cant wait.. I think its the one with Spocks girlfriend and the tweebles... I have a bit of an itchy toe at the moment, I mean I put cream on it last night and it stuck to the sheets, thats the thing about those cheap toe creams you can never get quality unless its a brand lable and I ALWAYS go for the top of the range stuff.. I think its worth the extra penny or whatever.. I think Boots is closed these days, so maybe they'll have it in the .... oh.. haha.. sorry.. I was just .. rambling on a bit there..
  • it ;)
  • yes its true James.. silverfox is right... to Be.. without distractions.. I feel its easy.. I think we can do it easily, the more we merge into higher selves I suppose, becomming all that is.. I am practicing as much as I can every day, with every situation I encounter.. its literally absorbing all that is.. that also means becomming one with something that may frighten you.. its easy to weave our way around in our daily lives, staying in the highest vibration possible.. but when you are faced with a low vibrational frequency .. you have to deal with it and quick..especially if it has the potential to scare the crap out of you.

    I use the Violet Flame every day.

  • ha... I just realised, I've been writing ''I am'' instead of ''I AM'' ... hmmm.... now the question I face is, should I go back and edit the entire post by changing all the small 'am's'' into capital ''AM's'' which may take me ... ages ?.. lol .. or does it matter?
    • ..People get 'the general idea'.. IF .. they've experienced something similar ;) them self.

      "Makes PERFECT sense" :) -reminds me of my own 'ramblings' ;-p
      • ( "SIRIUS people - Always looking for the SIMPLER & HIGHER version?" ;)
  • Thanks Anja.. you are very welcome.. much Love and Light always forever to you my sister.. I am truely gratefull .. :o)
  • Interesting marianinia.. me will certainly try it, although it seems a bit tricky.. me think it may require a bit of practice and me is used to using the other word.. Love eternally sweetheart :o)

    .. AM very gratefull to you :o)

  •  :o) you are very welcome  Shaishannah ... may I call you Sha.. for short.. or hannah.. haha...

    sending you Lovely 100 watt Ascension Lightbulbs by the truck load :o)

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