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The Highest Frequency


So here we are, on this wonderful eve eve

Behind us is the past, this is what we must leave

Moving forward on to pastures new

We sure do know what we need to do


So let’s have a party and raise our vibrations

Come join in, just leave your frustrations

No photocopiers here to lose our decency

We shall party to reach our highest frequency

I invite you all to share your music, poems anything you like...let's let down our hair blow the lid of this place :)



Love n Light


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I am going on and on u in the A.M.

Jana again, thank you. The Party will go on -  I will join in later again ! xxx

Goodmorning Feather Winger...big hug...i am trying to hold the fort for Jana, glad to see u showed up, its like 2:00 am here...i have to work too...just like every other good party...keeps me up late lol...i just felt like i should keep this thing going...curious to see how long we can keep it going.
Sweet kitty dj...and thanks for keepin it going friend...i have to catch some seem to have things under control here...see you later Feather
Hi Jana, happy holidays...glad to see your still keeping the high frequencies going. How are you feeling lately?..i am feeling pretty awesome lately, like i can move thru this reality with less effort now, its easier to love everything unconditionally now as well, its almost automatic i dont have to think about it, its becoming first nature, not second nature anymore lol. feeling a lot of gratitude for being here now with all of you wise and wonderful beings.

Much love, warmest holiday wishes to you and all that you love :)
Thats a nice place to be,, i am with you on that one lol


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