Channelled by Shazi
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The Healing Symbols Melted Into my Hands

I see a path and Jesus greets me with a smile and an embrace; he whispers in my ear, the moment is NOW so go forth and find your inner wisdom and qualities and let them shine out onto the world

I see Jesus climb into a cloud and leave, waving goodbye as he left and pointing to a black something into the distance; I concentrated to look but could not make it out, and wondered what it could be

I see myself striding out to the black mystery in the distance; it looked like a mountain or a building but could not make it out

I see myself getting closer but it still was a mystery of what it could be

I see the path is delicate like rice paper and I find myself gently walking as to not break or rupture the path; I think it is rice paper but on closer inspection I realise it is silk and it is a mixture of two colours, pink and blue; But they blend in well and have all the mix shades of each colour to give an incredible whirl and wave patterned which was embroidered on the silk itself; It reminded of the Indian delicate work done in Sari’s, but this was an art; and whoever had done this was a complete artist

I see myself acknowledging and praising the Lord of an incredible path and with such delicacy too, that no person could ever copy; this I felt was a sign of a Master at his best

I see myself getting closer and closer then I realise it is neither a mountain nor a building, not even any structure of any kind but a cloud formation; The reason I could not make it out because it was moving about and like a chimney it was bellowing out but slowly

I see the black cloud bubbling away yet it was not spreading away in the sky, like smoke normally does not remained closely in one pace

I see myself almost touching this mystery black cloud and wondered what to do next; as soon as I heard this a sound was heard coming from the cloud; Then another it was not like a musical instrument but a noise but pleasant to the ear

I see myself turning my head and concentrating on the noise to repeat so I could make it out

I see myself waiting until I hear it again, the same sound; and this time it clicked into my head, a knowing all of a sudden was present in me and was able to acknowledge the sound; It was a cry of a child, but I wondered why it took me at least three attempts before I could realise this; I heard of children before, strange I thought

I see myself overloading my min d looking for answers, then my super consciousness came to my aid; It said, ‘you could not hear because the sounds were tuning your ear; now go into the cloud with confidence’

I see myself going into the cloud and the blackness disappeared and I could see light in all directions coming from a central point

I see myself coming closer to the light source and

I see it is a caldron looking pot in the middle which is yellow in colour but pearled. It closely resembled mother of pearl but in yellow; and coming out of it was all the colours like a firework display and in a pulsated rhythmic light more like a regular beat like a heart

I see myself coming close enough to look closely inside and

I see a person inside in the caldron and it is me, but he is not trapped but smiling, as though he was playing hide and seek; I call to him and asked if he wanted to come out, he laughed and flew out above my head and down

I see myself smiling to, to see a double of me was really weird.

I see myself asking why he was hiding he said because you were coming, and decided to have some fun; I thought okay, what next and what lesson could he teach me and instantly my super consciousness reminds me to have fun once in a while or more often; and I laugh and realised how true that was; I just forgotten to have fun and was so dedicated in my path and forgotten myself

I see myself thinking that I need to be open within and see he other lights of the world

I see the other me hand over a wand it look like a witches wand but this was plain  white; a closer inspection I could see nothing, no emblems or any inscriptions at all; but it was incredibly made, it was the size of my forearm and the width of a pencil. There was no tip or an end and I realise it was hollow inside

I see myself looking into the hollow wand and there were tiny flowers all carefully inside the wand; like a carefully crafted person it was stored inside I begin to empty it out and

I see they turn into symbols and they fall into my hand like a pattern but they manoeuvred themselves to make a geometrical pattern into both hands

I see myself dropping the wand to outstretch my arms to balance all the tiny symbols into my hand

I see that I could not see my hand because of the symbols and there were so many of them; Then they slowly melted into my hands; then I here the voice of Jesus saying you can heal now and I have opened up your hands, then the voice was gone

I see myself watching all the symbols slowly melt inside and into the hand and it became part of my hands; I smiled and was thank full to him of giving me such a gift

I see myself turning yellow, my clothes were; they changed into the mother of pearl like the caldron and realised the other me was my reflection and it had disappeared

I see myself admiring my yellow mother of pearl garment, from head to toe

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi

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