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The Gospel Story and the Path of Initiation - Intro by Omega, article by Creme

Dear Chelas,


I posted Ben Creme's article here because it beautifully summarises the universal nature of the process of initiation and why the same story is repeated down through the various cultures..death and's soul a microcosm of the sun...The Solar Angel....


I also wanted people to see that there is more to the gospel story, than just religion and the church...which ended up crushing the true intent and instead focussed on presenting Jesus as if he were unique and above all other initiates, world wide..Jesus never came to be worshiped, he came in to incarnation as an initiate, to demonstrate how ALL may undergo the process. Yet each life is unique and very few require to suffer actual crucifixion. Yet the symbolic four arms of a cross, equate with the 4th degree, some call crucifixion. A dramatic demonstration of Jesus' renuncuation, albeit forced upon him by the priests of his day.


I also wanted to show people that initiation is natural, though higher intelligence promoted and part of life here in 3rd density...It is not something only completed by dark cabal freemasons and satanic groups, as the gullible believe.

Initiation is available to all and we are all linked to our planetary Spiritual Hierarchy in Agartha and Shamballa, who place the rods of initiation upon us, as we progress through many incarnations of existence, taking initiation in degrees of consciousness back to source..


Thankyou for reading...Love & Light, Drekx Omega



The gospel story and the path of initiation
by Benjamin Creme

The five Initiations which everyone will take are symbolically demonstrated in the Bible. 


The evolutionary journey on which we are engaged is marked off by five major points of crisis, major expansions of consciousness, which are the five steps to Liberation and Mastery. These are the five planetary Initiations which free us from further incarnational experience on this Earth. All of the Masters have taken these five Initiations (some have taken further, higher Initiations) and Their presence in this world is the result of a conscious decision to serve the Plan of Evolution and not from any need (through personal karma) to incarnate.

The esoteric process we call Initiation is an artificial forcing process, introduced into our planet in mid-Atlantean times to speed up the evolutionary process. Without it we would inevitably arrive at the same point of development as we evidence today, but it would take millions of years longer to do so.

In those far-off days, a crisis occurred in a part of this solar system which required the presence of some of the most advanced members of the Hierarchy of this planet Who at that time came from Venus. The process of Initiation was therefore introduced to enable the most advanced members of our Earth evolution to undergo this forcing process, and so equip them to take over the lower posts in the Hierarchy, thus releasing the Senior Masters for other work.

The highest Initiation possible for an Earth man at that time was the third Initiation, and among the first group to reach that achievement were the Christ and the Buddha, Who have remained at the forefront of our evolution to this day.


Seen from the esoteric stand point, the Gospel Story is really the story of Initiation, a story presented to humanity again and again, in different ways, long before Christianity. The account of the life of Jesus is the symbolic presentation, dramatically re-enacted for us, of the Initiate's journey to Perfection.

The first Initiation is called the Birth of Christ and is symbolised by the birth of the Disciple Jesus at Bethlehem. When the evolutionary energy which we call the Christ Principle or Consciousness is awakened in the human heart (the spiritual heart Centre at the right side of the chest: "the wise man's heart is at the right side, the foolish man's heart at the left"), the man or woman becomes ready for preparation to take the first Initiation. It is important to realize that the man or woman is already Initiate before he or she stands before the Initiator. The human soul, the first Master, brings its vehicle to the point of Initiation through its life experience and meditation. Then the Master (of the Hierarchy) steps in, and by a combination of stimulus, testing and presented service opportunity, prepares the candidate to come before the Hierophant to receive the impact of the energy from the rod of Initiation which He wields. The Christ, Maitreya, is the Hierophant at the first and second Initiations, the third and higher Initiations being taken before the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, on Shamballa. "I am the Way." "No man can know the Father except through me." These sayings of the Christ are esoterically true, but they have been interpreted by the Churches, quite wrongly, to mean that Christianity (or more correctly Churchianity) is the only religious path, that only if a man accepts the (man-made) dogmas and doctrines of the Church can he know God. The Christ embodies the Christ Principle on this planet. It is through the manifestation of this Principle that we re-orient ourselves and enter the Initiatory Path. In this sense, He is indeed, "the Way". Likewise, only when one has stood before the Christ at the first two Initiations can one take the third, which opens up for one contact with the Monad, the Spirit, the "father in heaven".

The "born-again" Christian groups have an inkling of the truth in that the first Initiation is the "second birth" of the Bible; but, of course, this is an experience shared by millions today throughout the world, and not exclusive to the "born again" Christians.

The first Initiation demonstrates control over the physical body, in particular over the tiny devic (or elemental) lives which make up the bodies of man. The second Initiation demonstrates control over the astral emotional body or elemental lives which make up that vehicle. This is called the Baptism Initiation and is symbolised for us by the Baptism of Jesus at Jordan. The third - the first true soul Initiation - is called the Transfiguration and is symbolised by the Transfiguration of Jesus on the Mount. It demonstrates control over the mental elemental and body and brings in Monadic contact and energy for the first time: "The Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus".

Jesus entered the world at Bethlehem as a third degree Initiate and so simply symbolised these three stages of growth for us. He had to undergo the fourth Initiation and did so in full physical fact for our sake to dramatise, symbolically, the experience of Renunciation. In the West this Initiation is known as the Crucifixion; in the East it is called the Great Renunciation, when all is renounced position, family, even life itself if necessary for the higher, spiritual life.


Then follows, and this is the core of the Christian Gospel Story, the fifth Initiation, the Resurrection, symbolised by the resurrection of the body of Jesus after the Crucifixion. Each Initiation attracts to the bodies of the Initiate matter of sub-atomic particles - literally light. By the fourth Initiation the bodies of the Initiate are three-quarters sub-atomic or light. This process is completed at the fifth or Resurrection Initiation, when the Initiate stands free from the pull of matter for ever, a perfected Master. The evolutionary goal has been achieved and the Master has finished his life experience on this planet. His choice to remain on this Earth and so serve the Plan of our Planetary Logos is His alone.

There are higher Initiations which call the Master to further effort. The Ascension, symbolised by the Ascension of the Christ after His appearance before the Disciples in the Resurrected body of Jesus, marks the sixth Initiatory experience and confers Cosmic Consciousness and total immortality of the body to the Ascended Master.

Seen in this way, the Gospel Story holds before humanity the promise of Divinity, a Divinity realised not alone by one extraordinary man - the Son of God - but a Divinity attainable by all who make the necessary effort to expand their consciousness to include the spiritual levels; a Divinity achieved, too, by a scientific process, of which the Christ and His Masters are the custodians - the process of Initiation.

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But you can always transcend all initiations after your first diaper cahange initiations? Where the hek is my pacifier?
Upward and onward!  Great blog, Drekx.  The truth of theosophy lays in its logic, the microcosm speaks for itself.  :)

.¸,¤°´'` °•.¸O¸.•°´'`°¤,¸.¸,¤°´'` °•.¸O¸.•°´'`°¤,¸

ܓ ܓKS-DO ~♥~ LOVE ~♥~ SELAMAT JAܓ ܓ
aww I missed you sweetheart :)

Very true Jon....And imagine what a challenge to church authority it would have been....If true initiates ran that early church, it would have been more akin to the Essene community, of which Jesus (Yeshua) was a member..

Of course, the Essenes were opposed by King Herod, the mainstream Jewish faith and the Romans....So initiates are rarely popular with authorities...

Yes, it really is about stages in degrees of consciousness, which may entail knowledge too and increased powers...There are actual ceremonies conducted and the rod of power, used to confer enlightment upon the candidate, held by the Hierarchy and then, at the 3rd degree, the Logos...

At what stupendous elevation His consciousness abides we know not, nor can we know its true nature as it
shows itself there. But when He puts Himself down into such conditions as are within our reach, His
manifestation is ever threefold, and so all religions have imaged Him as a Trinity. Three, yet fundamentally
One; Three Persons (for person means a mask) yet one God, showing Himself in those Three Aspects. Three
to us, looking at Them from below, because Their functions are different; one to Him, because He knows
Them to be but facets of Himself.

All Three of these Aspects are concerned in the evolution of the solar system; all Three are also concerned in the evolution of man. This evolution is His Will; the method of it is His plan. Next below this Solar Deity, yet also in some mysterious manner part of Him, come His seven Ministers
sometimes called the Planetary Spirits. Using an analogy drawn from the physiology of our own body, Their
relation to Him is like that of the ganglia or the nerve centres to the brain. All evolution which comes forth
from Him comes through one or other of Them.

Under Them in turn come vast hosts or orders of spiritual beings, whom we call angels or devas. We do not yet know all the functions which they fulfil in different parts of this wonderful scheme, but we find some of them intimately connected with the building of the system and the unfolding of life within it.
Here in our world there is a great Official who represents the Solar Deity and is in absolute control of all the evolution that takes place upon this planet. We may image Him as the true KING of this world and under Him are ministers in charge of different departments. One of these departments is concerned with the evolution of the different races of humanity so that for each great race there is a Head who founds it, differentiates it from all others, and watches over its development. Another department is that of religion and education, and it is from this that all the greatest teachers of history have come—that all religions have been sent forth. The great Official at the head of this department either comes Himself or sends one of His pupils to found a new religion when He decides that one is needed.
Therefore all religions, at the time of their first presentation to the world, have contained a definite statement
of the Truth, and in its fundamentals this Truth has been always the same. The presentations of it have varied
because of differences in the races to whom it was offered. The conditions of civilization and the degree of
evolution obtained by various races have made it desirable to present this one Truth in divers forms. But the
inner Truth is always the same, and the source from which it comes is the same, even though the external
phases may appear to be different and even contradictory. It is foolish for men to wrangle over the question of
the superiority of one teacher or one form of teaching to another, for the teacher is always one sent by the
Great Brotherhood of Adepts, and in all its important points, in its ethical and moral principles, the teaching
has always been the same.

There is in the world a body or Truth which lies at the back of all these religions, and represents the facts of
nature as far as they are at present known to man. In the outer world, because of their ignorance of this, people
are always disputing and arguing about whether there is a God; whether man survives death; whether definite
progress is possible for him, and what is his relation to the universe. These questions are ever present in the
mind of man as soon as intelligence is awakened. They are not unanswerable, as is frequently supposed; the
answers to them are within the reach of anyone who will make proper efforts to find them. The truth is
obtainable, and the conditions of its attainment are possible of achievement by anyone who will make the


This is from CW Leadbeater, Anita.  It's very good work, he also has some work on thoughtforms you may find interesting. 

There are many people who have channeled Master DK and the Hierarchy of Light... I wouldn't have room if I listed them all, lol.  But I've recently met (in book form lol) an older channel called Janet Mclure who channeled Vywamus and Master Dk and has written some really excellent theosophic books.  The wonderful thing is that the book I found was from 1995 and everything she talks about then, is happening now.  Vywamus reveals that the plan is send out as many channelings as possible to open the consciousness, to begin training ground crew members in liason roles... the Hierarchy has planned this for a very long time.  It's so awesome to see all that planning come to fruition.
Shame shame shame.... was I addressing yourself?  Good manners are the signpost of a developed mind and soul, Anja.  Please do not address me, I do not need to explain myself to you. 

Hi Omega...

I have a gift for you...something to make you to SEE with the 3-rd Eye..the eye of the mind...

See this ..and it is from my town ...the Italian church...

Who in The God Name put the mark of the Brotherhood of The Snake.....the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays ...the Illuminati.... on a church..?.

Are there the two snakes...the Brotherhood mark and the Templar shield with o cross in it...

The Sun with the 7 Rays....the Mason Arch...and more..

It is like they say:We build this church...and this it is the mark of us...

Hmmm...and the 7 Rays are the 7 races who came hire long long time ago...

Still do not see Omega? is no one hire except me who can SEE..?

They keep tell me to shut up....because the humans are not ready yet for the TRUTH...

But when it will be ready?...when it will be to late?..

I can not do this and lie to them...

The Truth must be told...

Yes..the Truth it is they are all us...and it is no choice in fact...

Truth it is no easy to take...but must be told...

I do not want to lie them...and use them as puppets...for wrong  purpose ...

The Brotherhood must tell the Truth...or i will tell to all of them...

I Am the Brotherhood...and Brotherhood must fallow .....

It is no more it is the time...

Lord Enlil



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