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There's an idea out there that suggests we're on the cusp of a new golden age. I intend to add to that idea.

A wealth of prophetic thinking through history that buttress's this notion. Throughout history and all across the world our forbearer’s have documented in art, literature, religion and their actions a similar perception being that the world moves in vast and evolving cycles that transcend the mere physical and are most practically considered in a spiritual dimension.

Consistently, in many languages, these cycles are said to start with a period where all the earth’s inhabitants, including human society, exist in a wise and intelligent primordial innocence in harmony with all other aspects of nature. This golden age exists “forever” until it ultimately begins to degrade such that a timeless age later we end up where we are now.

Where we are now is the end of the world. We've been alienated from our deepest nature, so mired as we are in a madness of delusion and fear. There's an apocalyptic war of weapons and words on so many lips and in so many minds eyes that it could appear utter doom is inevitable. Yet do you not know with a whelming of joyful hope in your heart that it's darkest before the dawn!

If such is so it could be the case that the world did end late 2012 and this past year is the dawn of a new age. On the surface the strife has continued at all levels. Indeed it is actually at its worst with the climatic destruction of the planet widely touted as imminent. Yet can you feel a shift within both yours and the myriad of individual hearts surrounding you?

I'm suggesting there is a new age mind set that's emerging in individuals that will become the common way of thinking and will in turn be constructive of all the solutions we currently perceive we need. I'll add more meat to this bone next week.

Imagine the reaction if you were to describe the world as it is now to a group of people even as recently as 50 years ago. That audience would have many emotional reactions annexed beneath the umbrella of their disbelief. Yet the world did so transform!


As myriad individuals increasingly behave beautifully every single issue on earth is being worked through to a perfectly positive outcome. Each impeccable individual tends towards thinking and acting in the following ways.

You live in the present moment. Since your attention is in the Now your intellectual capacity is vastly improved. When you think clearly and creatively you can more easily overcome pitfalls that would once have trapped you in distress.

You feel in your bones that love is the only worthy motivation. Accordingly you pursue experiences that coincide with love. You'll seek understanding over argument, collaboration over competition, and inspiration over jealousy. In love each individuals abilities exponentiate.

You're respectful towards others. You see each individual as an interesting equal so you seek to know and understand them. You see each piece of life as wondrous in itself so you honour each part of the planet regardless of age, gender, culture or even species. You seek to help ever, hurt never.

You are utterly responsible for having manifested the circumstances of your life. There is no one to blame. You're the only person that can make things right. You don't waste time and energy waiting and whining to be rescued. You're the only power so you make the change become.

You think for yourself. You are your singular authority. Since no person or institution can tell you what to believe or how to think or act you don't need to waste energy resisting them. Without your attention oppressive people and institutions lose the perverse power they once had.

You enjoy being benefited by leadership. Since your sense of self is strong you can accept another's success as an inspiration. When we reach upwards rather than pulling the tall poppies down, uplifting knowledge can be shared and rapidly evolved.

You're unattached to the trinkets and toys of consumptive materialism. Your wealth is within you so you wont sell your soul in a meaningless machine to make money to buy stuff you don't want or need. You will still enjoy objects of beauty and function but they won't inflame the distress of desire.

You still make mistakes so you don't judge errors by others either. However you're heading inexorably in the correct direction. You know that everything is working out very well.

Martin Hunter Jones is an honorary member of the Australian Counselling Association

(that's a little reggae song to go along with...ENJOY)

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