What will happen at the end of time? Which team will win? Which team will surrender? Which team will sacrifice themselves?

One day, one of them will fall, because the Dark Cabal always poses a threat to us; if we try to ascend more than what is acceptable to them, they can make us descend again. The Dark Cabal can drop a bomb (I've mentioned this in the past) that can turn us into something ugly. The 3 most remarkable things we could turn into (in my opinion) are:
1) Blood-craving vampires. Vampires see red and crave the hot liquid that is in people's bodies.
2) Very stupid, retarded, no sense of balance - the room is always moving - people. They can't get up.
3) Unsensing, emotionless statues.


One of the two groups (GFL or Dark Cabal) will at some point, reach breaking point when they say "That's enough, you've won and we've lost, so we'll drop the bomb and we'll give up control over the people of the Earth." Their surrender will mean only 1 group can use their high technology for good or for evil.

The bomb of the GFL, I don't know what it would be, because it's harder to clear the chakras than fill them. They would probably get a machine inside of us to clear some space, but that could take a long time! The person who is ascending has to be clear from any dangerous possibility and the Dark Cabal cannot interfere.
So, I'm a little confused. What do you think will happen at the end of time to the Dark Cabal?


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  • Hi James!

    Its a picture i got after my research. Earth get these new energies from the galactic center. Negative Cabalist which continuing their goal for NWO and destruction will met themselves in the door-step.

    My vision is that the most destructive Reptilian Hybrids cant stand the light, and since they are not allowed to go into space they have to stay at Earth..

    I dont know why, but my vision shows me that some vill walk and talk like Zoombies..

    Not a judgement, only a vision.

  • anything can happen but it's important we see that they form a whole like the yin-yang twins. There is no end times to winning or losing. There is balance between the two.

    the closest thing that could happen that way would be that the two systems are complete and have chosen to fade away from each other into different parallel realities where they can't meet again.

  • Look, the Dark Cabal cannot threaten or destroy God.  Their dark universe was already imploded.  God has been muted/changed/warped in humanity's minds for way too long. 500 million years if you must know.  Everything in our known universe is a lie/hologram and the life we have now is a nasty illusion.  David Icke said it best when he said "the world has gone mad" and it is seemingly true as many Americans and others celebrate the taking of the life of one villified man who probably really did nothing but TALK.  The Twin Towers was a false flag operation as were probably many evil acts.  The Dark Cabal is losing, their fingers are slipping from the grip they have held on humanity and I wish them the best in the cosmic recycler.  Their beings have only existed as long as duality lasts and that is going as earth speeds herself along the way to the fifth dimension where the Dark Cabal will cease to exist.  Everyone has been poisoned, their beings chemically changed, death and illness has been imposed upon those of the earth.  I really think Ashtar had it right when he said, "NO NUKES, NO FLUKES, and NO DATES."  Humanity will be restored to Full Conciousness and our lives will be free of these dark marauders.  Their time was really never supposed to be.  We have been hijacked, controlled, lied to and now it is up to us to rid ourselves of these "fleas" that have infected this corner of the universe!
    • But the question is "How will the Dark Cabal be eliminated?"
      • 1: Some Cabals will go to light during the next years, in 3-dimension..

        Those who are not willing to accept the light will:

        1: Be removed from Gaia... They will become ill, and walk/talk like Zoombies.

        Cabalists have the same posibilityes as we have in this last months/Years before Gaia Ascend to 5-dimension:


  • What if the gfl and the cabal are on the same team?


    Good cop, bad cop routine.


    Just a thought..

    • I agree, i believe that both light and dark are in the control of God.
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