The Gateway to Spiritual Conciousness

The Gateway to Spiritual Consciousnessby Owen WatersLove is the saving grace of all of humanity. We contact thisprimal energy in our finest moments. From the moment a baby isborn, it is enshrouded in the unselfish love of its mother.From the moment a person springs into action to save othersfrom peril, their own thoughts of survival are 'overlighted' bythe love and caring that shines from their heart.When a person dies and reviews their life, they see that onething that mattered the most: Love. Pure, unadulterated,unconditional love. It is the source of compassion. It is theenergy of caring for others. It is the binding force whichholds together the entire universe, and it flows through youwhenever you simply allow it.Love is the gateway to spiritual consciousness. It is throughactivation of the spiritual heart that we pass into a whole newworld of expansion and joy. In the realms of spiritualconsciousness, we find peace, bliss, and continual inspiration.In the realms of spiritual consciousness, we expand our view oflife to see the issues that are important to the soul. We canthen see how love can heal and how we can and should spend thetime to spread a little more love in the world every day, evenif it is simply done in silent prayer for the well-being ofothers.Let your heart open to love each and every day. Start the dayin meditation and prayer for the healing and well-being ofothers and you will invoke a beautiful flow of natural energythrough yourself. It truly is a great way to start each daybecause it sets the tone and the energy flow for the day.When you are attuned to the natural flow of love throughoutthe universe, you then feel the natural flow of energy withinyour own universe. Your senses of insight and timing develop tohelp you achieve more and to succeed easily at the tasks thatare important to you.The flow of love is critical to life. Without the love of theDivine Mother which fills the universe, nothing would exist.For centuries, humankind has been playing a game where love andinner inspiration have been blocked off and ignored. Today, thetide is turning and people are opening up to this wonderfulflow of natural energy.Remember the love within, especially when outer circumstancesseem dark. Remember that love is the gateway to the higherrealms of consciousness where answers can be found to meetevery challenge that life presents.Tune into love. It will never let you down. Instead, it willset your spirit free to explore the realms of consciousnesswhich offer greater vistas of awareness, greater peace of mind,and the sense of ever-present joy.*If you enjoyed today's article, forward it to a friend!They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.This article was written by Owen Waters, author of"Freedom of the Spirit: Four Powerful Steps to SpiritualFreedom."

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  • Thank you for the awesome post. I have read other writings of Owen and I am a fan for sure. I like the way he puts things simply while still getting his ideas out there without a lot of whoopdila......Freedom of the Spirit is a wonderful uplifting book and I recommend the read. I found it really good.

    Love to all
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