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How many Ground Crew Members of the Galactic Federation of Light are there now on Planet Earth ?

Who is their Leader? their Spokesman?

Why don't they all get together and give messages united instead of one saying this and the other that?



If you are here to help then do not confuse people on Planet Earth.

Example ...this is how your message should be:

Message to Planet Earth from leader of the Galactic Federation of Light Ground Crew Member for Planet Earth

then the message

then all Ground Crew Members sign their names at the bottom

WE NEED TO BUILD TRUST and if you want humans to believe in you without any doubts then you need to send your important message through one main source on Planet Earth.


I understand that there are beings from different Planets that are giving messages on healing and awakening for ascension which are understandable BUT WHEN MAIN MESSAGE COMES THROUGH IT SHOULD BE FROM ONE SOURCE ONLY...YOUR GROUND CREW TEAM LEADER and the other members sign your names at the bottom as sign of approval FOR IF THE MESSAGES DOES NOT COME TRUE THEN WE KNOW WHO TO HUNT FOR joking for if your messages are not true you can mess up peoples lives on Planet Earth WHO WILL NOT KNOW WHO TO TRUST

ACTUALLY THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT remind me of this famous song and this is how i feel ...some say this and some say that ...too many heads...too many mouths


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            • I.M. Ascending......

              The higher the consciousness levels achieved, the more organic the technologies employed...Look at the way the most advanced technology operates...that would be nature in all it's interdimensional glory....

              Now consider that natural technology is what is on offer....these are not gas chambers as so many fools fear....

              Again, learn discernment and resist the conditioning you have been subject to by society....Lest you will have to rename yourself...

            • John Jancar....

              Oh but you do have to demonstrate your committments to cleaning mother earth's biosphere and it's not about obtaining a passcard for a trip, but rather it is about how selfless you can be in practice, knowing this is MUCH BIGGER than you, the person....Maybe we can paraphrase JFK and say:

              It's not what my world can do for me, but rather what I can do for my planet...!!

              Along those lines...and putting good will into action....Yes indeed, helping the poor and down trodden has much value too and demonstrates the esoteric truism of the ONE HUMANITY....But at the end of the day, you will need to use a Light Chamber, in all there are very few who CAN ascend naturally, very few indeed.....The great majority of Earth humans have not even taken the 1st degree...aka the "Birth."

              So learn no unlearn any fears you have of the GFL.....As without co-operation with them and the Spiritual Hierarchy, you may be numbered among the LUKEWARM....

          • Alright. Well I'm glad to know I don't have to do anything lol I just have to volunteer to help fix up the world, which I planned to do anyways. One of my wishes was to help people who are downtrodden and broken spirited rise up and feel good about themselves again....but I guess I don't have to do that. I guess the only thing to do, is convince them to go in the chamber.

            And all my problems..I don't have to deal with them at all...I just have to do some service, and I'll be free to go in the chamber. That's a load off my back lol I'm actually starting to like this idea, I barely have to do anything. And to think, all this time, I was so focused on finding my own realizations and my own divinity...and I didn't even need to do that. Well, brownie point for me, for effort lol

  •   Hello my name is Akal and I speak for the Arcturians.

    The purpose of a channel (that is a human tuned to a "frequency") is so that the people of the human race can begin to identify with 5th dimensional perspective. That is not to say that every channel is attuned to a high enough frequency themselves and with that may be imposing his or her belief systems with in their channeled material. The true channel reaches source administrators, their 12th Chakra is innately open with an understanding of 5th dimensional perspective in its entirety. When seeking out truth- we urge you to use your own discernment. What sits with you and feels right? truth will always sit well when it is of source, I can assure you of this. We of the light can never have one leader other then source. And as the light in human form you are divided however once you are awake you will soon realize you are only divided by this form and nothing else.

    That is the political structure as we know it to be now on Earth has leaders, leaders who bread hatred- please step away from this thinking. This will defeat the purpose of your own enlightenment. We must unite as one and each at their own pace with in their own process. Love each human attempting to shine light any way that they know how- and use discernment to seek out your own truth. Thank you.

    • Nice Comment AKAIA...and i must say you are a beauty..your eyes look like Arcturian.

      Human Race on the whole is divided by cast, colour, creed, rich, poor, educated, non educated, gender  etc.

      Planet Earth is run by people who are into greed, power and control. The so called leaders and governments are corrupt to the very core.

      There are very few humans on Planet Earth the rest are animal corpse eaters and they still do not understand that you are what you eat.

      Its tough out here that is why they call this the prison and death planet.


      It is very simple to get into 5D ...all you have to do is respect Mother Earth, respect all living entities and led a more spiritually tuned life.

      Anyway not to worry as we are getting assistance from above and below [ inner earth ] and THE LIGHT SHALL WIN IN THE END...the sooner the better.

  • Goodness, Captin S that may be the most brilliant thing I've ever read from you :) But Mickey can keep his opinions to himself... ;-)

  • Very good point indeed, well said Constantina..We as adult sentient beings should stop looking for all the answers from others, and then if we don't like the answers, we get all pissy and indignant, lol...kinda lame when you think of it.  The answers we seek are within ourselves and that is where we should be looking...Humanity tends to always want "gods" to tell them what to do and that frankly has not worked out so well.  How bout concentrating on love and how to be more loving to each other, I think it would take us a long way.  It could be that many channelers have it wrong I am very sure many do, but if we do not hang on their every word and take every word as gospel, then it is of little consequence if they are not accurate.  

  • I am inclined to totally believe in what Drekx Omega has to say in this issue ... Please read his comments in this post as I have found his post and comments of a very high standard and with a ring of truth in them although I myself at times but in very rare cases found some ..again I say very rare a few post hard to believe as they go against my conditioning but he is right and the right man to follow. He has adviced us to follow Sheldan Nidle so I am going back on the trail and read his posts and off course all of Drekx Omegas posts and comments.
    I find Drekx Omega is genuine and he is trying to help others on Planet Earth to wake up to truth. If it wasn't for him I would have in some issues been totally mislead but only after reading his material I realised the truth. Read his material and comments on ACC and you will find they are brilliant and a lot you can learn from them..some knowledge hard to find elsewhere .
  • I totally agree that it is really confusing when there is so much diversity in channelings. But again we have to remind ourselves that channelings are not supposed to be our main key to spiritual growth, I see channelings as a helping hand if I need one. And I don't pay much attention to channelings that talk about the situation in the outer world, because I  have trust that everything is going as planned. What I DO pay attention to is teachings from Archangels and Ascended Masters that makes me feel I get a deeper understanding about spirituality.

    I would wish that Tolec, Bashar, Sheldan Nidle, Greg Giles and all other giving ET messages to be more in tune with eachother and less diverse. They tend to not say the same thing and this creates confusion, often with small explanation to why this diversity excists. There should only be one story, yet there is many more offered just like our world-religions. That's why I don't follow ANYTHING blindly and I give my trust instead to that noting happens of coincidence. If we are tricked by someone I can then accept that it is in the end planned to serve a purpose. 

    Hope I make myself understandable ^^. Love, peace and joy to you everyone, ! :))

  • My God I can see why the messages have to be limited in there scope and not reveal too much.  Their head would be put on a platter if any such message was "misunderstood".  Didn't Jesus cause a lot of confusion when he spoke the truth?  Many seem to want a leader who can slash and burn our way to higher glory.  That's not why we are here.  We are here to figure it out for ourselves.  So, you don't like the "messages" or messengers.  "Eliminate him!", you say, and replace him with another that we agree with.  What if the next installment says the same thing?  Eliminate him too?  Haven't we been doing this for, oh say, EONS!  Isn't it time we shut up and listen instead of leading followers down allyways that we don't know the exit stratagy of?  Who among us is enlightened enough to know the true heart of God that speaks through these messengers?   Oh, "he lied" or "gave us dates" or other third dimensional stuff that we can put or stamp of disapproval on so we must eliminate him or the messeges that are being sent to us because we can't open up our own souls and decipher the truth that aligns with our own heart flame?  Arn't all of the messages for the betterment of us in our struggle, or do these beings want to take us over and use us as agents of death and destruction in order to eliminate mankind and set themselves up as rulers.  Sometimes I feel that some of the "eliminators of untruth" here are really eliminators of all that doesn't feel emotionally right with their conscious third dimensional misunderstandings.  Have any of you considered that you may be wrong.  I have, and upon deep, inner, personal soul searching have realized that I'm not in charge here and can't make sweeping changes as if I had a sword of truth that can cut down all negativity.  I'm not a savior, in other words, I'm just one who wants to listen to the perspectives of the higher dimensions.  Is that too much too ask, as I flee from the encrouching darkness that seeks to eliminate my soul in the 3D morass we find ourselves wanting to ascend out of?

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