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 "The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of natural forces and laws"

-Ernest Holmes


There is a common theme in art work, (which some would call "Illuminati" or "Occult") that include a triangle, a circle and a square.  These shapes are usually nested within each other like in the following image:


There is a lot of speculation about what these shapes represent when brought together.  However, many agree that these shapes represent a process of the manifestation of ideas.  I agree with this very basic notion.  I see the triangle as a representation of the trinity.  In naturalistic terms, the trinity represents the very basic creation pattern that brings the within (inner/"heavenly" realms), without into the material world [manifestation].  A three-fold process of:

 1) seeding--the initial thought

 2) feeding the seed--the mind environment for the thought and

 3) witnessing the appearance of the plant--seeing the result of your thought "in the flesh"

  I can't take complete credit for this since Ernest Holmes turned me on to the idea ;).   


 Ironically, I think these also correspond to the first three chakras/energy centers of the body--1) the root, 2) the sacral and 3) the solar plexus.  I could go at length with this, but quickly I see seeding relating to the root since the root chakra/energy center grounds us to the collective unconscious or or ancestral library of thoughts.  I consider the sacral chakra/energy center as the process in which we feed the seed since it is primarily concerned with the regulation of emotional states.  Lastly, the plant is related to the the solar plexus chakra that holds great transformative power to move from "I feel" (sacral) to "I do" completing the manifestation process.

The square to me represents what I call "The Four Initiations" which basically represent the four seasons/cycles in our lives when we grow spiritually:  

1) spiritual birth: discover of love of all in addition to self-love (heart chakra/energy center)

 2) spiritual growth/maturity:  the search for truth based upon the principle of One (thymus chakra/energy center)

3) spiritual death:  the experience of timelessness and multi-dimensionality resulting in the death of what you thought was yourself  (third eye/brow chakra/energy center)

4) the third birth: complete connection to the eternal, timeless God/Source/All. (crown chakra/energy center)

Yep...that's right, I think we are born 3 times!  Once to physicality (born as a baby), born again to serve others (virgin birth), and again to be in union with God and all of our intuitive sense to steer spirit on the ground.  Birth meaning just a dramatic shift in perception.

Finally, the circle to me represents totality.  It sounds strange, but I believe there are totalities at different levels.  The totality of you as an individual-complete, the totality of our Earth, the totality of the Universe, omniverse, etc...endless circles.  Which, when we bring these circles together for me create a spiral.  

So in my poem below, I attempt to explain what I have above in lyric.  I hope you enjoy!  I'd appreciate any feedback.




A figure of triple sides

Brought forth the primacy

The creation of all within a trinity


The birth of an idea

An intention as the seed

Love brought forth the wind

That settled subtly in me


It was nurtured by the wisdom

That lives in every cell

In any anti-particle

In our heaven and our hell


Wisdom waters my intention

And drenches it in sun

Tiny roots and leaves whisper

My journey has begun


To shape itself according

To the favoritisms that I hold

The plant (manifestation) of

The power to unfold

The inner to the outer

Like cosmic origami

From rumination

To illumination in my body


A quadri-pedal form

Showed me further still

To use the trinity to free me

 From the wheel with will


The first initiation

was remembrance of One

Birth again from love of self

To love en unison


Balance of light and dark

Is a prerequisite to see

The spark that resides in all

Glowing incessantly


The flame reveals the Truth

And then ensues the thirst

In esoteric knowledge

I find myself immersed


When I found a foundation

Which to confidently side

I came to the conclusion

 Delusion is made of time


Awake and aware of

Boundless place-less spaces

I find the nooks and crannies

Upon which my soul paces


Oceans of emotion,

Boulders perched upon a cliff

Remind the willing soul

The maladies of being stiff


As I open further,

I feel a touch of the Creator

In myself I see a mirror

Of the One Prime Generator


That is reflected into many

(experience of infinity)

A giant heart formed from

Everlasting unity


The final form is envisioned

its shape ever-bending

A spiral with no clear

beginning or an ending


A clock that never ceases

  A rhythm that never fails

An arc which always has the wind

Blowing in its sails


We journey in and journey out

Omnipresent cosmonauts

Bridging universes and galaxies

Breathing life into our thoughts


thank you!!! :)

In La Kesh


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Hi Feather!

I agree with your viewpoint of the Merkaba. Since to me, the Merkaba is the spiritual vessel that "moves"...I kind of think of it as a wheel or the wheel within wheels that the Bible refers to in Revelations.  However, everyone has a merkaba--the issue is being in control of it so that you can direct it toward the experiences that you want to have. And in order to control your merkaba, you will more than likely go through a series of revelations yourself...births, deaths, remembrances and the like.  That is what I am talking about here. 

To me, the trinity (triangle) is acting as the powerful driver of this whole thing--representing manifestation..the basic process whereby things "happen". And the squares and circles represent an evolution of the human consciousness getting closer and closer to God throughout the process.

I like tha tyou connect this to the Merkaba though :)  Very insightful.

Much love,




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