I hope that I am wrong ... .... but looking around I observe that nothing is changed maybe things go worse for everybody, but if someone on Earth saw something good the documents with a photo, If, on the other hand are simple dreams ... we continue to dream ....

ciao  a  tutti   

ciao   S..

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  • Im starting to believe the same everyone keeps saying soon soon. However I think it will happen in our lifetime.

    • Yea, above the water there are all these different heads talking and assuring but when we look below the surface we'll see that all those heads are actually attached to one and the same body.

      • exactly! We are also connected with all in all universes and galaxies with everything Hello


  • We all volunteered to be here and created the life we wanted to experience before we came here, why should anyone save us from that? Why do you expect God to save you from your own creation? Change happens gradually, but does humanity do anything else than complain about and obey the illusion manipulation systems? We are here to learn and to grow, to collapse hellish duality, higher realms interfering and stopping our spiritual evolution - might not be all that helpful. Just my point of view, Peace and Love!

    • Dearest Jose, according to my heart's Truth, our souls create most of our life experiences before birth at a Higher level of consciousness, the focus not being on gaining as much material wealth as you can get, but that is possible too if it will teach you the right lessons. Poverty and neediness - as terrible as they are - might trigger an awakening among people that the system is wrong and needs to collapse and we must do something about it (not war!!). Nobody will do anything if all are living in luxury. Our planet should not be abused anymore, not one second.

      • but? are theories, whether with the luxury nobody will do nothing with the misery What do you do??? steps the day searching for a piece of bread for the hungry? I don't think that before we have already chosen incarnating everything .... that way hath life if it's just a reproduction of the choices already made, robor type with the remote control .... no I do not believe ... ... God himself doesn't know ' what happens tomorrow ... it's not ... There is nothing God chooses a definitive moment for moment and then see what happens, if you're careful drainage systems they always say: it's IMMINENT.THEN NOTHING HAPPENS because? 'cause God has changed my mind .... all there- Hello

      • Regarding Landing of the galactic ships, please take a look at the following link, it's from Captain Ashtar's channeled book, I suggest to start reading from the last paragraph before page 276, if you don't wish to read the whole thing. Have a wonderful night, L&L!

    • There are many doubts concerning births 'cause if you intentionally do you want to create 1000 kilograms of gold you can??? NO! then create it is a lie, maybe we work collectively but we're not sure how it works, GOD from our culture and teachings is considered the owner of everything so all pray and ask GOD for help but do not know that God is another thing not what we teach religions and schools but the majority of humans don't know ', now it's too committed to save themselves from poverty by disease and corruption to think or look for GOD. Hello and thank you for your interesting reply, thanks to whom we read-

  • First you should make changes from within..."so is outer". You gotta reach to a higher frequency level/higher consciouness level then only you'd be able to see changes happening within you and then automatically around you.

    Love, Light, Gratitude.

  • I understand the frustrations that many have about the delays, yet history has been through similar conflicts between dark and Light and the victory of the Light did arrive, finally, though painfully felt....Albeit, only one aspect, at a time.


    I also suspect that many forget that this current 21st century war between dark and Light is mainly a secret one....A Quiet Revolution in consciousness, that is spiritual, biological, cosmic, environmental, political, financial, religious, scientific and esoteric...It is being waged on several fronts....


    HOWEVER, do not expect a running commentary of all aspects...many of which must be kept secret, as we are speaking of an intel war between light and dark, that eventually leads to the EVENT you speak of...The fogs of war require both sides to keep much away from public scrutiny...When the dark is contained fully, then all can be revealed.


    Both sides in this natural process (remembering that duality is the current norm,) are opposing sides that must cross-pollinate, before a new birth is achieved...


    What we can reveal is that the Light does usefully utilise disinfo on ocassion, and it serves a purpose in putting the dark off track, wasting their waining resources in futile operations...

    The only consistently genuine "news update" source, which does not include disinfo, is PAO....Albeit, much is not covered for reasons of operational intel...

    The prime purpose is activational, so that each develop their own discernment skills to enable a seperating of the wheat from the chaff....


    Personally I can confidently state that this process is REAL....I know it first hand and especially in my sector of command..

    I'm not always in the loop, outside my sector, but can discover the secret facts, on a need to know basis...Albeit, my sector is a microcosm of the wider global ops, so can vouch for it as a genuine process that is heading towards a definite outcome...and inevitably leading to the event you seek...


    This secret conflict is not as obvious as, say, WW2, in which the Allies fought the Axis....All reported on the BBC world service... ;-)

    BUT, it is just as real......and the signs are eveywhere, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear....


    Hope this helps you all...


    Selamat majon dramu kas….!


    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)



    P.S. I suspect that some of you want a "crash, bang, wallop" aspect to all this, which is plainly obvious to you, giving hope that a victory is assured....?? Well, truth can often be stranger than fiction....  ;-)


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