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Humanity has been plagued by a history of Battles.

Opposing and negative forces have locked horns and battled to the death.

Continuously - since the beginning of the recent recorded history....

The iron age of quarrel and hippocracy has been scared and ravaged by continous slaying all in the name of some abstract justice.

To What has freewill lead us ?

Lead to negativity

opposition and destruction at last and perpetually

just like seasonal changes.

Conflict has caused extreme stress.

And stress is the cause of physical illness.

A sick self destructive society is not a good way to forge ahead into a future of uncertainty.

What is the divine will for mankind?

What is the divine plan?


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You are not being assimilated into the BORG my friend. You are still thinking as an individual, just from your highest light. Ascension is the process of merging with your Highest (God)Self and your Higher (Soul)Self. Most people are far into their duality disconnected from this source. That is how the cabal elite illuminati followers have been able to oppress and control the whole of Humanity so well. That is what they are afraid of. Soon as Humanity reconnects to Soul and Spirit, they lose. That is Divine Will. Let go the fear-based cabal programming and let SPIRIT flow within you. Or continue on your 3D path if you wish. You have that free will choice as well. ...or you can choose to answer that call being sung by your Higher Self ..and by SPIRIT. I hope that is clear enough for you. 

Thanks Divine Will

what a good answer....!!!

There is always a choice

and theres always a chance to change the road you're on.

Yeah, well I asked this question too at one point. It is just a healthy process of discernment to ask questions about every angle. The trick is not to get stuck in the fear-based programming in to be truly open and humble... and then we can learn through the Grace of what is being shone to us -of what is calling us back home. 

It is beautiful, my friends. I'm not all the way there, but I peak in regularly. Divine Will is actually MORE about being and individual than before! I have MORE of my light and power inside my physical now! I have MORE an individual voice! -MORE attention from those angels and our brothers and sisters in the ascended planes now, as they acknowledge the progress I have made and take my thoughts much more seriously. However, "I AM" still me! Just way MORE Than when I was stuck in my duality. ;) 

Hi Eddy....I am glad I did...thats the point...

Those are really beautiful example points Lori. I like to ask those questions as if before Jesus.. "What would Jesus do?" And whenever anyone asks this question, he answers you directly. Sometimes He is as easily connected to as my own Soul essence. That one question has guided me, or so he has guided me ever since I woke up. I always listen to him, and then make my own individual twist on the situation as he never wanted us to be like him, but rather to be ourselves. He is just an example. The perfect example. ;) <3 Jacob

Jesus showed the way...

you open your heart and love your neighbor as your very self....

Good Samaritan



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