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Dear Starseeds,


Lord Surea is the Galactic Logos and his will is received on a daily basis by the Great Blue Lodge on Sirius B......


A ritual stargate opening is conducted by the Sirian Atars in space, exactly located between planets Atarmunck (Sirius B3) and Samanet (Sirius B4) and the great blue light of creation is invoked...Through this transference of stepped-down higher cosmic energies, the divine will of Lord Surea is known...and becomes available to us.


In the Sirian language, the name for such a stargate opening ceremony, is defined as an "aktaiwa." The Council of Nine receives the information packages from the Logos and relays them out to the rest of the galaxy...the will of Prime Creator.

So this very special stargate location, within this Milky Way galaxy, is held sacred on GFL worlds and is the actual crown chakra of Lord Surea, who ensouls this entire galaxy....


The heart chakra of Lord Surea is well known and is located at the galactic core.


In the works of Alice A Bailey, which were written decades ago and a product of her link with Master DK, the Tibetan, all references to the Galactic Logos were replaced by the esoteric term; "The One about whom naught may be said" (OAWNMBS.)

And the reason for this, was that Master DK was not permitted to reveal the name of the Logos and was waiting for those of later decades to do so..Those permitted to do so on Earth are the Sirian starseeds, linked to the Great Blue Lodge (of the Great Blue Light of Sacred Creation) and members of the Sirian Atar Clan, itself...


A reminder to those who may be interested in the wording....The Blue Lodge spoken of in this article has no actual connection with the "blue lodge" of Freemasonry. It is of an order far greater in magnitude than the material affairs of Earth, although it stands as a symbol for the secret sacred societies to emulate, as has been the case for millennia.


Selamat majon...! (Sirian for rejoice)


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)



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Cheers Gailene....!! Yes this was posted to underscore the relationship between the Galactic Logos and the Blue Lodge associated with the Sirian star system...and, of course, to nullify any conjectures (by some) that blue lodge Freemasonry on earth and the Blue Lodge on Sirius are the same thing, when of course they are literally light years apart....both spiritually and physically...

Of course, the secret sacred societies do have some knowledge to share and true Freemasonry is so much more than gaining material favours, as so many assume...But I certainly wanted to underscore that the skullduggery on earth carried out by the dark, has no resonance with the Divine Will....Matter is simply a challenge of resistance, to energise with Light and thus transform.

Wonderful discussion Drekx!!! Did the Norway Spiral happen to be one of these chakra openings? Obviously some have said that it was the work of HAARP, and some have said that it was a beginning signifying of and prelude to the many wonderful celestial events that are to grace our world. 

Thank you so much for all that you share!! :) 

Much Love :)

Hello Wes, my friend....No, the Norway spiral was not a natural planetary chakra point at all, and was a plasma vortex activated by GFL Ground Crew specialist teams in late 2009, demonstrating various environmental and political points to the dark cabal...

It was actually a testing and demonstration of aetheric energy technology to the dark establishment, who have (since Nikola Tesla's work) had similar devices, YET callously seek to "sit on" the solutions and constructive applications, that these suppressed devices would offer mother earth's environment...

Thus, various media attempts to confuse the public at the time into believing these were "failed Russian rockets." LOL


After disclosure, this technology will be utilised, worldwide, to solve all manner of environmental problems....The "security" restrictions will be lifted...


I used that pix to provide an idea as to what such a stargate would ALSO appear to look like...But the Sirians would also use the term "aktaiwa" to describe any ritually or technologically opened portal...the most solemn opening being the grand opening at the blue light stargate, within the Sirius B star system...


All is explained on my fellow Atar's blog of a year ago:

Thank you, dear friend, for this! Something unusual taking place. April 2012: outstanding number of tornadoes in USA, flooding everywhere, here, in Moscow there was temperature 29C degrees  when usually in April, well, probably 10 - 12....

Hello Dido, my dear friend...good to see you...  ;-)

Of course, the weather patterns worldwide are changing and most of the change is being stimulated by solar mods and cosmic input to the planetary core...The earth is in process to achieve tectonic plate locking and the magntosphere is fluxing, too..

In England it's rain, rain and more rain....and the authorities have declared a hosepipe ban, due to the "drought." LOL  :-)

)))) I think it is connected with what you 're writing about. 

If i would tell you what idiotic measures does our usually take, Mr  Jerome K. Jerome could rest aside somewhere with his novels))))

I should post some information when I have more time regarding what I have learned about vortexes... Drekx is pointing us in the direction where our world is headed, the physics are stunning and poetic... google for comprehensive data on this actually works and functions... this is not "new" technology, as Drekx advises.  Of course, et technology far surpasses what we are capable of now but we have the seeds for it in our own way, it reminds me of the philosopher's stone, the alchemy lay within us...

And seriously, if you want any information regarding human existence, do yourself a favour and study the works of Alice Bailey, especially the Hierarchy and it's function... wow, amazing stuff :) 

And many, many of us here at ACC are aligned with the Blue Lodge, haha, funny how we recognise each other too sometimes :)

Hello Feather Winger, nice to see you too  :)  lol, I've got to admit AB is a little old school and her language is a bit weighty but it's helped me understand this time so much, and I don't care for much "modern" theosophy... to tell the truth the more I go along the more I see much of life is just a set up to "wake us up" :) 

Thankyou Kelly, my sweet.....I wish there were more like you on ACC, with the ability to ponder these esoteric concepts and think outside the box that contains mundane humanity...

I was hoping for several intelligent contributors, like yourself, to place ideas and thoughts about this topic, in a serious and grown-up way....Instead, all I see on page 2 of this discussion are infantile off-topic personal jibes and ill-conceived "jokes," that have no real meaning to anyone here, reading this...

I'm rapidly tiring of the inane "thoughforms" of members here on ACC and may close this discussion and resurrect it in more fertile soil, elsewhere...

Thanks Kelly, for your valid contributions, my dear...Much appreciated. ;-)

Always stuck in the dark, without a clue.

Why are the "ET's" so interested in this worthless rock if their technology isn't upgraded here by humans.

Did you know that there was some prototype US Carriers made that where converted into cargo ships.

Here is a hint, they do not travel in water anymore.

We are in the time of invisible cars, water engines, and much more.

Lolz ;-)

Yes I agree, LOLZ.......!! Sometimes I wonder the sanity of some members on ACC..



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