One of the earliest memories I can recall when coming to Earth, is simply referring to something called the reset. I've been here for many lifetimes, and none more prominant than Atlantis. I came during its original foundation to be specific. The goal was, that gaia would accept the refugees from Maldek and rebuild itself as a planet of cosmic significance. Unfortunately, the Maldekians made things difficult to transition which caused the fall of Atlantian society. Other empires made a smoother transition to life as humanity evolved. With some caveats along the way.

Many life forms exist here, that are more defined and advanced elsewhere. Take Sirius B, Sirius A and Lyra for instance. Home of the dog, cetacean and cat star races respectively. In pre and post Orion war time, such civilizations thrived on social connections via the Draconian alliance. One that I feel will reestablish itself here given time.

Atlantis was the start of the rebuilding project after the war. Even the Pleiadians got involved in order to protect the veil. A soul form that shadowed Gaia from any trouble brewing in Mintaka and Rigel. Two Orion settlements which caused the majority of all imperial conquest throughout the universe in the milky way galaxy.

I bring this up for 3 reasons. first, to enlighten cosmic historians on to the notion that, we are meant to recover from the veil. Second, to heal from past life trauma since the fall of Atlantis. And third, to reconnect the star gates Earth and Maldek had established by the Sirians and Arcturians. As previously seen in Sol 3.

Humans of this epoc have been striving to build moon and mars bases of operation to support a long standing imperial conquest mission largely led by the Zeta Reticuli initiative. Long standing opposition to the human imperial plan has existed and came into focus for quite some time. With key members of this opposition being Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation Of Light and the Free Alliance Project to name a few. The goal is simple. Find a way to connect Gaia to the cosmos through dismissing the veil, and reawaken all Terrans to their true self while incarnate.

You'd think this job would be easy. Transition aside however, one thing has remained clear. We're waiting on a signal from either side before disclosure can begin physically. As not all UFOs are extraterrestrial craft, waiting in line to be the first to make contact. this is more of an individual mission, to collectively bring focus to the tools of love, healing and inner passion while unlocking ones soul memories to make it happen.

This is why starseeds and lightworkers are here. Connecting to Terrans and one another using tools that appear psychic, but in fact, are multidimensional in appearance. Which enhances the probability of the relative time when the age of peace, a golden future is materializing into being as a united path forward for everyone to hold on to.

Roads built upon such a massive scale, aren't always the smoothest. Many channelers talk about ascension. Informing people that we're almost here and to expect mass change. But what do we really feel from within? and can such knowledge help guide us to where we need to be to see such a movement reflected by others around us? Are we truly on this journey together?

I used to think, several years ago that we were following the lead of some great advisor. but whom, I couldn't name. It certainly wasn't any kind of god, although at times it felt like a guardian. In fact, many guides from the soul dimensions have often came to me through various aspects of realization when undergoing meditation sessions. Although, I've recently discovered, that the energy required to make contact, involves close encounters of the fifth kind more as a mental form of guidance rather than some separate form of consciousness. Which is precisely what led me to see, that our spirit is the one doing most if not all of the work to pave the pathway forward for us. We just have to connect our minds to want it before it materializes physically in front of us while we're still incarnate.

How this works, is simple. Belief isn't the solution, visualization is. The apparent relationship between belief and visualization, is such that imagination empowers the doorway to access the memories of your soul. this used to be called Akashic records, but in fact, are the ones which are always linked to you through the universal conscious self. That particular aspect of us, is what some people refer to as the god self, or higher self. But in reality, is scientifically proven to be a mental map of all that we know and have experienced both prior to and during our current cycle of being. A phrase which in this instance means, our link to existence itself.

Sounds ominous? Well, that's because it is, in a manner of speaking. IF it helps, basically we're here to make contact with the embodiment of ourselves not incarnate into the body so we may materialize the transition from soul dreams and messages to real dynamic focus points. This is what's referred to specifically as event 0, or the great reset.

For Terrans, this means the transition from material wealth to spiritual wealth. And does not mean Earth will face apocalyptic conditions. Far from it in fact. We're restoring the natural beauty Gaia has always displayed, without the need for another ice age or mass casualty of life to occur. Of course, this process would be made much easier, if imperialistic humans weren't hell bent on intentionally caring little for others around them and the environment. but we will work with what we have as we progress and move forward regardless.

Right now, we are here in 2020 to bring progressive education to the wandering soul.

Uniting lightworkers on Earth to create a community of heavenly ascension.

Uniting starseeds From all galactic origins to create cosmic harmony.

Uniting psychics to unlock our inner self and show us our soul memories.

Uniting Earthkin for a wild ride of spiritual understanding and open communication.
Enlightenment comes from the heart where mind and soul are as one. We stand together as Cosmic Friends. To seed a new world of sovereign intelligence, magical sentience and intuitive existence. To be formed from the ashes of corporate indifference and unjust isolation. Because at the brink of accountability, responsibility and assurability is the notion we are not alone.

No more will we stand defenceless. No way will we give rise to corruption and an inflated sense of self. No longer will we be alone to be someone only we have to work hard to remember as individuals.
Collectively, our friendship transcends all worldly barriers for the purpose of peaceful cosmic awareness of the soul within. Remember who you are, no matter what we face together. Love is the answer.

We have worked on this project for many years. Our efforts to support the development of terran consciousness into a peaceful and successful progressive relationship with the wider universe is coming to a peak here and now. This is why such a time as what we are seeing is known as the great reset in all but reality. As we as a team, collectively build our awareness to full strength from the ground up using soul knowledge and mind over matter.

The time has come for we have foreseen a great need which has birthed the need to emerge from the veil of amnesia. As this is lifted, many lost souls are returning home. Along with such souls reconnecting with their divinity, are those who seek to end the hibernation program of the matrix and begin the restoration of the sacred flame within.

This is where we come in. As part of the ascension team, primarily focused on maintaining balance, progressive understanding and productive community kinship. Our goal is to ensure that we can find a common foundation in which to co create a peaceful shared reality. Where souls from the universe unite on Earth online as well as through extra dimensional star gates.

From this galaxy and beyond, Starseeds are committed to being sovereign members of a universe we all inhabit. The term starseed comes from the words star and seed, meaning from the stars, to bring life to others. Souls like us are travellers by nature. We usually focus on a particular location until the decision to move elsewhere is made by us. In a sense, starseeds are extraterrestrials in human form. Many of us are visionaries. You are not alone if you feel connected to somewhere else other than being grounded strictly within Earthly affairs.

Globally, our mission is to seek for the stars. Individually, it is common to see a starseed wish to help Earth, the people here and assist other worlds like it in our own way. Earth is important to many people as some of us have spent a long time here. Although our physical lives are short, they provide a means to directly be a part of what constitutes this worlds history.

Some starseeds, along with other Earth natives, are the historians which help make it possible. The difference between this world and others, is the conditions for life to grow and evolve. Recently, opportunities have made it possible for Earth to become a part of the populated universe through the acceptance of interactions with other nations.

Hoping for change, starseeds come here to assist in the development of this planet, to become not only a space nation, but also a world of experiences to remember and come home to. As diverse ambasadores of different races, we share one goal in common. To find a home in all souls we travel with along side ourselves.

In order to further their understanding while incarnated here, conscious souls use tools such as psychic perception, meditation and self intuition to access soul memories. By doing so, it becomes possible to study and enhance our local environment transforming ideas to realities one change at a time. Whether you are helping to reshape Earth, or are a thriving member of mother Gaia, the gesture of cosmic friendship welcomes participation by people from Earth, the stars, the astral (spirit) realm and beyond.

As promised, physical extraterrestrial disclosure is the final step in completing our process of awakening from the heart. Our achievements and interests in changing planetary events have been able to lead us to successful scientific discoveries. Because of us, we have invented science to bridge both spirituality and other elementary entities with matter around us, so we can make the world of our dreams happen together.

By participating in the awakening of knowledge to bring us closer to such a reality. With an open mind, anything is possible. With one vision and one vibration, in diversity and sovereignty, we are a collective of bright ideas and a powerful future. We appreciate your presence here and now, as our worlds come together.

Gaia's call out to the stars has been made to focus on securing Terran's continued existence as a productive and progressive key and integral part of an equal and fair society. Liberal by design, under the protection of the galactic federation.

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  • My Soulmate have to find me. I can't. I have no interesst go to Adlantis. As I said, it's better be close. I don't think it's tec. we already have. Phatons Tec. was better than Vega's Tec. Some Doors better closed.
    • I understand. the past is in the past. My current soul mate is not on Earth. I'm not sure how I feel about it.
      • You can do it, cause love connect you with your Soulmate over Time and Space. My believe
        • That's true. I believe this as well. Spirit can traverse soul signatures easily to find all parts of you and connect at will.
  • I have an info from someone on the so-called XAT chat channel once. This person wrote to me the Adlantis always appears when the waters rise on the earth. The water on earth rises a total of 3 times. The 3 Time for ever. He said that someone from my mission group might want to visit Adlantis, because he has a bill open. It's my Soulmate. However, I do not think that is advisable. This is not harmless. You could use him to get the golden Datas. I do not have a contact with my Soulmate, so I can not tell him that this is no good Idea go there for this Planet and Cosmos. Phatons Technology in the wrong Hands is not good for anyone.
    • You should be able to visit your soul mate in Atlantis without any problems. The technology there largely remains dormant save for a couple of weapons and the Phaton archives aren't utilized until the end of its empire. Lots of the technology is still preserved in the pyramids after Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Lemuria fell.
      The waters rising refers to the shifting of the land and ocean. This is a natural planetary response as it effectively performs a bio reset. This is precisely the kind of event we're attempting to avoid by incarnating here and integrating our soul knowledge with other Terrans directly as messengers from the stars in all walks of life.
  • At some point I read so-called worldwide U.F.O contact reports from people who have been asked about what the spacebuffs have said to them. Among other things, the so-called Golden Files are located in Adlantis. They are files of Phaton's technologies that must not fall into the wrong hands. It's probably better to leave them there. Maybe some of the room buffs are here for this reason, too, because they're interested in what they would never admit.
    • The files you speak of, are the records of the previous cosmic empire in Orion. They're ones which reference technology that's been used since the war ended. Some of its technology sector is being repurposed and transformed into teaching tools for today's star incarnations. Though, many of the pitfalls that undermine the importance of safety when dealing with, for example, nuclear weapons, tend to fall by the wayside where power and imperial control is concerned. Greed being the most infamous bio weapon of all of them. And that's not even listed in the Phaton reference letters to Orion outpost Theta Delta -5.
This reply was deleted.

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