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The banking scam that goes public and hits T.V you must look into this video

Hi All


What you thought would probably never happen ..........

The BANKING AND FINANCIAL SCAM goes public and hits TV ............ .....

http://www.msnbc. 21134540/ vp/36233217# 36233217

The Dylan Ratigan Show.

A 13 minute excerpt from TV,  starring the Godfather - Alan Greenspan!


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Crispy Crystal, it doesn't surprise me that people in Germany have not heard of Ron Paul, because the MSM even in America did their best to exclude him from anything that would have gotten the word out about his stance to support the Constitution. He was, basically, treated like a leper by the controlled media in this country, because, if more people had heard what he had to say, he would have made a big difference. But, fortunately, he hasn't quit!!!
Thanks so much for posting this, Jason. I must say that it doesn't surprise me that this was done by MSNBC, given the fact that Keith Olbermann has been quite outspoken on some subjects.....that is outspoken for the MSM.

I would like to point out Alan Greenspan's countenance. I have observed that a person's thoughts and feelings are going to eventually show in their faces when held for a number of years. What do you see when you look at Alan Greenspan's face?
I see evil personified.
Exactly, Starman.
I second that. I see someone who has lied for so many years, yet his eyes say he is not credible. I hate it when people create total havoc in peoples lifes and then say "not meeeeee". Ticks me off. Love it that this aired. I am surprised actually, but must have been great for ratings......
hey like i keep saying i do not go find this stuff it comes to me whenever i have a thought aboyut something within usually that week something comes up i happen to spot and it is there for me to re post it to other sites, i am only been given information whenever it is relevant, asnd those who feels compelled to read it will know. it is the way i do it.,..i so wished i could channel even then it is an art form that requires so much preperation but this will do.
This is a great post! thankyou so much! It could very well mark the beginning of the end. To be honest I am astounded that the TV executives ever let this segment go to air. Hopefully more will follow very soon indeed.
thank you for sharing! the truth is starting to resonate! yay!
great news indeed :) I posted it on facebook too and will do so daily.

I think the reason it now aired on public TV is, the US administration wanted to sign the US on to the UN / NWO this month and it pissed the US Military off BIGTIME, now they are helping to enforce the return to constitutional law in all US states. Check these links out >>



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