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Alot of people have heard of the Ashtar Command also known as Ashtar Galactic Command which is one and the same.

Many want to find what its all about others already know.

No matter which end of the spectrum you reside on you want to know what the Ashtar Command is.

The question first is this if you are awakening now for the first time do you love all creation?

Do you truly believe that the Ashtar Command exists and is real within and without your being?

Do you truly consider yourself part of the Ground Crew which is the Ashtar Command ?

Meaning you remember who you are why you are here and what your spiritual mission is?

Some have been on the Ashtar path for years others it might be your first time you have heard of the being or the galactic force known as Ashtar Command?

Everyone comes together at different levels of spiritual understanding which is a natural thing.

When you are fully aware of being with the Ashtar Command you will have clearity within the Mind,Body and Soul levels .

Do you know what it is to be a Christed Human Being on Earth?

Or a Cosmic Christed Human Being on earth to be more direct?

Its when you understand that you are like Jesus Christ and live in the Love that he represents.

Since he represents and oversee's the Ashtar Command in every way universally possible.

The teachings of the Cosmic Christ are to be Love live in Love and Act always in Love.

If you do these three things while on Earth now you will represent the very best of the Ashtar Command in your daily life.

In recent years many have searched about Ashtar and the Command.

The key now that you have become awakened to the name is to understand and learn your connection to us off Planet and on.

If you have any questions regarding how to be more connected to Ashtar Ashtar Command then you can contact me at The Global Ashtar Galactic Command site in the United States.Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One!!!!

CmdrAleon is a contributing writer for Sedona Journal of Emergence and host of The Cosmic Eye Ashtar Command Radio on WESU FM 88.1 Middletown,Ct and Streaming worldwide at

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Yes, Love is the key to everything :) Going against love is only trying to stop creation and expansion of all that is, we are made of love, everything is made of love. Creativity and expansion unfolding. Let it flow like a river!

The Ashtar Command are those Men and Women who have no ego only love in there heart.

The Ashtar Command are Human Beings here now who come in a universal understanding of all that the creator has given them.

There is one Ashtar Command off Planet Earth that is devoted to the foundation of God's Divine Plan.

Do you know what the Divine Plan is for Earth?

Blessings Love and Light!!!



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