Hi all.
The(probably) world's leading Mayan scholar, Dr. Carl Calleman has
been predicting exactly this development in the arabworld - at exactly this time!

Calleman has predicted "east/west balance dissolution of hierarchies" with the beginning on Nov 2 2010.omg_smile.gif
His studies have resulted in many breaking things , like that Gaia is like a "globalbrain" and our brains are a microcosmos of Gaias, which results in different way of thinking on different places on Gaia.
He has found out that the Mayancalender doesn´t end 2012 , but Okt 28 2011 , and he has got many scoldings by the 2012:ers and the creators of the 2012 freud for this.
The gregorian calender may be out of line , but the Mayan seems to follow cosmic time.
We are now moving towards the "universal wave movement" on March 8 2011 , and IMHO , the "real deal" will start around this date , because the Mayans wanted us to know about the future.
Listen to his latest interview: