Solar eclipses can bring out aspects of one's consciousness that can be very profound, either positively or negatively. It is similar to Carl Jung's interpretation of "a crisis in consciousness," but on more of an inward nature (as opposed to an outward nature, which usually takes place with lunar eclipses). Emotional turbulence is thus possible, and this event is not really recommended for "new projects or beginnings" to start or manifest due to the intense energies involved. I was told about a certain occult group that was involved in very dangerous and dark practices and a new participant nearly having a nervous breakdown during one of their ceremonies; this ceremony was timed with an annular eclipse. He became a serious "born-again Christian" afterwards (and he played drums in a speed metal band).

I like Celeste Teal's definition for basic interpretation on a personal level:

"A Solar Eclipse often puts us into reaction mode in handling our affairs; especially should our self-image be threatened. There’s an increased likelihood of reacting impulsively to defend ourselves. Thus, we can easily make regrettable mistakes. It is similar with a Lunar Eclipse, when a sense of losing control can drive people to make emotional, unalterable changes, often involving relationships, without clear considerations of the consequences. That’s why it is best to refrain from implementing major changes during the days leading up to an eclipse. Plans or actions implemented near the time of an eclipse tend not to go as anticipated. Remember that the eclipse energy impacts everyone, some more than others. Be observant. Allow the eclipse energy that is coming into the atmosphere to settle some before making big changes...."

Wishing you all the best, Celeste Teal

For those of you who want to watch this rare "ring of fire" of the Sun and Moon, you will have to go to Australia for best view. Here are the best viewing spots:


And here's the D.C. horoscope:


In terms of world events, the most important advanced formula to observe is Sun/Moon (the eclipse) = Aries/Chiron  +  North Node/Saturn. I interpret this as "crisis of consciousness or new beginning" equals "restriction of connections or associations involving information pertaining to advanced technology, extraterrestrials, UFOs, or information of an "other worldly" type."

Hence we may see some sort of government censorship or act of censorship pop up around this time, or important news or information about UFOs and extraterrestrials and such.

Other considerations unfortunately include earthquakes, volcanic activity, and possible catastrophes. This eclipse is taking place while the cardinal cross is still going on, and these are all intense energies that can cause physical things to "break up" or "break down," as well as non-physical things (like relationships and agreements between people, governments, and so forth) to also break up or break down. And world and government relationships (with various populations) are getting very tense now, as I predicted with the cardinal cross forecast I presented a few weeks ago.

Pray for peace. I stated in 2013 that the future looks beautiful, but we may have to experience some very ugly aspects first before we see such beauty. It's always darkest before the first rays of the Sun are displayed.

Our Solar System: Ring of Fire Sequence

Love to all,



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  • Well on Thursday or Friday I am having a job interview for a job I really really want and can see myself spending the rest of my nursing career in.  Is this a bad thing being the week of the solar eclipse?

    • NO. The Moon moves one degree approximately every four minutes, so it will be far away from the North Node and the Sun on Thursday and Friday. Thursday will be a good day for an interview; Friday will be a good day to avoid travel or to be careful regarding what you sign or discuss (Mercury opposes Saturn on May 2, 2014). 

      • Yay guess what?  I got that job!  I'm now in the job of my dreams


This reply was deleted.

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