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Forget about entering the age of Aquarius for at least 1000 years. Come inside and find out why and why nothing happened in 2012

If you know anything about ancient history then you know there is not one primary source for anything earlier than 1100 AD or CE, are all of those stories about Ceasar, Mark Antony, Cleopatra, made up by academia? to have scholarship and careers? so first, we have to establish just what ancient is. Baalbek is not just some big slabs on the ground it is a Temple city made for and by giants, academia has not one clue as to who even built it, but, they don't even mention the place, I think because they know that whoever it was, was the real Rome. The age it is not known. Velikovsky was all over that. an event like the JFK assassination will happen that opens your eyes to see there is a problem, then eventually there comes a time where you think everything you thought you knew is wrong. Baalbek giants somebody cleaned the place up for nothing to be found there, who? what is or isn't true about anything on Rome or Greece. We are seen as ignorant eaters. Lol, how ancient is ancient history really? a few hundred years? Their formula is simple and straightforward, war-killing-disease = profit, peace-good health- longevity = no profit, too many people, Scaliger has been brought up so I thought to learn a bit about him from a different source etc.After looking at a few sources it looks like he was a real scholar but, standing in the way of those wishing to have their way through the usurping then control of the institutions they threw events much further in the past and succeeded. Scaliger appears to be the scapegoat here,

a mini-series on the missing millennium of Ancient past, First thing is to get the story on the conflict, (because there is always a conflict in everything) with what year it is really, it seems some Benedictine Monks were monkeying with the chronologic timeline.Also, that the reformation and inquisition were hidden behind religious reasons but were really carried out to suppress knowledge & events and get rid of all of the books & writings contrary to their dogmatic belief system of control they were usurping the powers that be and implementing themselves in control of the people.Part 2 will deal with the book of Veles and the scattered ones of Atlantis. Why Monks and not historians were in charge of this I can only guess. So it is possible this year may really be 1017? Hmm, Fair use, full credit to sources shown below. This is for educational & Informational purposes only, apologies for a couple spelling errors, I didn't catch them in final edit my fingers get in the way sometimes or I need a new keyboard. Video clips are from videos found here

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Maybe in your world...It is as you perceive things...In my world a lot has happened and we are in the year 5th of the Golden Age of Gaia which is the same as the Age of Aquarius...Do not fall for the disinformation that is going around...We are the Creators of our own reality and of what we want for all of us...The most important thing actually is not the names or titles we give to things or times, but of the fact that we are ascending to a higher vibration and way of awareness...St. Germaine is the Ascended Master in charge of things on this new age the same way that Ascended Master Jesus Sananda did in the Age of Piscis which we left behind...Blessings and much Peace and Love to you...

Well regardless of the date, it is Pisces if the Sun is in Pisces, Aquarius if the sun is in Aquarius. That's kind of the whole point, but I mean the real year is 1018, nothing happened in 2012, because it was really 1012, and since the Zodiac ages last for 2190 years each, it's obvious we have a long way to go.

Golden age of Gaia? You have a strange defintion of golden age. We are coming out of the Iron age in the Kali Yuga. The world is run by a criminal banking cartel, we are polluting the oceans and killing the fish, killing the environment, you call that a golden age? BUT if your rich, having fun, and totally obvlious to reality then sure, why not say you personally are living in your own little golden age. Ignorance is bliss.

the jealous left's 'emmisary' has spoken....his kingsize chip oozes off that reply...this is neither esoteric, nore astronomic...

Yes a lot did happen on 2012...You might not be aware of it but I was since part of my mission was to transmute negative accumulated energies by humanity over the eons of time...The cycle that was predestined to be the end of 26,000 years could have been catastrophic but did not happen because of the effort of many lightworkers doing their jobs or promised to Mother...I understand that you speak from your awareness...but all is not what it seems...Blessings to you and to all...

more disinfo from a dark hat ;-0

What absolute rubbish!!!! 

The Age of Aquarius is CANCELED!

it would be better to cancel your head than do not understand anything,

answer WHO PAYS YOU ???........

this guy is another fake 'spiritualist' -progressive atheist humanist blah blah spewing horse manure-according to hindus-and I would trust any accredited yogi before this guy-the aquarian age started in 1880s with a 200 year transition period-the sad part is these guys go around influencing youngsters-just like the marxist filth we can't seem to get rid of


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