ok ok

finally after reading some and the help of my boyfriend and a friend of here I finally understood my situation

most sure I am 5d almost 100% right now and everything is understood even empathy or other features of the 5d

But I am having a bit problem with channeling my own self, as I red in the 5d the mind quites, it calms down completly almost no thoughts... and that is OK I like it is very peacefull and you dont think on any problem just LIVE the moment you are in, but I am having memory problems, when I channel all when I talk to people I simply forget almost inmediatly what I said!!! after some days I do remember what I said or maybe some weeks but in the mediate world I dont.... I look nasty to people or funny what is your advice regarding this topic?

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  • ok

    Something things happened to me and I am having my own thinking again and my private chit chat! with myself !!!!!!!!

    I also channel, but is MYSELF what I channel... not any other entities

    thanks anyway for responding cre

    I had an attachment from past lives who caused that ungrounding and jesus helped me getting ride of it yes?

  • How about personal revelation? - …as revealing some form of truth or knowledge through communication with inner deity or intuition heard by the recipient as an inner voice.

    Any channeling information reminds me of children, when first learning to make use of language, are prone to think out loud, to express their thoughts in words, and to the world, even if no one is present to hear them and so on …

  • "For some reason the word channel brings shivers to my spine like a bad memory, but what should we call it?"

    From a purely Scientific Research point of view I'd call it: Creative Conscious Beta-(brain)wave Projection. But, that name would only be valid if we strip all current theories from the subject and only observe the phenomenon from a brainwave frequency perspective (physically measurable).

    "My complaint is with those who proclaim that they channel for the most important Messenger"

    Those who claim that have Ego-issues. An internal personal drive to feel special and get acknowledgement from the world that their own view of themselves are correct.

    I have that drive too, but I also know how dangerous it is to the personal spiritual development, which is why I never tell people who I actually believe (know) I am. I've even set up a rule around it: Other people can identify me by my actual name, but I myself are never allowed to tell anyone my name. It's for the humans I meet to realize that themselves. Until that happens, I'll just be me. :)

    "or that their word is the one to follow"

    It took me 38 years to realize that I'm NOT the smartest person in the world hence I can not run it nor save it. All I have left is to let that conviction influence how I actually behave both on- and offline. :)

    "Observer, do you  find that true?"

    YES. The lines I didn't include in this quote make sense on so many levels it's a fortune I'm drunk so that my self confidence is so high I can accept even the most difficult truths as The actual Truth. :)

    "Do you find that your best information and feel of being proper comes to you more of in a whisper than an  announcement over a PA?"

    My feel of being proper comes from my own daily evalutions of my behaviour and thoughts during the day and if I pass the ethic limits I put up for myself as a child, I feel proper... But.. my best information about how to act and think, always comes from "the whisper", and it always turns out "the whisper" were correct in the first place no matter how I have otherwise chosen to act or think. :)

  • Channelling works for as long as you don't share what you channel. Channelling is a personal thing. Not a public spectacle to be published. :)

    • right AO, the most probable reason as to why there is so much ‘conflict and confusion’ in channeling information … ;))

      • Yes, the people who choose to publish what they channel are most likely people with serious Ego-issues that have yet to be resolved.

        I speak from experience here so it's possible I'm just projecting now.. But, I too very very much want to publish what I get but... I can't. The information is for me and for me alone. It wouldn't make sense to anyone else other than that it would make me a very popular Jesus-like person, and that we can't have. It's too easy for me to use that to turn into Hitler 3.0 and that is something I don't even dare to risk, so .. The things I recieve from "other planes" are things I never share. :)

        • ... lol ... AO,

          same here however my mistake was to share it with my family, they took it to heart everything and ask me to share with the word ... unless it goes to 'drama' or 'sci-fi' or maybe even 'comedy' category ... i still have no desire ...  ;)) But at the same time i do understand 'the reasoning to share' ... maybe at first there is an ego issues but also a 'growing up process' ... ;)) its certainly does expands one conscious/awareness, and braking some boundaries of 'beliefs'.

  • "when I channel all when I talk to people I simply forget almost inmediatly what I said!!!"

    That is a very good sign though, because that means that you are most likely actually "up there" instead of just being inside your own head which most channelers are of today. ;)

    It is VERY difficult to take memories with you between the realms and the reason for this is probably because you're in two different "bodies" so to speak. Most properties that exist in 5D can't exist in 3D whereas you'll only take the essence of it back to your 3D-brain. :)

    I hope this helps. :)

  • LUCIA: try crystals with your meditation. I have obtained very good  (and very spacey) results with amethyst and moldavite, but note that moldavite isn't cheap (it is reportedly red hot for sales in crystal shops) and moldavite counterfeits are reportedly being made in China right now due to its popularity.

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