What happens to the flow of time after this date? Will days still be going by very quickly, or will time flow at a constant, slower pace than now (like before the year 2000)?

What speeds up the rate at which time passes?

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  • I think our "perception" of what time is, is changing, although I couldn't even begin to compete with what Terrance McKenna lays out about time wave Zero.

    I think it will happen, this is no doubt that things are accelerating, and that has to do with the cosmic energy that is transforming the Universe.


    Thanks for posting all the information from Terrance Kelly, what an amazing man he is! :) <3 Him so much.  I think we will see him again, and others that have passed into the next "dimension" of the "afterlife" :)

  • Cherokee prophecy calls it Time Untime. Check out this site. http://real2012info.com/cultures/2012-mayan-calendar-and-cherokee-p... - I wonder if the 3 days they are speaking of are the 3 days of darkness. Kind of sounds like it. I have heard time is going to stand still then reverse itself. Some say it will be like a "reset" button, that everything will be like it is going back to the beginning with no technology, etc. I'm not sure what to think of that. Of course, they also say that we won't need technology because we will be able to do whatever we want with our minds. Manifestation. We won't need money or want for anything because we can create whatever it is we need.
    • the spin of the earth stops and reverses due to the gravitational effects of a celestial body that will be in the area
  • Now is the only time so I am mindful of how I approach time. Watching the clock is not the same as watching the sun rise.

    They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. 21st December will just be another day and how I react or respond during that day will be my responsibility. Why is this forum giving so much precious energy to a time that is yet to come  for it willl come soon enough anway.

  • What time will it be when time ends? Say around 10:30 am east coast time? Which means it will be 7:30 am west coast time which means we on the east coast are 3 hours ahead of the wesat coast so the west coast will only have 3 hours left to catch up to us on the east coast ,so time will end first for us here on the east coast while over there on the west coast they will still have 3 hours left before time ends for them and that will give them 3 hours of emails to send to their friends on the east coast asking them on the east coast> what's it like to have no time? But since those on the east coast have no more time then they will have no time to reply to those on the west coast.So when time ends ,it will probably go to the recycling factory and how much time it takes to recycle time?I have no clue.
  • I am hinting that you should always be weary of the information being presented, as those presenting it are not always aware of the full picture or are misinformed themselves.


    that's all I'm hinting at =)

  • this video will help settle some of your questions

    love and light
  • time has already ended on this sacred beautiful planet for those who eccept love in there heart, we are in the whats known as the 4.5 moment meaning that anything 5th dimensional can manifest on this planet, the ships you have physically witnessed can only manefest in the fifth dimension including this ashtar ship with a suprise on it for those who feel their love in their hearts celebrate in this love and watch the true reality shine (sixties wink wink, ask anyone who still feels the love in their hearts and they will tell you

    love and light


  • Nibiru is real !

    This heavenly-body have many names. Nibiru, Planet X, Telda.

    • I agree Rune.

      I ment the Niburudisaster and the whole poleshifttstory that is told about Nibiru.

      Nibiru is real , and Annunakis homeplanet , but it won´t be a problem for us anymore.

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