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Hello ashtar command crew!!


I want to take the time to thank my online community. I have grown so much from all of you. I am humbled by your wisdom and your compassion. I am grateful to have this website. My real name is erika and I am a 37 year old starseed indigo.


much love and peace to all of you.....

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Beautiful sparkly starry sister... Am sending my love to your glowing heart, can feel you shining from here!

 0:-D  _/l\_   xxx

hi erika! ty for sharing your light and friendship, luv the song too...i feel like doin the happy dance lol


Nice to  know you..

Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us all .................


 Well thank you for this reminder Alanis had beautiful Feminine Hair. She had it all cut off Why?

 She was given a beautiful bunch of flowers which she throws away. She honors the light and dark.

 Which light and dark! It is very painful sitting on a barbed wire fence.

 I rather like Climb every Mountain, forge very Stream, follow every Byway until you find your

 dream and as we are being told UNTIL YOU MANIFEST YOUR DREAM.

 It pushed my button because I have just discovered where the Divine Feminine has been hiding

 which I share as I am able. Where was she in Symbology that is? Under our noses.

The pointers have always been there.

 Recently we had the Musical of "Cats"  honouring the P**** and the girls are great parading

 around as such. We also have "the Lord of the Rings". Again under my nose?

 Throw a pebble into a Pool and you have rings rippling out until it subsides. You are looking at wave energy

 well this energy is Feminine. It is in the Rainbow as that is Feminine actually being a Sphere

 and you look at the Sun again same Story. Well we are in the Year of the Awakening Collective Unified

 Goddess Mother 2012. Community is going to thrive around the Planet Gaia. The Lord of the Ring will be replaced

 by the United Goddess of the Ring. That is why people lived in Forts and asked the Clairvoyant Girls what as

 happening and they sent the Warriors Out. Well it is happening again with the Unity of the Sexes.

 Tentiny Turtles the next is the 11th. Another story unveiling for you. Blessings Peace Light Balance Harmony Kingjeff

Hello, Erika :)  Thankyou for shining your light, I'm a 37 yr old sirian starseed too, lol... from Canada and soooo excited to be alive and awake at this time!


Sending you love and light,




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