I was out 3am very early in the morning. I drove through Central London then took the motorway heading to an outer London beautiful country side Temple donated by George Harrison the famous Beatle.

I stopped at a 24 hr Tesco and bought some food and it is very unusual that i fancied an ice-cream so i got Swedish Glade ice cream and had it at 4am in the morning. I then stopped at a 24/7 motorway welcome service station where i had a 2hr nap and and then continued my journey to the temple. When i got to the temple i had a nice vegetarian feast and meet some of my old devotee friends and made new friends. l told them it is a special day as Worldwide Group meditation is on plus end of the Mayan Calender. I walked around the Gardens of the temple and connected more with nature. Next l left the temple around 6pm and drove to Central London and had a cup of Chai tea in Starbucks and met some friends....... later l drove home and got home around 11pm.

I do sense that more awakening of humanity and unity took place on this day....and i thought to myself there should be no darkness on this Planet  but only light all the time and there should be no such thing as time on this Planet and no such thing as money on this Planet......what are your views and do you feel any different?





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  • Hi folks, I don't recall what I did on that day, though I have to communicate to you folks, that something has really changed for the better around me.

    It's like they are not the same people, which I humbly accept with gratitude, hehe.

    It feels so good when people are not judging you and just being loving.

    peace love light

  • I was with my daughter this day. She threw a temper tantrum in the mall after we left our favorite used bookstore that wa closed. SO i bought us some muffins from a local vendor. She is not one to throw a tantrum. (shes' a teenager). But she got so mad that the mall had no one in it. She yelled that she is sick and tired of the economy. I guess I personally knowthat she was furious that her favorite used bookstore was closed. It seems we all just need to "go with it"

    I am still trying to get her to meditate with me.

  • Ravinder, I spent the evening reading a Regency romance novel by Georgette Heyer (set mostly in London), and reminiscing. I was in London three weeks ago (Friday, 7th October). That day, I bought a packed lunch from Pret a Manger, then walked to the British Museum, and spent the whole day there. I flew with British Airways from Heathrow at 22:00.

    No matter what reputation London has been having recently, I enjoyed my stay there (as well as in other parts of England) tremendously... I LOVE LONDON! 

    So, what I'm getting at is this: While my own "enlightenment" must be in s-l-o-w progress somewhere in my superconscious -- in spite of the Light and Dark forces warring all around us nonstop -- I still enjoy being human in this wonderful, wonderful world.  

    • Oh, and yes... the sun is shining, the birds are singing... all that stuff. They're still with us.


  • the night before I slept for 17 hours till one that day, I had bad jet lag but it could be a bit of both? ...
  • its not juss yesterday on oct,28 dat i felt change iv bein feeling it for awhile but in the last few 4 days maybe 6 iv felt a slight change on earth a sighn of progress and it keeps rising iv encounterd myself feeling more open and loving and peaceful still its hard to stay like dat wen ur surroundings are filled with negitivity but soon im sure all the negitive essence will fade away

    • Hey  Watcher, Just some Advice here. If you feel yourself talking on this site here, with a member more then usual. Don't talk with them on the phone. Make sure that you know your surroundings at all time, and be who you are inside and out. Don't let anyone on here talk you into, talking on the phone. Learned many lessons on this one. 

      It will make your life, less complicated if you don't talk with any of the members on here, on the phone. Even if you feel like your being rude, by not doing that, just don't.

      Trust me you don't want to. 

      Also, stay intouch with your 3D family as much as you can, friends exct. While talking on here. Even if there not into the things you are into, it makes your life easier, when you can talk to those that are around you area. Just be yourself on here.

      Earth is going through many changes. Will always go through the changes, whether or not you can feel what the rest is feeling. 

      Stay true to yourself :0)

      Bless the Nite,


        • cutie cutie xxxxxx lol
      • i talk to some on the skype and its ok, i feel safe, 

        try not to think of bad negative thoughts !! this is a suspicious mind, you have to trust or else there is no point  xxxxxx

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