Teal Scott : How to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within!

Teal Scott - The Spiritual Catalyst's YouTube Channel: 

Teal Scott - The Spiritual Catalyst

Very cool video-blog discussing: How to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within :)

  • Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty
  • Expressing your TRUE beauty
  • True Power and what it means to Shine
  • Art as a way to Express
  • Dancing as a Release
  • Divine INCLUSION instead of Exclusion!
  • Sensual Pleasures and Surrounding yourself with Beauty
  • Exploring Sexuality (Our Bodies should NEVER be off-limit to us)!
  • Getting past what the "stereotypes" of what being a woman is
  • Letting go of the "Motherly" stereotypes
  • Getting in touch with your INTUITION  your EMOTIONS
  • Cultivate Love, Openness, Compassion, and Joy towards this world
  • 3 Changes you can make on a weekly bases
  • Meditation specifically designed to manifest your Divine Feminine
  • Releasing Resistance
  • Healing our Negative Emotions (Setting the Female within FREE)

Recommended Books:

The Artists Way - Julia Cameron - Getting Off - Jayme Waxman - Woman Code - Alisa Vitti

"Our Divine Feminine will shine though" :-)

Starlight Blessing to ALL :)

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  • p.s I'd love to come along to one of those Divine Sacred Feminine building meetings you were talking about.

    They sound like a great idea.

  • Dearest Teal, 

    Loving the bedroom eye's...

    very intense....

    Unfortunately, not so convinced by your presentation.

    Not a good idea to be talking about the Divine Sacred Feminine when you still have mother issues to address.

    Teal was so far out of channel here.

    And possibly made the video for her the purpose of her own healing.

    The Divine sacred Feminine is, in and of itself, an archetype.


    And a vibrational frequency that you allow to become available to you.


    The Divine Sacred Feminine is the Energy of Mother.

    The feeling of safety.






    The desire to create and nurture.

    This is the essence of mother.

    It is a way of being.

    And that whose wisdom will guide the power of the Divine Sacred Masculine,

    To Peace on Earth.

    God speed your healing Teal.

    We need you.

  • Most definitely Kat, she is wonderful ~ Great insights! :)  I should check out her book, I shall try to do that ~

  • I love dancing :-)  Thanks for sharing this Feather! :)

  •  Hellen the name Hermaphrodite has embodied the best of the male and the best of the female

     from that ancient Egyptian/Greek period. Hermes for the Male and Aphrodite for the Goddess Aphrodite and this time today Hermaphrodite is a medical term for a child born as both having female and male organs.

     Yes Delilah I knew you would resonate with Samson. Perhaps he is your role model within.

     Feather Winger where will you land don't you know He is already Cooing in your heart but is quite

     spun out flying around with you something like Superman grinning inside Lois while she flies him around.

     Maybe he is just snoozing. Blessings Love to All Joy Balance Harmony Grace Kingjeff

  •  Delillah caught Samson. Morgane Le Fay caught Merlin.

     This is the return of The God/dess. IE Unity

     We both have to acknowledge our Inner Dormant Polarity  and when we do

     and awaken how happy we will be.

     Blessings Joy Love Balance Harmony Grace Kingjeff

    • ahha Yah Jeff, I do think about the Sampson & Delilah story from time to time... :) You make some interesting points here..

      The Male & Female polarities can and will learn so much from each other... but beyond that I do believe that we will all experience the "divine connection of the Spirit" and the future holds amazing polarity connections and realizations for us all... :)

  •  This is a nice Girls Fashion Forum.

     It seems most Girls like to walk a Catwalk parading which they will do

     until they return inside to couple with their own Divine Masculine.

     Blessings Kingjeff.

     PS. A gifted Clairvoyant Lady saw my Divine Feminine within me

     which certainly pulled me up quickly and stopped me chasing. Food for thought.

  •  The Divine Feminine is within all Males and 90% asleep.

     The Divine Male is within all Females and equally 90% asleep.

     We are All returning to Unity. IE We are all Androgynous and some Hermaphrodites.

     Yes it is fine to be a Girl then a Lady which is where all these Aids point to

     and then the Divine Feminine finally re-unites with the Divine Masculine within.

     When this happens Cosmic Law Decrees She or He will manifest by your side having

     already United within. Blessings Love Joy Balance Harmony Grace Kingjeff

    • I can see what you are saying there Jeff :)  I do feel as if I am more Androgynous for sure, maybe that is a part of what's happening to us on a cosmic level as well ~ :)

This reply was deleted.

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