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Tally and Drekx Discuss Doubles, Dopplegangers and Duplicates

Drekx statement:
Hi Tally I would suggest that a good example for what PR mentions, could be the Billy Meier ET contacts photos, of Asket.

On a planet of 7 billion surface humans and 1 billion inner earth, not only are the mathematical odds high, that we each have a doppleganger somewhere, but also, that even visiting ETs of the humanoid type, have terrestrial counterparts...albeit, sometimes differences can be highlighted in faces, that are not genetically identical, as would be identical twins at birth....

Tally asked:
"Interesting Drekx... So by saying a 'double', does he mean a clone?... or what? Do you think it's possible for the same soul to have multiple physical bodies here at the same time... or just 'look-a-likes'? Blessings All Around..."

Drekx reply:
Hi friend.....Well no, he does not mean clone, which would be much more than a double....Rather a clone would be a genetic duplicate....What he describes is an attempt to link a real ET with her double, when in fact there were subtle, if not obvious differences, as highlighted...Indeed, we all have a double, somewhere on this vast world of 7 billion surface humans...So the odds are that we may very likely look like someone, out there, closely, or superficially, also...Though I speak of a double, not a duplicate-clone...
Souls enjoy diverse experiences and are not inclined to have identical bodily expressions, though...This is the norm, that each soul will want as much variety in life experiences, as humanly possible....It is not common for a soul to express itself through several identical bodies, at the same time...Well, as a rule I'd say... ;-)
So a double out there in the world, will be a totally different soul and, probably, a different ray structure, entirely....

Tally said:
"Thanks for that considerate clarification Om... Yeah, those two ladies in the images clearly show very different 'soul expressions'/'ray structures' to my eye. What about the possibility of a 'soul' incarnating in different looking physical bodies at the same time?... like a different race or s**, for example?... You seem to elude to this potential. And where are you getting your 'info' from my friend? Peace..."

Drekx reply:
Well, if we view time as it truly is, that is spherical, rather than linear, we can each participate in the process of expressing ourselves within physicality, over the aeons, in a great variety of bodies, simultaneously...all races and both sexes...That variety is key to enfoldment and the gleaning of needed experiences, for soul growth, namely raising light quotient, within each "dip in the pool" of life....Now, from a linear time perspective, the process takes millennia and many lives....But as I understand that process, souls operate in triad formations, so one is incarnated, while the other two are "out" and they swap around, life to life.....A soul has enough energy "tailor made" from a designed life plan, to generate the alchemical gold for soul growth....It is simultaneous in a way, but not in a perceived linear way...only a higher perception can map it out, thus....

There are soul groups, based on ashrams of the rays, working together in different bodies....As I said, triads operate this way...

The concept of a twin flame is a valid one, yet usually they are operating outside of linear time, as explained......Very unlikely to meet a twin flame here on earth...Maybe a soul mate, but that is different...

My info is from within and within I recognise myself as connected within my ashram, which is taught, guided and honed, by Master Rakoczi....Some call him Saint Germain....So a disciple of that particular ascended master and also a contactee, as Sirian starseed...In fact, no earth human may contact beings off world, without going through the spiritual hierarchy first, as that net must be energized to make the contact work...

Hope this explains, as some of this extends beyond the lower concrete mind of we human beings on earth....It is truly within the planer scheme of the higher manasic, where the intuition truly thrives...The technique is to glean data from such levels and step it down, to logical concrete mind use....That way it can be shared......So techniques are combined...They are mental impressioning, as described, telepathy with beings upon the aethers and physical discourses made with higher consciousness beings, in the flesh.....the role of all true contactees and initiates of the Light...the raising of consciousness, until we each become self-realised...Then "self" is much wider as a concept and truism, than we thought, initially...We realise our scope as part of a collective, but a benign and happy one, not a forced collective in any way...We must be free in willing it and working for and in it...So a free individual expressed within a higher ashramic scheme. Once connected, it is joyful and wonderous. Consciousness energy is revealed as cosmic in scope, not earthbound...Peace friend..

Tally said:
"Excellent 'rundown' there Drekx... Makes sense to me, mostly. So if all times actually exist at once, then we would have maybe thousands of different 'physical bodies' operating simultaneously... then why would it be so odd to think that we could have several bodies 'going' in any one particular 'time-slot'? You appear to be saying that this is not normal... but seem a bit unsure about how 'possible' it may be. Perhaps you can get a more 'complete' explanation from your inner 'contacts'... if you and they would be so inclined. If not, that's cool too... You've already offered plenty of 'food for thought' for the time being. : )Blessings..."

Drekx reply:
It is possible, depending upon one's point in evolution, or light quotient....The only constraining factors upon your soul expression having several "yous" dotted around the globe, are the benefit it offers, under planetary karma and the energy needed for it to manifest, under the law of energy pertaining to spiritual rules (there are many) that govern the right use of energies....In other words, the service benefits are weighed against the energies at hand, for a given soul, at a given light quotient...The law of cyclical return also determines which rays may be expressed in physicality in an era....and there are many others who are "waiting in the wings," to come in, as it were....The genetics and the karmic connections gleaned over many millennia, will determine the most appropriate families to be born into, for particular lessons to be learned...and as a rule of thumb, the less the light quotient, the less "stretched" a growing soul can be.....Life and it's psychological traumas and experiences, are demanding...We rest when out of incarnation, actually...when physically dead...You do have multiple forms of you,  spanning the illusion of time, over millennia, BUT, from a linear perception, there can only effectively be one you on earth, at present......Now karma will determine where you incarnate and why; planetary karma...That is why you do not incarnate outside of earth, unless you are actually experienced already and serve as a "walk in." Which is rare..

Now in contrast to this, beings who possess much higher light quotients, such as the Ascended Masters, or specifically, those who have achieved the 5th degree, or "ascension" and are now on the path of earth service, and thus present here, and not on Sirius, or serving as a kumara, etc...Such ones do have the power needed and the balance achieved, to project themselves into multiple bodies (the term used is "mayavirupa") which may be scattered at a variety of locations, all connected to the central manasic body (light body.)

Note that a being should and needs to have completed planetary karmic lessons to project this way...His/her service capacity and energies, will determine the nature of said projection...Namely, is it of use, it must serve the plan...So, in essence, in order to project multiple form expressions, in this way, one must have a consciousness which exceeds the ascension level, namely one must be navigating the cosmic degrees and there are four above planetary ascension...Thus such a being has freed himself from planetary karma and is actually of a cosmic consciousness and resultant light quotient...That is why NDErs see themselves and relatives of a particular brightness, upon manasic (mental) planes and there are some (Masters of self) who shine brighter still....

Hope this makes sense...Some of it is very complex and there are many spiritual laws and rules that need to be applied, that govern each incarnation...So some food for higher thought for you, hopefully...

Spirit does not generate what is called "red tape" here. But it creates laws that allow the most efficient use of evolutionary energies, in service to the Divine Plan, of which we are all component parts....

Kind regards and many blessings,

Colonel Drekx Omega, GFL Ground Crew, Cmdr, East Anglia Sector

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Yes a soul group, which derives from a spiritual energy upon the monadic plane.....Yet a SOUL is a unique expression of self realisation.....Spirit uses SOULS to garner such lessons in physicality.....Spirit being a higher energy plane than the Soul, of course....

As Soul energies are defined, as per their rays, my own ashram is governed by a seventh ray soul, yet I am of the third ray, myself.....That is due to the powerful influence of the Aquarian ray in the evolution of Earth....

I was thinking about this remembering a quantum rule termed no clone theorem. According to QM, though you may clone Ben upto molecular level, you won't clone him particle per particle.

It is all because quantum particle seems to be nothing but information in the quantum field. For instance when a quantum system is not being observed, what realy might it be said to exist if not just the 'there should be particle' kinda information? So the conservation of quantum particles turns out to be a conservation of quantum information. Copying tantamounts to creation.

It is more accurate to say that a perfect copy of Ben all the way upto quantum level would be nothing but Ben himself somehow existing at two places all at once! This is for instance the explanation in Hugh Everet's many worlds interpratation of QM.
Ironically, people often think that we differ in how our molecules are arranged but we are the same in quantum level. But you have seen that it is realy in quantum world that we truely differ!

Thanks...a quantum realm....



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