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How far are you willing to go in your cosmic spiritual work on earth now?

Do you really want to expand your inner awareness and connect with your Space Brothers?

Have you really allowed yourself the opportunity to make that divine connection in your daily life here on MotherEarth?

Its time to take what we are doing to the next level.

This level involves your willingness to totally believe that you can transform the Planet as one Human being or many.

This means working from within the Soul level of your body.

That level connects with the Christed levels of your being .

We call this the Cosmic Christ frequeny

Human operate on many different frequencies some high some not.

When you operate in the Cosmic Christ frequency you will see and experience things that normally you would not operating from the Mind verses the Soul.

You can work eat and drink in this world,but remember you are not of this world.

Our job is not to be stuck here doing just 3D daily life experiences but to take what we learn here and transform that experience into the light.

Many are interested in making yourself a better spiritual being while living on Earth.

You can focus on what you fear or focus on what you came here to do within the forces of light.

When your body and consciousness is in total alignment with God's Divine Plan then you cannot be stopped on your spiritual mission.

If you don't believe in God you might not understand what a Divine Plan is or how it will change the course of your life and history itself.

In your daily day to day life many things come and confront you.

How much time do you devote to your spiritual upliftment as a Spritual being having the Human experience? once a week,daily?

If you want to get to the next level this means letting go of all your 3D belief systems taught to you.

You can set a new direction .You are the the navigator of your body you walk in .

What direction will yoi take now in 2013 onward.

I want to share a true story with you I took 12 people out to connect with our Space Brothers on the Ships to appear visually in the skies above us .

We did a telepathic meditative circle facing north and as we finished the collective message.

Our eyes opened and in the skies were our Space Brothers about 7 or more orange/golden orbs of light.

They stayed with is for about 15 minutes before blinking out .

What I am sharing is if you have cosmic spiritual intent you can create this reality now.

If you also want to meet your Space Brothers the same clear intent is needed to make the contact happen or encounter.

Many want Disclosure and that is a wonderful idea to see the Governments agree to share what they know over the last 50 years.

If you want Disclosure then create it now by contacting your Cosmic Family and not waiting for any Government to lead it.

This part of taking to the next level of light.

You already are ET's having the Human experience all you are doing by being active is making contact without the need for consent by any Government .

When you control the outcome then it becomes a reality that each can share with another.

I am speaking of creating the New Earth now while you live on it.

If you apply what you remember before coming to Earth you will see the foundation of your cosmic soul even become stronger on a daily basis.

What I am sharing is smily this do not wait for others to act ,when you were created with all that is needed to act in a loving way that will transform the people around you.

You are a Divine expression of Gods Love and Light endlessly flowing within and without all around you.

If you want to meet your Cosmic Family then just do it make it happen.

All you need is to believe it can happen.If you don't believe then it won't.

I hope what I have shared helps someone here around the Planet.

We are all in this together maybe at various stages of our own personal transformation but yet we are still coming together now for a reason.

Because its time to go to the next level of Cosmic life that God has given us now.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One!!!


CmdrAleon is moderator of the Ashtar Galactic Command site within the United States and which is global. To join the USA Global site go to Ashtar Galactic Command He is also host of Ashtar Command Radio Worldwide Sunday Mornings on WESU FM 88.1 Middletown,CT and streaming live 11:30 AM EDT.

Also he is founder of Ashtar Global TV Network on which is live Sundays 11;30 AM EDT.

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This is correct you will have days when your energy level is not where you wish it to be part of living on Mother Earth.

Those days become less and less and you have shared how your vibration and frequency are becoming higher and higher.

Which I see most working within the Light Force operating in while living on this plane of existence for now.

When you are ready to reunite with your Space Family you will.

Basically this will be guided by your inner spirit or on a cosmic soul level within your being.

My sensing of you is that you are just about there.

Everything happens at the appropriate time and space for you.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Ashtar Galactic Commander

Trust is an important word in having contact with your Space Family from the Stars.

Do you trust yourself first without fear to trust your Space Family?

Trusting them and having them trust that you come in a peaceful vibration before contact happens in a key factor now in the times ahead.

Each word I add to this message creates an understanding and how its connected to becoming in that state of being to have a co created loving contact with your Space Family.

So the word Trust from an ET perspective has a expanded meaning for each of you in your life within this context.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Ashtar Galactic Commander

Ascension of the Human Race alot of people have discussed Ascension and some are pro Ascension and others are not Ascension is not an excape route off Planet Earth its a time when those who truly wish to Ascend who have completed a spiritual mission on Earth can do this and go back to the Planetary System they came from before birth on Earth.

Where not here to Decend we have already done that by volunteering to come to Earth and remember who and why we are here now.

Ascension will be when it happens a joyful experience that each person will have when that time comes .

Many waves of Humans will Ascend like the waves coming in from the Ocean.

Don't worry about when or if you will Ascend you will at the right timing for your mind body and spirit.

Your vibration and frequency will have alot to do with your ability to Ascend.

So look at yourself now as walking up a mountain trail you will eventually reach the top its your choice in the end.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Ashtar Galactic Commander

wow you asking me that question left me to say no i dont trust them at this moment. but there was a time when i ascended and i was reaching out for them and i seen orbs of all sorts and spirits in the skies and stuff. but currently im working on it. im still in communication its just im not ready as well because i choose too assist the earth also. i trust myself but i dont know what to expect so when i do expect its a bit of scaredness. when i resonate more love in my heart i will be prepared. because when i love there no such thing as being scared and i no that because i feel the mighty love the protected love the one with all love


Have you felt most of your life that you knew somehow you were a Space Being of Light in Human Form from another world?

That's because we are composed of DNA not of this Planet.

Our DNA within us is Extraterrestrial from a high dimension of light.

Our Space Brothers and Sisters have the same higher dimensional light frequency DNA .

When you have looked to the skies about you its because you are looking for your home world.

The origin of your original point from once you came before Earth.

When people look at the stars on some level they are really looking at where they came from .

The whole Universe is your home.

You are not defined or confined by one Planet in the Universe of Life.

I will expand on this as a new sharing with all who seek to understand and expand your cosmic spiritual awareness.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always!!!

Greetings Veruschka,

I wish to send Hugs back to you aswell.

You also can find me posting on the Sister Ashtar site here from the United States.

I invite you to join us if you wish.

I operate on both sites and try to post important Ashtar messages here and on the other Ashtar site which I moderate.

Blessings Hugs and Light,


As we get closer and closer to direct reunions with our families from the Stars.There will be attempts to create fear on Earth.

The truth is you having nothing to fear accept the fear that is created by those who live in it.

Fear is a choice as is understanding and peace.

So when the time comes to make a choice between living in fear or uplifting yourself and living in Love and Gods Light.

You will not have a thing to worry about because to worry is part of the illusions of through not the cosmic soul that you truly are within.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Ashtar Command

When one finally realizes that all the channelings in the world are serving a purpose for the person presenting it and in the end you finally after years of listening on the www to messages that you had been given the truth within you by God all along.

That's pure liberation and understanding.

Hopefully you can learn to feel the true vibrations ,that pure heart that you are within.

For the people around the world that want to channel if that's where they are now its not forever unless they get stuck and do not expand the awareness within that God has given them to move forward.

Channeling has gone from New Age Shops to the Internet.

Everyone and anyone can decide to become a channel.

Come up with a good message from your higher self and your all set.

How much faith does one put into a channeled message? If any?

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


There are many levels to your consciousness when you love being fully conscious then you will not need the advice of a Channel because you will channel from the source directly and understand why you were created and in that beautiful creation.That you are and endless being of light on so many levels yet to be explored this reality is but one of many to come.

Even those that channel will have that experience aswell and will eventually realize they do not need to channel messages to people .They will be in the I AM State of Cosmic Christed Consciousness.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,




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