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Everybody knows we are in a critical point in this world and many things are really starting to happen. Things that are magnificent beyond words are occuring everyday in our lives, in the skies, and in this Universe and I don't know of one person that could honestly tell you that they don't  feel it deep in their soul, whether they are "Awakened" or not. There are many scenarios and myths about what exactly is getting ready to take place, but the main thing to remember is that it is going to be what You think, feel, and express that  affects your own personal Universe within the Universe of the All. Yes, I said "personal Universe", and what I mean by that is basically your own perspective of the Universe Itself. Also, it is your own thoughts, feelings, and expressions that help add to the Collective Consciousness ,because We Are All One, which is the Universe of the All. Furthermore, it is so awesome and inspiring to see everyone reporting everything they can on here and other alternate media about what all is going on behind the scenes, the sightings of our Galactic families, the fall and removal of the cabal and illuminati and just all around uplifting and motivational posts, but I would like to add something here that is very important and sometimes a little over looked. Don't forget to take a little break once in awhile just to think and visualize how you yourself want your life to be. And it doesnt matter what dimension you are visualizing and day dreaming in as long as you are Dreaming Big! There are some that believe 4 and 5D are going to be totally different physically and visually from 3D, and they may be right, and think that maybe they shouldnt be co-creating, visualizing and manifesting in the 3D sense of it, but realize that the fact remains that we are still here in 3D now and must be here for atleast a short time longer, so dream however you like, just dont forget to dream regardless and literally put your Heart(Chakra) into it. This is where the Law of Attraction can be so so useful and wonderful. If you aren't sure what I mean there, then just do a little looking on it. Check out movies or books on the Law of Attraction and start putting it to use. And it can work for the greater good of the All also. The LOA is as real as the Sun and Stars, but you do have to learn the details of how it works to fully put it to use. There are many Masters and teachers of the LOA out there, and unfortunately some of them tend to leave a little bit out here and there, but if you take a lil from this one and a lil from that one you will start putting the pieces together to see the whole picture a bit more. I don't claim to be an expert on it all and am still leaning, or should say remembering, more and more every moment in the now, but I will say this...Love is the greatest key to it. That I do know. 

I may not be the best writer out there, and have never claimed to be and some of you may not even like this post, but I do thank you for reading and hope that if nothing else maybe a little seed was planted and my point conveyed as to how important it is to still take a lil break once in awhile, even if it's only 5 minutes, and visualize your own wants and needs, everything you truly Love, and how you want your own New Universe to be as well. Bless you all and thanks for reading. Namaste     

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