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I need to know if there is anyone like me on here. I have had vivid memories and flashbacks of living on another planet. As far as I know everyone look human like. There was also a great war in the sky. There were thousands of ships in this war. My sister and her best friend swear they saw a space ship fly over the trees in our yard. This was just before I was born. I was told that I looked Asian as a child, even thought I am white. I have a father with a pure Italian family and mother with  pure German family. I also had painful leg cramps while growing up. I never felt close to my family and I was extreamly shy and scared as a child. I kept having these dreams and flashbacks and I know where I was not was different.

      I have the ability to feel peoples emotions with out even looking at them or having to be in the same room as them. I can also feel what they are thinking at times. Its like I steal the words right out of their head when I talk to them. The other trate I have is being very strong and well built with out having to work out. Lately I have been able to get my food energy from electrical sources. Then when I eat regular food I don't feel good and feel different.

   I could keep going on with more information. I just really want to find people or at least one person with similar things going on in their life. Please be serious and don't judge.

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  • take a number ,, youre one of millions who feel like this. peace be with you :)

  • Oh, yes.  I am a very strange person too.  Seen about 10 UFO's.  Seen a being.  Believe I have been abducted and implanted.  Woke up with nosebleeds many times.  Have empathy.  Don't understand cruelty,  Feel like I'm living on stage.  Nothing seems real.  Do not have "normal feelings".  Hard to adjust in the world - almost impossible.  Hard to live in society.  Don't want to be here.  Feel very detached.  Great desire to leave.  Sometimes I think that people have said something and they only THOUGHT it.  Have picked up others dreams.  Know when people are thinking about me.  Super-sensitive.  Can't control feelings.  Can go without sleep for days if I get my energy from The Source.  I just can't adjust to this place.  I don't know if I've helped you or not, but you're not the only one 

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