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Yesterday i sat in my snow garden on top of my moutain as i looked around feeling gratefull for all the beauty around me a crazy thing happened  i looked up and the sun was dancing at me i spoke to the sun sending my love to feel my love and the sun started to dance even crazyer? i,m not mentally ill  nor have i ever seen the sun dance untill yesterday funny thing is ity was cloudy and then the sun came out in a little spot which became ever bigger i have always been gratefull for what i have and enjoy the simple things in life like the moutains and natural things if anyone knows anthing about this please let me know  as i,m stumped on why the sun would dance for me and i felt we had a great chat it lasted for over a hour simply amazing or have i lost my mind?

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Love and Light to you Andy! No i simply asked for healing the world and to take all of my love and use it for morther earth is in deep pain and i wish to help heal this land we call earth and to live in Love and Peace and for noone to go hungry and for clean water for all ! my eyes did not water and truly after a hour of speaking to the sun a peace came over me that i never had before and i know now that Mother Earth shall be healed and i shall not fear anymore for this Earth for steps are being taken to heal her Praise be to the creater Yahushua

everything is when we catch glimpes of feeling like animals, trees, and anything else apart of this world is communicating with us then trust that it is. I think that when we are connected and expanded we can experience the cosmos in a intimate and light to you....

Thanks tentinyturtles Love and Light to you  yes i think your quite right it was very intimate our 1 hour talk and touched me deeply for i now know that

This is a time to contribute to the world, to strengthen the human family and to call forth those natural abilities that exist in people—the ability to see, to know and to act in harmony with one another. These abilities can offset the influence that is being cast upon humanity at this time, but these abilities must grow and be shared. It is of the utmost importance.



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