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Hurting America will Go Horribly Wrong

I wanted to make an audio for the New Year, but I didn’t know what to say, all I’ve seen is visions of false flag attacks and explosions, huge explosions, one after the next, 25-30 of them in the last month or so. This has never happened before.

Stuart Wilde "Heil...the Smile

The Zionists passed the NDAA arrest without trial law in the US; the terror they inflict over the politicians in Washington is extraordinary. They can cancel 235 years of the American Constitution with the flick of a wrist. Senator Goldman Feinstein wants to ban guns, abolishing even more of the Constitution. Martial law is next.

The elite have been massively exposed on the Internet for their treachery and their allegiance to the dark forces and Israel, voting to ship Israel billions of the US taxpayer’s money (over ninety thousand million so far). The elite fear an uprising of the people. They have every right to fear it, the Zionists have created so much hatred with their violence and their attempt to take over the world, their levels of paranoia must be off the Richter scale.

If they were not legislating to hurt Americans things ought to be good for another 200 years, but I’m sure now things will go horribly wrong, there will be a backlash, led by the Veterans maybe. I don’t think it is this year, but it must be in the offing as the various states oppose the violence of the US Federal Government.

It is sad for humanity, we are gripped by a terrible cancer of hatred, it’s caused by an occult force from the inner worlds that has attached itself to people, especially our ever more demented and possessed leaders. This movement has designed an attack on our freedoms and the right to live in peace, it’s a disease that can’t easily be cut out. My ol’ teacher talked thirty five years ago about the return of Hitler, well Hitler has come, in another form of course, Obama.

Gordon Brown Passed Fascist Laws Against Personal Freedom (no compassion see?)

The fascism is in Britain as well. Gordon Brown passed The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act (2006). It’s an act of Parliament of the Untied Kingdom that allows a minister in the UK to delete or alter any laws passed by Parliament with the stroke of a pen. The perception is that it is an “Enabling Act” like Hitler’s “Enabling Act”. In Britain the law is known as the Abolition of Parliament act. Habeas Corpus and freedoms won over the last 700 years could be gone overnight.

I’ve tried to stay with beauty and the soft way, and I teach the metaphysics of the heart path and heightened perception. It’s not a popular concept, but it is a pathway out of here for many people. And some are warming to it. Metaphysics offers the ‘story behind the story’. It doesn’t cancel anything you believe, it just adds a perception that you may not have realized.

I’ve got tens of thousands of visions that I have never published, so I’m not going to run out of teachings any time soon.

I’ve seen the Beings come to earth and there is protection with that, but the Nazis came at the same time. They will be destroyed by a force they can’t see, a force that is a trillion times more powerful than them and their bent legislators. But we have to wait.

The Internet may not last, the elite won’t allow it too much longer. Facebook is already censoring anyone that writes against gun control or the status quo, cancelling their accounts. Twenty four alternative media writers got cancelled off Facebook in one day last week. Facebook is allegedly linked to Mossad, and then Zuckerberg owns the company, he can delete whatever he wants to delete, but it’s a sign of the times. “Heil Sphincter!” …as they say down at the Dog & Duck.

There is a superior force here now, I’ll be excited to tell you about it, but I have to wait until it shows me what it can do. It’s very secret and very clever in the way it operates, it boggles my mind watching it. They create three or four fake plays for every real one, so working it out can be tricky.

I trust in the power of goodness. Be brave, help is on the way. Stuart Wilde


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