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Hi guys just thought i'd let you know about a dream i had last night. I was on some kind of platform high up in the sky i could sort of look down at earth and i was trying to look up at the moon and i found it really hard to do but when i finally was able to look at the moon i saw all kinds of bases and vehicles and buildings, then the moon rotated and a giant Illuminati symbol (Pyramid with eye) stretched from pole to pole. Thoughts? thanks Love & Light.

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Well as I explained before, the Moon is unnatural and it has thousands of beings living on it and inside it, which are aligned with the greys, reptilians, and the illuminati secret government.

Dont worry, the moon will be removed.

Its so awesome understanding a dream i had, its like a message from my soul to my 3d body awesome! and thanks for the comment Love & Light

It was a message probably telling you to begin letting go of the moon, and expect it to be gone at some point. Its corrupt and unwholesome, most unclean, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

It will improve all our lives once its gone.

There will be replacement moon(s) that are harmonious, but who knows how long that might take. This one will have to be removed first though.

Yes this moon is a dead planet brought in when the old moon was destroyed. The old moon had a spirit, like Gaia, and it had plant life, animals and civilisation like Earth does now. 

Hopefully this will be again for our future moon.  

I have this recurring thought that I want to experience sister wives and then after that I want to experience polyamory!

And I want to take each one very seriously like no less than 20 or 30 years times for each experience!

Ohmigosh, I was thinking of something very similar.

I don't know why I feel this way, but I want to have multiple partners too.


I think my conscious objections to it have more to do with Lack mentality (not enough partners to go around) and just wondering How It Could Possibly Work.

In the new energy who knows, maybe the people I know who I would want to be closer to, will have their personal blocks and barriers to this sort of thing dissolve.

As if my interest in older women wasn't enough, considering that in and of itself is already controversial.

Hmmm well are you in the USA maybe we will run into each other after all of the changes!

I'm feeling like I need to free myself to experience higher vibrational love!

Well I would certainly welcome it! I get a good vibe from you and I bet you're a pretty cool person. And attractive LoL.


I will have a partner and I know for certain who she is (I wish I could say).

But there is also another woman I wish I could be with too - and as it turns out in spirit she is actually my Guardian Angel. I don't know if that person could be with me though, because of her existing connections. My love for her may be partly because of our Past Life history and her connection as my Guardian on the other side.

And there is also my Twin Flame as well - - we aren't together and up until recently I thought she was just going to go her own way. But after these changes who knows. I feel the meaning of our meeting each other has already been resolved though.

I miss her but I guess that's just the way it is, aside for our connection which I believe she could feel in some way... she was always uncomfortable with me being "too much" for her. If she came back into my life I think we may be more like brother and sister anyway.

I am both sterile and invincible to any sort of disease, but I will also live for upwards of another four hundred years since I do not age. So that means im safe to be with but I wont ever have children.


In general I feel any relationships I had would have to be open relationships, but it would work both ways, and based in equality. For me it is more like a deep friendship that is also intimate.

Rather than a commitment it is something a person would come into because of what they give, and get out of it. Its about the unconditional love, the connection, and the great experience of living and enjoying life with each other.

I don't think I would ever actually get married, to anyone, its not necessary in my opinion - a piece of paper.


I do have the concern that being connected to me might be Dangerous for anyone I loved, but because of the Changes going on I don't think those problems could be a threat for long.

I think you don't have to worry my experience request is to firstly have a polygamist relationship because of the close friendship and sisterhood I yearn to experience with the women and because I love having a sharing and compassionate spirit i wont have jealousy issues and if I could be in a family of at least 5 women I think my experience would be fulfilling and beneficial.

I have the CCR5 gene and dont worry about disease I know how to use living elements to cure ALL disease and bacterias I must have been a scientist or a geneticist because my spirit has flooded with much knowledge I never learned,

 I am an electrician this life path but know things about herbal remedies and concotions like I said before my neighbors all come for natural healing and now so do the adults.

As far as fearing any harm I dont my family is all around me tonite they have 3 times the ships above my home I am very safe it is because I keep poking the dragon so to speak and have become a bit more public and outspoken and they may feel I could get in some trouble. 

I am reassured although it has been a few nights since they last collected me since my playing with the device telepathically they are probably giving me time to rest I gave myself a migraine straining so much so hard then to make matters worse I tried to stretch my mind to them during meditation it didnt go so well my head hurt afterwards.

The lower dimensions are enticing and alluring, but offer no gratitude to those without the knowledge of self.  Experience this and that and still no understanding.  Do not come seek me out Sir Galahad Wizard, your life is a vice of lower dimensional frequencies.  Just having you near me would poison my entire outlook.  Good luck to your existance, it is not mine. 

I think when this world changes I want to find a husband that I can experience sister wives with after 2012!

The trick to that is finding sister wives who are also open to having sister wives.

Ive thought about this before... and what if I end up having to build my relationships from scratch? My partner would have to be open to it, and the 3rd party would have to be open to it too. And it would be vital for Them to be well with each other too so that it was not just about me.

I thought the best way would've been to find two Bi women who were together, so that I complete them. But it was more or less just a thought.

After the Changes I bet people will be better for these sorts of relationships, because of following their heart and casting off the social programming.




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