Ascension Crystalline Pathway Meditation 

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Ascension Crystalline Pathway Meditation
Lord Sananda

channeled through Rev. Janisel of Sananda's Eagles and Project
To Begin Monday, December 14, 2015

I bring Greetings for a Happy Holy-Days Season to all my Eagles, Lightworkers, and Starseeds! This is Sananda. It is that special time of the year once again when the Light Quotient of Earth excels, Love expands, and Hearts open to the new energies that are pouring onto the planet, beginning of course with your 12:12 alignment and continuing on past your December Solstice.

You were told of the new Crystalline Consciousness Grid now overlaying your mass-consciousness grid, and how this Crystalline Grid is a fifth-dimensional construct which you are striving to connect to. But to truly connect to this grid one must progress through the octave known as the fourth dimension. This is where you were told you will begin to notice changes in such things as your intuition, spiritual sight, etc.

To make this transition easier, the Eagles, Lightworkers, and Starseeds are being asked to use the power of Love to lay the Path before you which mankind will traverse with ease and grace through this fourth-dimensional corridor. We ask you do your Protocol before beginning, joining with the others of this group as we shine the Light of Love as a spotlight for all to follow.

First, follow the Project: Eagle Triad Protocol: Ground, Center, and Intend for your positive loving Lightworker energies to join those of Project: Eagle Triad.

For the first five minutes of this meditation, you are asked to send, through your intention to do so, the energy of Love into the fourth dimension surrounding Earth. Light it up!

For the next five minutes you are asked to send the energy of Love, again through your intent, into the mass-consciousness grid of Earth.

And for the last five minutes you are asked to send the energy of Love to our dear, sweet Gaia, your Earth Mother, as she celebrates this glorious season with you.

Remain grounded, my brothers and sisters, and enjoy the ride! I AM Sananda, ever with you. Call on me and let us celebrate together!






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"I do not believe anything. Not even from you. It is part of the awakening to recognize that there are parallel worlds and other dimensions."
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