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How do you KNOW you're a starseed?
And what does that REALLY mean, anyway?

What makes you so sure you know? 


ETA: Thank you to everyone who has already replied, your responses have made me think of things not yet considered and I love that! Many bright blessings to all of you. <3

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hi lilithu. well myself im doubting weather im a starseed or not. because i do have memories past life not of this earth and some on earth. but my immediate past life was not of this earth. also in this lifetime i know a few friends who were my friends in past life. and they remember me. i believe them. but as for starseeds... well it remains to be seen weather i am or not :P
hope this helps

robert gordon
I too have had past lives, I don't remember them exactly but I know this is not my first incarnation on earth. I also know that my soul has existed elsewhere.

I believe that there are clusters of souls who will link together through incarnations, coming through as friends, family members (sometimes even long lived family pets), and they automatically gravitate towards each other. I know my ex and I have had relationships in the past. We have a strong karmic connection (which hopefully has been fullly dealt with now) and through that I have come to learn that his mother and I have been related in past lives as well. Either as direct mother/daughter linage or sisters/lovers/friends. The connection there is very strong.

I'm not quite sure either...however, they are seen as similar to indigo and crystal children/people...different in that they focus more on the energy of the outer cosmos.
this is interesting. I'm pretty sure my 2 children are indigo and crystal.
My son is without a doubt an indigo child, I'm not sure about my daughter but she definitely possesses the warrior spirit that is inherent in Crystal children.
Considering that if there was no beginning to the conscious universe, then we have all likely existed forever already. Since human life on Earth has a relatively short history of about 200,000 years, we have all likely experienced a plethora of lives both on Earth and throughout the cosmos. That makes us all "Star Seeds". Being that we're also made of star dust, we're star seeds even more. Just something to think about.
This is actually a really interesting take on things and one I hadn't considered. Thank you!!

A lot of the reading I've done suggests that "Star seeds" are those who have existed previously on planets OTHER than Earth. As you say, we are likely to have existed for eons, possibly before earth was even formed, and in that case are indeed all starseeds.

Thanks so much for your reply!
beautifully said Lord M!
This was an insightful reply, thankyou. By your description do you believe that everyone who has become interested in the things you mentioned (2012, angels, holy masters, ascension etc) are starseeds? What makes 'us' (loosely putting myself in that category) different from the rest of the population?

Aren't these just random interests??

I have no heard of the authors you mentioned, I will google them.
I had my 'official' trigger shortly before Oct 14th 2008. It was confirmed by a Seer from local Native Centre who I never asked.
In fact it bothered me when she mentions it because it makes me feel kind of alienated.
It doesen't make me feel many ways I wish I never found out.
Since I did....I have a great anxiety but at same time lots of personnal revelations and lots of love. In short i feel like i'm being pulled in two directions at once.
I go through doubts daily and sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy.
I don't think it matters wether you are or not...
Do you now feel like you have a responsibility to DO something extra? Do you feel that being labeled a starseed makes you more evolved than those who are not? Has being awoken to your starseediness (lol you know what I mean) made you experience things differently?
I"ve always felt I had a responibility.
No I don't feel more evolved...I feel pretty regular but I do think differently from the majority.
Not so different than many on this site...but different nontheless to your average JOe..
Experience anything differently? Besides the meditations, I am more hyper aware at the futility of this society.
As a result, I have less and less patience to the stupidity around me...but that is not necessarily the result of Starseed.
I don't feel special, n'or more enlightened...but I do feel an overwhelming sens of wanting to go home.
Don't know where that is.
Nice thread Lilitu!!!
I can really, really empathise with your longing to "go home" I experience that on a daily basis. I become very torn, wanting to go home RIGHT NOW!!! but not ever wanting to leave my children. It can be very draining.

Thanks for your thoughts on this topic. I'm really happy with how open and honest people have been.




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