Starseeds... how do you know?

How do you KNOW you're a starseed?
And what does that REALLY mean, anyway?

What makes you so sure you know? 


ETA: Thank you to everyone who has already replied, your responses have made me think of things not yet considered and I love that! Many bright blessings to all of you. <3

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  • Something tells me that everybody has a different feeling,
    or thought about what it means to be a starseed.

    The things that have made me believe are that I can charge up my body with energy head to toe and keep it there just with the thought of making it happen, I can literally give myself goosebumps and then make them vanish.

    I have a constant very deep philosophical way of thinking that almost sometimes seems to be a distraction while interacting with the world.(sometimes good, sometimes bad)

    New abilities have arrived for me slowly but surely. (telepathy,premonitions, lucid dreaming.)
    It seems to me that the more respect and the more interest I give the more I can use them.

    Looking into the sky and asking for assurance of what I believe in, UFOs or whatever you want to call them,
    They seem to just appear like stars very brightly and then fade away. 2 times to ask in a few minutes is enough for me.

    There always seems to be a feeling that seems to be lurking near me, sometimes it feels like its resting on my chest, the best way I can describe it is the feeling of wonder. ( Feeling like I have to be somewhere, do something)

    Experiencing a entire series of different emotions for the things that i see, and do. (Questioning these emotions and my views)
  • The more I think about it, the more I think there are DEGREES of starseededness, depending on how many incarnations you've spent on Earth. There are those who've incarnated here since Earth was first populated, right through to those for whom this is their first incarnation here. This is why it's not a black and white issue.

    Personally, I relate to the starseed concept, because I feel very different to most people, and I am interested in all sorts of things that most people aren't even aware of. On the other hand I have a strong connection to Earth, and this is where I want to be, and I don't have any unusual abilities, other than empathy and 'reading' people. So, I suspect that I have had previous incarnations on Earth, but perhaps not as many as most people. I would say I am a moderate starseed!! ; )
    • This is an interesting reply.

      I too am still learning who I am. I suffer a lot of confusion, and I'm very changeable. I've no idea what I'm supposed to be doing with my life and at 28 I STILL don't know what I want to "be when I grow up".

      I often have a yearning to go home, but I just have no idea where that is. I've moved around a LOT in the search of the place that feels like home, and I just can't find it.
    • Wow, what a cool answer!

      I like the degree of starseededness, that's really interesting.

      I've always been really different to my peers, always had knowledge in areas they didn't (and not really knowing how I knew), interest in all things metaphysical and spiritual. I've also always had a very philosophical look on life and religions - believing they all have their needed place in the world.

      I don't really have a connection with the earth. I do in the sense that I believe she is our mother, this is my current home, but I don't believe it was my first, longest inhabited or my last home.

      Thanks for your reply!
    • It is true to say we are all one and are all in one sense Starseeds since none of us orginated on Earth or even in this dimension. But using the term 'starseed' is useful to explain why some of us feel so out of place here and feel that Earth is not 'home'. It is like you have a home town on Earth where you were born so you say I come from there, and if you have had many lifetimes in a country/place then you build up a stronger affinity with that place. But those who don't resonate with Earth, who don't feel at home here are often Starseeds who have not incarnated much, or at all, on this planet or level of physicality.
  • I'm not sure about the lables, names and so on, it has no effect on me and does not matter to me.

    Deeply empathic, sympathetic, highly sensitive, a loner since birth (4 decades), never intergrated into society, attracted to nature, animals, carried the worlds anguish on my shoulders, always giving others emotional right of way, feeling out of place, feelings of intense and spontane spirituality, rejection of dogmatic religions, thirst for truth, knowing the universe is vast beyond comprehension, knowing there are others, ability to withstand and survive incredible heartache, unlimited reservoir for forgiveness, a deep understanding of human nature and Terran life.

    If there are lables and little categories that people like me are supposed to fit into, others are welcome to do that if that helps them make sense of all this and their own journeys, I just know that I really am different to the norm, I don't feel 'chosen' or forced into anything, but I have always been fascinated with the stars somehow, a vague and incomprehensible longing to be somewhere else.

    Even when I was much younger, older people would tell me things like 'You're an old soul" and I didn't really understand what they meant.

    I'm still a recluse, I live in isolation, I do my work very quietly, on a very personal level.

    (my work: understanding and encouraging individuals that cross my path, giving emotional sustenance to the needy, passing on simple truths and giving hope where there was none or little, easing peoples fears about the future)

    If these traits mean something special, I am blissfully unaware ot it.

  • read the little book by Doreen Virtue called Earth Angels - spells it out very clearly and a quick read too.
    • Barron, you're spot on about that little book. Thanks, mate. I bought my copy in 2005, and loved reading it. Ashtar looked "different", though, (on the front cover picture) from his other more familiar "likenesses" circulating around...
    • Thanks for the recommendation, Barron, I'll see if I can get a hold of a copy!

      • Lilitu, here's a good description of that 'little book' mentioned by Barron:

        " "Earth Angels" will be the first book devoted to the topic. Doreen will describe the five different types of lightworkers: Incarnated Angels (those who had previous lives as angels, but who are now here as humans); Incarnated Elementals (those whose previous lives were in the elemental kingdom, as fairies, elves, etc.); Starpeople (those who have lived the majority of their past lives on other planets); Walk-In's (those who came from a high spiritual realm and walked-in to another person's life, as that soul gladly exited their body); and Reincarnated Sorcerers, Sorceresses, and Wizards (those whose most recent past life was during Arthurian or Atlantian times, when they practiced high magic)."
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