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Below is an email I got today about Zeta Hybrids, also called the -Tall Whites- :

I am struck with the synchronicity of the emergence of the book,
"Raechel's Eyes" revealing what went on at Area 51 decades ago about
ambassadorial hospitality offered various visiting Star Beings and Zeta
hybrids, at about the same time that Charles James Hall was Weather
Range Officer at Indian Wells Auxiliary Air Force Station about 95 miles
south of Area 51, also at the Nellis Air Force Range. Hall tells of his
contacts with Tall White humanoid Star Visitors on the IWAAFS ranges, in
his book, "Millenial Hospitality".

Is this the government's Public Acclimation Program allowing private
authors to actually publish tell-all books that actually see the light
of day in public view?
- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Recent communication exchange with former USAF Airman Charles J. Hall,
author of the "Millennial Hospitality" trilogy, coupled with content
revealed in his books, brings forth the following interesting

There exists an extraterrestrial race whom Mr. Hall has called the Tall
Whites. This race originates from a location near but behind the
Arcturus star system.

These Tall Whites are in adulthood around six feet in height and have
generally humanoid features. They have blond hair, generally worn short,
and the women tend to wear their hair in a feminine form of short cut.
They are blue-eyed, and have larger-than- human eyes which wrap part-way
around the side of their head. The Tall Whites otherwise look quite
human, except that their skin is a chalky-white in color.

They have hands with four fingers, which do not end in finger nails but
rather in harder, two-inch-long claw-like appendages.

The typical clothing of the Tall Whites is an aluminized, chalk-white
jump suit of canvas-looking fabric. They also wear gloves of the same
material, and an open, white, motorcycle-like helmet.
Both the suit and the helmet emit a three-inch-out field of soft-white
flourescent light. The intensity of this emitted light can be varied
from soft to too bright to look at without strain.

These Tall Whites have very high intelligence and an
information- processing speed which Mr. Hall estimates at 3-1/2 times
faster than bright humans. The Tall Whites's technology is advanced.

One element of their technology is a transporter suit which they put on
which provides personal antigravity levitation and above-ground
movement, as well as force-field protection against attacks, e.g., would
slow a bullet to where it would fall to the ground.

Another element of their technology is their spacecraft. They operate
smaller scout ships which can transport a limited number of individuals.
And then they have deep-space vessels than can travel between star

Their scout craft are white in color, ellipsoidal or egg-shaped, with a
molded flat bottom. It has a row of large windows on each side, sort of
like an airplane. Its size is comparable to that of a passenger train's
diesel engine, and has two windows in front like such a train diesel
engine. The range of these scout craft permit travel as far as the Moon
or even Mars. But not deep space.

Their deep-space vessels are very large, sleek, black antigravity craft,
70 feet high, 300 feet wide, and 500 feet long. These vessels also have
pilot windows, as well as have regularly-spaced running lights along
their edges. Their range extends out many light years into space. Their
top speed exceeds the speed of light by a considerable margin. Yes,
Einstein was wrong about that.

The Tall Whites in their interactions with humans often carry stun
devices for protection, eight-inch-long white tubes which can emit a
microwave beam that can excite the sodium atoms in the nervous system of
a threatening human and render the human unconscious for a limited
period of time.

A contingent of Tall Whites have been resident in the Indian Springs
Valley region of central Nevada since before the first Euro-American
settlers moved west.

These Tall Whites have found Earth to be a convenient way-station in
their travels within this sector of the galaxy. As Charles Hall explains
it, Earth's sun is located in the middle of a very large,
10-light-year- diameter almost-empty section of the galaxy. Most stars
occur in groups, with another star within two light-months distance.
Thus, for civilizations living on star systems near this near-empty
space "bubble", Earth serves as a handy mid-way rest, supply and repair

The Tall Whites have established a residential location within French
Peak, about 25 miles north-northwest of Indian Springs Auxiliary Air
Force Station, Nevada. They also have a main base and space vehicle
repair facility which is also built into the side of a hill at the north
end of Indian Springs Valley, not too many miles from their residential

When Tall Whites deep-space vessels approach Earth from space, they make
an initial landing at Dog Bone Lake, 25 miles east of French Peak on the
Nellis Air Force Range, Nevada. Then they make a lateral transition to
the main hanger, where huge doors part to admit the vessel, then

Presidents (including LBJ), select top Senators and Congressmembers, and
select Generals and Admirals are aware of, and have actually met Tall
Whites, either at carefully-arranged events in Washington, DC, or on the
Nellis Air Force Base Range, Nevada.

The Tall Whites have made arrangements with the U.S. government at the
highest levels to have their central-Nevada facilities undisturbed. In
exchange they provide advanced scientific and technological information
which has permitted rapid advances in science and technology on Earth.
Some of their scientists work as technical consultants at advanced
laboratory installations, including northern California, Nevada, and

The Tall Whites facilities in central Nevada serve as locale for
Visitors from other star system to come and study the English language
and American culture. These Visitors aree intensely curious about life
and customs on Earth.

Helen Littrell, along with co-author Jean Bilodeaux, provides parallel
and corroborative information in her new book, "Raechel's Eyes". This
book tells the gripping story of how a compassionate Air Force officer
on a Perimeter Security Team befriended a Zeta Reticulan survivor, who
happened to be a Zeta-human hybrid teenage girl. The Zeta Reticuli star
system is seen from Earth's southern hemisphere, and is about 39
light-years distant.

The book chronicles his subsequent daring experiment, authorized by the
National Security Council through the Air Force's Aerospace Technical
Information Command, to adopt this hybrid, now dubbed "Raechel", and let
her try out living a normal life as a college student at Lost River
College in California, while living as a roommate with the author's
daughter, Marisa. Her adoptive Colonel "father" was stationed at an Air
Force Base near his adoptive daughter's college.

"Raechel's Eyes" also provides an accurate picture, minus the usual
disinformation in such matters, as to what really goes on below the
surface of the heretofore undisclosed "Four Corners" base, which is
sister to and apparently north of the better-known Area 51 Complex in
the central Nevada desert.

"Four Corners", (which is misleadingly not anywhere near the real U.S.
Southwest Four Corners area), is actually a U.S. Government-run Star
Visitor Reception Area and Ambassadorial Interface Facility for
representatives from the Intergallactic Council. And it also serves as a
cultural integration and tutoring place for those Star Visitors who want
to fit in and be able to walk around and observe Earth while passing for
human. This latter effort is called the Humanization Project.
"Raechel's Eyes" closely parallels information about the underground
activity at Area 51, leaked by Army Command Sergeant-Major Robert Dean,
the NSC's Dr. Michael Wolf, former [Area 51] Site S-4 physicist Robert
Lazar, and USAF "Project Pounce" head, Colonel Steve Wilson.
I believe that all Star Kids and Star Seeds will find the day-to-day
struggle of hybrid Raechel, and of the Tall Whites residing at Indian
Wells Valley, to try to get accepted in the human world to be an
Nth-degree case of the basic struggle so many Star Kids (and Star Seed
adults) experience in trying to define themselves, and be openly who
they are without the rejection, ridicule and avoidance too many humans
dish out to someone who is different. And different can be Zeta-human
hybrid, Tall White passing for human with disguise, or a human Star Kid
or Star Seed whose advanced abilities "just aren't normal".

As "regular" humans learn to accept their own children, the Star Kids,
perhaps this will accelerate the day when the public is ready to accept
the Zeta-human hybrid "Raechels" and Tall White "Harry's" of the galaxy
as just other people here to visit.

The Tall Whites have established a residential location within French
Peak, about 25 miles north-northwest of Indian Springs Auxiliary Air
Force Station, Nevada.

Charles Hall wrote me concerning this:
"I do believe that in the 1965 - 1967 time frame, the Tall Whites did
have an additional scout craft hanger and rest area located near the top
of French Peak, because I frequently saw them in their scout craft
entering and leaving the valley below French Peak and entering Indian
Springs valley.

"Also the range maintainence men told me on many occasions that the Tall
Whites had such a hanger and they frequently observed them when they
were up on the mountain.

"Remember, as described in book II, the Tall Whites had several such
scout craft hangers and rest areas located in the northern portion of
the Indian Springs valley, in addition to their base and main hanger.
"However, I, myself, never actually saw the Tall Whites up on French
Peak, partly because I very very seldom went over to that valley, and
the mountain was not visible from Range #3.

"The French Peak site, however, in 1965-1967 was not their main housing
area. The mountains at the north end of Indian Springs Valley have two
main peaks. The main housing area for the Tall Whites was located
underground where I have indicated it on the maps. That peak was the
peak located immediately north-north- west of the peak that contained the
main hanger.

"Remember that there still exists a significant number of my personal
experiences that I have not yet captured on paper or verbally described,
for various reasons.

"For example the UASF captain and pilot of the twin engine Cessina plane
that came out from the Pentagon at the end of every month, did not stop
at French Peak. He did not stop at Area 51 or at Groom Lake. He landed
on the short runways located in the valley north of the main Tall White
hanger and landed again at the short runway located at the base of the
alien housing area.

"He also made a third langing up in that vicinity, before returning to
Indian Springs to refuel.

"I have no idea what the status of French Peak or the Indian Springs
facilities are today.

"However, in the 1965-1967 time frame, the Tall White facilities and
their locations were so excellent, allowing their deep space craft to
arrive using Dog Bone Lake as an arrival/landing area, I wouldn't think
that they would easily agree to any changes.

[Regarding the Tall Whites Star Visitors' hand and fingers], about which
I (Richard Boylan) had asked whether they have hands with four fingers,
and whether they end not in finger nails but rather in harder,
two-inch-long claw-like appendages?, Charles Hall replies:
"The claws were probably artifical and worn for self defense. I was
never sure.

"One night when I was out at Range #3, I saw the Teacher standing with
her arms crossed with her hands resting on her upper arms. On that
evening, she was certainly wearing 2-inch long claws. On a different
evening, I saw her in DownTown Las Vegas outside the Hotel Fremont and
Casino. On that evening she was disguised as a human woman, and she was
definitely not wearing claws.

"The Tall Whites are quite frail by human standards. Their arms and
hands do not have anywhere near the strangth that human arms and hands
have. The wearing of artifical sharp claws would provide them with a set
of weapons with which they could defend themselves against bees,
hornets, snakes, etc. Such artifical claws would also be quite useful as
tools when outside in a Nevada desert environment.

"Incidentally I do not have any problem with the statement, 'Mr. Hall
estimates at 3-1/2 times faster than bright humans,' because the best I
could do was only to form a rough estimate. However, in Book #1, in the
chapter entitled "Olympic Tryouts", I carefully timed Range Four Harry
when he was running northwest from the corner of my barracks out into
the open desert, and he was running at approximately 35 mph.

"Since the Olympic world record for humans for the mile run is only 15
miles per hour, that would mean the the Tall White alien known as Range
Four Harry had a nervous system that was operating at approximately
35/15 = roughly 2 to 2-and-a-half times faster than the human nervous
system operates.

"Of course, when I timed myself, the fastest that I could run was just
barely 7 miles per hour. So Range Four Harry's nervous system might have
been running 35/7 = 5 time faster than mine. I can only guess....
"For example, I do not know where the home planet of the Tall Whites is
located, but I feel certain that they arrive here on earth from the
direction of the star Arcturus ( book 2, chapter "Olympic Dreams"). I
guessed at the time that their home planet orbited a star located
approximately 105 light years from earth, whereas Arcturus is located at
36 light years from earth. However, that was only my best guess based on
my personal observations at the time. The Tall Whites, themselves, would
never say.

"The Teacher stated that Pamela had never been back to their home
planet, and that Pamela had been born in Indian Springs Valley when
James Madison was President, (i.e. approximately the year 1812), (book
III, Chapter "The End of the Innocence.")

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Dear Thomas,My curiosity conserning ET's started in 1992, where I read a book that mysteriously fell out at me in a strange book shop, sinse then I have been searching for more and more 'proof' I also felt ready for some kind of contact, till frustrations in me caused me to switch of my search for evidence, I have taken other peoples words as proof but I know of many people that are ready for a meeting with these beings.Myself included.............. Is there a photo of the human/Zeta hybrid?... Very interesting and I suppose as 2012 aproaches we will see more and more and hear more and more, I just hope they are mostly 'good' beings??? regards Belinda
hi Belinda, the majority of the ETs are benvolent (-good-)
and the Zeta-Hybrids are from what I have found out called the Essassani,
Member of the Galactic Federation.
yes its true, the noncoding sequences of our DNA / DNS is extraterestrial (about 97 percent)



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