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I have searched not only here but on other sites as well. Seems most people say they are from this star system or that star system. Am I the only one that has been in several? I find that difficult to believe. It is only the most recent that most people remember or resonate with? I do not resonate with just one or two I resonate with many, some of which I don't even know the name of.  

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stands to reason, resonating with many could mean that you have spent time there and know the place well enough to call it your own. Our souls are very very old, older than we realise so its not a far stretch to think that you might have come from many, not just one place. Go with what your gut tells you. I know basically where I'm from but have a deep affiliation with a few other star systems so a little from column A and a little from column B if you take my meaning. 

Good to know I'm not the only one. My "gut" tells me that it doesn't really matter. As for where I originated, or came into consciousness at, it no longer exists. There is just empty space there.

I have my work to do and I know my path, but as for my "star family" , well I just don't have that kind of  attachment to them. I love them, but I've been there and done that, although it's more complicated and much simpler than that. 

  Hello, Pandora.

  Darling,  You are NOt the only one.  I have exactly the same feeling.  It's the SOUL talking to us, because IT remembers  every single life experiences  IT had, since the time IT started to have the very FIRST experience millions and billions of Earthly years ago!!!  Some are younger, yet others are the REAL COSMIC SAGES, that have been traveling all over the multi-verses, uni-verses, galaxies and planets, to get another "diploma" from another school or university!

   Very soon, the majority of the humans will have a spontaneous awakening, and more and more of them will REmember their true origins, which is...   WE ALL are from somewhere else, because  by THE  COSMIC time, THE EARTH IS  JUST A BABY !!!

  By the way, if You are not aware of this,  there is a very good article on this subject on


Thank You :) 

we've all lived countless lifetimes, it makes sense that one can feel linked to other places also :)

I remember my first breathe...  lyra... then a short trip vega with some cousins... then pleadies nice brothers sisters...

sun star arcturus is a big love of mine ;) sirians are amazing, best friends of andromeda, (i can keep going) lol....

earth is latest home... its not so bad,, settling in,,,,  lolz

my favorite sayings ;)


that baby turtle is tooooo cute :)



Is it possible to remember the prvs lives and the roots for everyone or is it possible for special ones?

Yes its possible to remember previous lives... for just yourself (your aspect) of the group which is connected to other aspects; which is called the OVERSOUL.

To remember you have to be in a deep state; neither asleep , neither awake... and its a process...

i believe everyone can remember.

I was born with good memory skills lol; i rememeber back to my first birthday (in this incarnation) ;)

Thank you for all your replys. I wasn't so much concerned I was the only one, but rarely do I hear anyone state that they resonate with several. Nice to know i'm not the only one.


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