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Dear All,

Those of you interested in knowing your potential Star Seed aspects can post your Natal Info of borth time, birthdate and birthplace. I will upload the aspects in this forum itself.

I have been giving free snapshot readings to thousands of people over the years [I do have a paid service as well when I find time from my day job] but of late I am focusing on Star Seeds. Have given dozens of snapshots of Star Seeds here:

So many Star Seeds have a strong 12th House  and exact Galactic Centre Aspects. Many have Sun, Moon or Ascendant conjunct a powerful Fixed Star Exact. Time to analyze this indepth so that silent Star Seeds can KNOW who they are using the power of Astrology. 

For learning Astrology:


I have put together a sequence of links to get each and every Star Seed, Indigo, Crystal or Joe Ordinary Terran like myself up to speed in Astrology.

I strongly feel that every Star Seed in the planet must know the basics of Astrology and Numerology.

Advanced Astrology involves the application of Asteroids, and they are absolutely important in special events.

Pls read my original research on Earthquakes :
Astrology is statistically a Science, and it shuold be taught. I have found many statistical evidences for its working.

One of the best is that 12 out of the top 14 recorded earthquakes with more than 100000 deaths had Asteroid POSEIDON tropically or sidereally in Capricorn. The odds of this being random chance are one in several million.

Let me also remind all that we have a challenging Grand Cross Alignment coming this late July and August. This will catalyze many changes. 

best regards,


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Thank You TMS!!

3:40pm, 11/21/1958, Phoenix, Arizona
i was adopted so I do not have a time but i was born Jan 23,1963 Reading, Pennsylvania
I was adopted too but was born on 3/6/52 in Bangor, Maine...I don't know the time unfortunately.
Marique Quinn
Any info would be great. I have always felt I was a star seed.

Marique:  Oh, I'm sure you are a star seed, Marique.

Oooh, cool! Please, try me!

December 15 1987
New York, New York
I love astrology, and think this would be really interesting.

My details are
16th June 1981
born 12:43PM in Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia

Thank you
1. Sun conjunct Moon in Gemini opposed to Galactic Center in Sagittarius: Sign of New Spiritual Beginnings, and constant inspiration to investigate Galactic Origins.

2. Asteroid AURA exactly trine Galactic Center: This is common to those who "feel" they are not from Earth. Many have Asteroid Spirit or DNA making such aspects to the Galactic Center too.

3. Uranus exactly opposes Asteroid SEKHMET. Sekhmet is the primordial Egyptian goddess, she is connected to the Lion People as well. You are currently having Uranus oppose Uranus after conjuncting Sekhmet, plus Saturn is conjunct Jupiter and will again conjunct Uranus. This is quite a topsy turvy time of roller coaster experiences. Less evolved people suffer harmful mid life crisis in such transits.

4. Jupiter conjuncts South Node in 26 Virgo, and both square the Galactic Center. This square acts like a trigger and motivates you to grow as aperson by learning more about the Universe.

5. General: Scorpio Rising = Sexual Intensity, and Venus in Taurus gives splendid beauty. But The True Lunar Node in Pisces 6th House will constantly motivate spirituality and service to others.

Lemurian Soul
12th House Moon in Aries and Aries Riser: The out and out honest motivator and ideator who cannot be suppressed ever.

AURA and ATLANTIS are conjunct in 25 Pisces, this is clue to a past lifeline in that civilization.

Asteroid SEKHMET, Asteroid DNA and Neptune conjunct in Scorpio, infact Sun and Jupiter are also in Scorpio. This is red hot Spiritual Intensity. Kundalini Energy will be remarkably strong. Asteroid DNA conjunct Neptune in Scorpio is a clue to your Lemurian Lifeline as well. It is possible that you experienced both the civilizations.

True Node in 21 Libra, the degree of naive generosity is quite a challenge because in your past lifelines you were used to being a warrior and in the present lifeline you would have found it hard to tolerate lazy wimps/wusses and complainers. Aries Rising will make you do everything, even for others so that they do not let down the team. One core lesson is to thus master cooperation than be a one man or woman show and to be tolerant of other's weaknesses.
Mars in Taurus needs plenty of s**, rest and rejuvenation but does that Aries Rising allow rest? :)

Saturn conj Galactic Center is evidence of your past life Star Origins.

There appear to be clues to 2 major civilizations in the past lifeline. First is Atlantis because True Node and Asteroid Atlantis conjunct, the second is Sumeria because Mars, KARMA and SUMERIA are conjunct.

You are certain to have strong psychic powers including abilty to sense other's Auras because Sun conjuncts Asteroid AURA and Mercury conjuncts Asteroid SEKHMET. Such a strong Mercury can give uncanny awareness and intellectual abilities.

A very interesting aspect is Asteroid ANGEL conjunct DNA. Some sophisticated genetic codes exist within you, to possibly connect to higher spiritual realms?

Asteroid SPIRIT opp Chiron will motivate you to overcome challenges by learning more and more about occult, healing and general spiritual knowledge. Chiron was the wounded healer and teacher of the gods.


Others pls stay tuned.
thank you! Somehow I was not surpeised with this it was more like a comformation. Thank you again!
Blessings TMS :) I would love to hear about my chart. I was told I am Pleiadian, but I have AB+ blood type and different eyes than most pleiadians have posted. I have one eye which is brown with a dark blue ring, and the right eye used to be half brown/blue but the blue is now taking over. This eye also has a ring around it. I am fascinated with astrology recently. I am most grateful you are sharing your knowledge with us :) Be well Friend! Love and Light to You!
Hi Sahara,
That was an ok 42 page Computer Generated Report. The problem with such reports though is there is no Divine Spark from the Mind of the Astrologer. Hence ot a word on your True Node or North Lunar Node in th 7th House of Pisces, meaning your Spiritual Self Actualization exists in performing cooperative Social Service using empathy, compassion and unconditional love. Your SOuth NOde dealing with past life issues is in Virgo, and this makes things very challenging cause you are a triple Virgo: Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Virgo. Plenty of earthy practicality and serious attention to detail, perhaps plenty of skeptcism as well. Well, your success is in overcoming the obsession to minute details and focusing on the big picture when it comes to spiritual service. Your Virgo skills can be used well at work though, you are what I consider to be the dream employee: Perfect, skilled and precise in any chosen profession.

And... you are a Star Seed.

How can you not be when you have Asteroid PALLAS, the feminine ruler of Pineal Gland awakening exactly conjuncting the Galactic Center at 26 Sagittarius?

You could be either Pleidain or from Regulus [or could have had lifelines in both these Star Systems, quite typical of those who have Galactic Center conjunctions]. Your Moon conjuncts REGULUS. You have a very very strong Atlantis Connection. Plieades has an edge because your MC Axis exactly passes through Pleiades in the Chart. AB+ is rare, almost Blue Blood Royalty. AB- is the rarest. Perhaps you have some aristocratic ancestor from Europe?
Dear TMS,

My heart is warmed as I read this. I am most grateful to you :) I was feeling a strong connection to Pleiades but I did not have a O blood type and eyes like the other Pleiadian starseeds which made me question myself. It feels wonderful to have this confirmation TMS! I will have to research Regulus as this is the first time I have heard of it.

I have been "told" (channeled) a few times that I am "Blue Blood", unsure just exactly what that is as I have not found much information about it. Supposedly, I was royalty "Queen Diana" and "Goddess of the Triple Sun" ?? Not so sure what this means either lol Going to be busy researching this :)

The puzzle of "me" has yet another missing piece. Much thanks TMS! :) If you would like, I am happy to do distance healing for you or a loved one in return for your kindness :)

Blessings of love and light,
Thank YOu so much. I would love to know the information. I feel I am from Sirius or from Lumaria, abe both.
mary Jane Lizut Born in Philadelpha Pa August 6th 1957 3:30 am I am a twin to a girl born 5min befor me.
Blessings for all you do


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