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Hi All, for anyone who may not have come across Melissa Peabody's incredible, beautiful footage of lightships, orbs and light energies that she posts regularly as short documentaries, here's a link to her website:

From either side of the planet, Melissa and I are seeing and communicating with many similar star family ships and beings, and I also recently interviewed her, about her ongoing experiences and the tangible 'visual communication/telepathy' she's able to demonstrate and show through her footage. You can read the interview here, we had a lot of fun! :)


With love to all  <3

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Thank you Joanna for sharing with us...Contact is imminent...I am so excited...

Hi Amparo :) Well, contact is here already, but I know what you mean... and YES to it going the next level as much wider, open contact as soon as possible,  in the best possible way!

Melissa's project I see as very valuable at this time, because she's showing a continuum of tangible, visible and loving communicative contact with our star family in the skies, and in particular with Ashtar Command ships...:)  It's important at this time, in the midst of many narratives in the field about ETs that are not grounded in evidence (and may not be in the highest truth).

I love that she's seeing and filming lightships and phenomena both in places far from cities (like Mt Shasta, already well known of course as an interdimensional focus point) and consistently over the city she lives in...showing that we don't have to be in a 'special place' (far from big cities and their vibes) to connect with star family...

Bring it ON, star peeps!  \\\*///

Definitely Joanna...I kind of found many times about that...I had seen them, but only in the sky, up close one time at night around 3:00 AM I went to the river alone, I don't know if I would do that now...that was brave of me for there are black bears, and they come in to town sometimes even during the day, and I was out in the outskirts at night, and I also met many others almost everyday for years, they followed me everywhere...They are here already among us, but I have yet to see one eye to eye contact...Although one time someone came to my rescue...I don't know how he knew I needed help, but he showed up where I was, yet he did not get too close to me, he only put his car behind mine to protect me from traffic...I had a very bad day...I was off balance...That was last year...Right now I am staying more inside than I used to...From 2011 to 2014 I went to this river every single day, rain or shine or snow, and it is there that I had many great experiences...Now I am in the middle of one of my missions... and I am more inclined to go within and I stay indoors more than not...

Ah, thanks for sharing, Amparo, yes we can definitely go through different phases, at present I'm also much at home, whereas a couple of years ago I felt drawn to walk into the bushland on hills nearby, always gravitating toward a certain area, where I could feel a different vibration...the feeling a place has when star family have landed there, walked there, especially if it's multiple times. It was also in that area I saw people on the ground, down from the ships (and was able to photograph one of them, albeit not super clearly, as they were phase-shifting). Even though I would not normally have walked off-track through bushland in the warmer months (as there are three types of snakes in this area, and they're all deadly) I never felt at risk, it was like having super senses switched on, and I felt totally safe throughout. 

Enjoy your current mission, Star Sister, love and blessings to you... <3

Ah yes, I know exactly what you mean about the super senses...When you find yourself in that state, it seems like nothing bothers you...and all seems more like a game although you are aware it is not really...I was so excited with all that was going on, my energies were so high, and all I was thinking about was about meeting them (the ship), to see the mother ship going above me...That is the most majestic thing I have ever experienced...You could see it moving very slowly without a sound but plenty of lightning all over its body...more like flashes in the shape of ramifications...I was warned by a channeler from Spain...He said the name of the ship was America...and that they would be waiting for me...So I went there and waited for hours...hehehehehe...I went early so I would not miss it... Blessings Joanna and I am so glad sharing with you....

Hugs, Amparo...:))  Yes, it's it a wondrous heart-opener, connecting with the motherships of Light, isn't it, even more so when they're ships you have a close soul connection with, and close by...blessings and thanks so much for sharing...I get a visual of the ship phasing across dimensions, with the 'lightning' effect...:) It's no 'coincidence', the parts of the world, countries, and even precise locations, we end up living in..or drawn to, at particular times/moments/stages of our journeys.... <3 xxx 

There's an orb above  central NJ that blinks pink white and green-Ive heard it called the Christmas Tree ship or star- and with my telescope that has about 460 magnification I focused in on it and it's extremely weird!  It looks like an asteroid but in a perfect circle and it looks like it's halfway through an opening in space! It  blinks constantly the above colors and a wierd cone in the center of it moves around rapidly as if sketching-crazy!  I looked at it for over 10 minutes and it -sounds nutty- focused in my direction twice then stopped -that night I had a visit from whoever and several visions of the same orb. Next night I tried again and it was covered by what looked like amoebas floating over it-the lens was clean-and no more nutty sketching. I looked again recently and same amoebas-I'm guessing Archons/mind control. Could be a hologram too.

 To take a vid of it I need to rent equipment-will probably only get the Archons and it still blinks rapidly-I remember seeing this thing on an intro to a youtube ufo vid but I can't find it.

 Also, near it there are at least 2 planet sized orbs cloaked or producing no light.

Hi Pet Rock, that sounds/feels like something artificial, perhaps remotely controlled. I've encountered such things along the way, and my rule of thumb is always...How does this feel, in my Heart? Does it feel warm? Does it vibrate from/with Love and Peace? Real love and peace? Or does it feel 'hollow'?

When you deeply centre in your heart/soul alignment, lower 4D entities/devices/tech feels cold and flat, or synthetic. or if they're trying to beam 'fake love', shall we say, if you're feeling it from your Heart, your inner sense, the 'fake lovey vibe' has a sort of vibration to it that is artificial...because beings who don't truly feel Love, Peace and Compassion can't fully emulate it. They can simulate it, or try to get people in with intriguing flashing lights, but there's a 'hollow' feeling in the vibration, it's empty, like an artificial sweetener. I've seen and photographed a few lower 4D ships and devices, and they are cold. 

If you believe/feel all you will get in your pics is Archons, then go back to base one...your Heart vibration, your frequency, and stand in pure Love. Love magnetizes Love. Other stuff can try and get in the way, but a honed inner sense/intuition  can feel the difference.  You can do it!  

Love & blessings, Joanna. 

Melissa's work is great in its continuity, showing how communication can develop on from an initial contact/starting point...and Film 33 on her site is great for showing that we don't need to be in a remote, pristine place to experience lightships and tangible communication/connections with star family on board them.  :)

Great post, Joanna. 
You seem to be very much in tune with your intuition.
Thanks for the reminder :) 

Hi ET Hugger, thank you too... 'tree-hugging' and intuition definitely go together.... ;) xo



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