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Why do we fight against each other? This is supposed to be a place of love and unity. We are "One". We are all brothers and sisters here. Instead of fighting, arguing, gossiping, etc. we should be loving each other and uplifting everyone who comes. You never know when you might need support from someone else. I have observed alot of drama here that is not necessary and it should stop. I am speaking up about this if no one else will. There is alot of negative energy anyone can get from the outside world. There is no need for it here. Let's face it we come here for peace or in other words sanctuary. I am personally going to take some time and heal. This is why we are here to figure ourselves out. Stand by each other and support one another. This is our cosmic virtual home and it needs protection. It's time to take a stand! I have a included a song from a movie that supports what I am conveying here in this discussion. The song is: "Will.I.Am-Colors (from the "Freedom Writers" Soundtrack. It's time we stand for peace, love and unity.Blessings,AmiraThe song is: "Will.I.Am-Colors (from the "Freedom Writers" Soundtrack)"

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  • gateways to other dimensions is like going into the unknown how exciting...a gateway to the heart is so necessary. compassion and love are all great qualities to find. thank you i am glad you enjoyed the discussion. you are most welcome terry i guess gentle is my nature. also i like you just as you are. logic, common sense and the law are resources that are available so if you need to use them thats ok too. and being direct if that is who you are i respect you for the person you are.. take care...xxxx
  • Very well put. It is a shame the ones that should get it are stuck on some poopoo mountain... anyhow I totally agree with you. Let us keep the peace and light going, we still have a bit of a ways to go yet, but we ARE getting there!
    • gateway to freedom perhaps?? thanks for the image...
    • lovely rainbow of colors...
    • thank you.
    • thanks terry for the picture.
    • yes discord can lead to harmony jamba.. my take on discord is that individuals can agree to disagree... respect is ample and crucial in all situations.. if there must be discord then it can be handled in a civil manner....
  • Thank you for posting this, it is a good reminder to hear and heartfelt. And the song is awesome. Made me stop and think. Sometimes I can get kind of adversarial in my viewpoints and a reminder like this is good to hear. My love to you and all my wonderful Ashtar friends.

    Blessings to all
    • onelight thanks for the video. everything is worthy of love .....
    • taking the first step can lead to great changes like the ripples in water ....
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