Sunday Call  10/18/2020    (St. Germain, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell




 St. Germain and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Shoshanna (Joanna’s Higher Self)


These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ  on October 18, 2020. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

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 SAINT GERMAIN  (Channeled by James McConnell)


I am Saint Germain.  I come again to be with this group.  With all of those that would resonate to these words. 


For these are the times!  These are the times you have all been waiting for, and working for diligently.  You came here to do this.  You came here to be a part of this.  To raise the expression of consciousness here on the planet.  This was your purpose.   This is your mission.  And all of you are about, and a part, of doing this now. 


Even though you feel like at times you are not doing enough, we would ask you, what is enough?  When do you feel like it would be enough?   For when you come together, such as you are doing in these groups, in these conference calls that you are having, when you come together like this, you are having a great effect on the entire consciousness of the planet!  The entire collective consciousness of the planet.  Every single time.  And you come together every single week, one right after another, without fail.  And every time that you do this, you affect the whole much greater than you can imagine at this point.  And know that not only this group, but all of the groups, various ones that come together, are affecting the whole. 


When Yeshua said, “where two or more are gathered in my name, there will I be amongst them.”  He said that:  this is what he was speaking about.  Energy coming together.  Consciousness, love coming together.  Raising the vibrations within yourself and all around you. 


Have you not noticed, each one of you, as you walk amongst even those that are asleep, have you not noticed how in many respects their consciousness is awakened somewhat to maybe a smile, or maybe you simply walk amongst them being invisible?  Because they cannot feel your higher vibration.  They cannot experience it.  You can feel the lower vibration and experience that, but they may not be able to experience your higher vibration.  But yet, it has an effect on them.  Your light affects them, even though you or even though they may not know it.  It is happening everywhere you go. 


Because you cannot hold your vibration down any longer.  Your vibration within you just wants to raise.  Your vibration within your chakra system just wants to raise.  It is destined for you to do this.  Because there is that portion within yourself, that memory within yourself that remembers what it is like to be in those higher vibrations. 


That is why so many of you become so disillusioned with so much that is happening across the planet now.  Because you remember!  You remember what it was like to be on the ships.  You remember what it was like to be in a higher consciousness planet, in a higher civilization (higher in terms of consciousness).  You remember this.  So it is difficult for you to hold yourselves down. 


Think of it as if you were in a body of water and you wanted to sink to the bottom of that body of water.  But you cannot do it alone.  You must put a weight around yourself to let yourself sink down.  And that is what you have done.  You have literally put a weight around yourself, pulling yourself down into this lower dimensional frequency.  You have done this for many thousands of lifetimes here, many of you. 


But now that weight has been lifted from you, and you are able to easily rise up to the surface, rise up into the light that is shining down through the heavens.  And you can look up at the sky and see that light shining through the clouds.  It is more than just simply the sun shining down.  It is the Light of higher vibration.  It is the Galactic Central Sun light that you are becoming aware of more and more.  That is what is shining down to you.  And that is what is coming as the Second Sun that is coming here.  That will be that Solar Flash.  That will show that higher sun that is even now coming more and more into existence.  


But it will not show at your third dimensional frequency.  It cannot.  For those that are at lower frequency, those in the third dimensional frequency would not be able to withstand that higher light from the Galactic Central Sun.  They cannot stand that.  They cannot withstand that.  So, as a collective, they must raise up along with you. 


And that is why there is the waves of ascension that you are participating in, giving all of those, all of those family members that you speak of, all of those friends that you so long to help to awaken and come along with you, you cannot awaken them.  You can do everything that you can to show the way to them.  But it is up to them.  And it is up to their time clock, an alarm clock, so-to-speak, when that goes off.  Just like as it went off for you, it will go off for them if they are meant to move on. 


But do not become disillusioned and disconsolate.  Your time is here now.  Their time is coming. 


I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now, knowing that yes, indeed, many announcements are coming forward.  A rather large one is yet still to come, but it will be preceded by several many different, what you might call ‘smaller announcements’ that have already begun.  And it is all leading up to the Great Changeover that is coming to this planet, to this solar system, and even to the galaxy above. 


All of my peace and love be with all of you.


I AM your Saint Germain. 




ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)


Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna is here. 


And we are ready to continue to rock and roll, and to move on with the expression that is so prevalent, so coming over you all.  Yet St. Germain spoke about disillusionment and disconsolate, and all of these things.  But so many of you are feeling the energy and the joy that is building up within each one of you.  You feel it coming, and you know.  You keep saying, and we hear you!  You keep saying, “we know that something is coming, something is just over the horizon.”   And indeed it is just over the horizon.  A New Dawn is just over the horizon for all of you.  And all of you are being prepared, and preparing yourselves as you move through this Great Awakening for the first wave of ascension that is approaching so quickly now. 


We are ready for your questions, if you have questions for One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  You can unmute your phones now, and we hear your lovely voices.  And we can move on with this next part, here.  Any questions?


Guest:   Yes, please.  My question is, with this proposal of ‘lockdown,’ will that stifle one’s shopping to take care their needs? 


OWS:   We did not quite understand.  Did you say shopping?


Guest:   Yes.  Well, we need to get our groceries and our food, and take care of our things, so I am concerned.  Well, we have been encouraged, and I acknowledge this, to be prepared.  And I am fairly much prepared as far as for myself.  But I have my concern for others who are not prepared, and they don’t have their food or their proper sustenance during the lockdown.  And I also have a sense that we have no idea with this proposed lockdown how long it will last, so that is my concern.


OWS:   First of all, we want you to take that term out of your vocabulary right now:  ‘lockdown.’  For that brings a sense of holding something down, holding someone down.  Keeping you in prison.  And we do not want you to have that kind of visualization, here.  Because that will just continue to hold you down in the lower vibration.  It will continue to keep you in that disillusionment that Saint Germain spoke of, here.  And that is not where each one of you, as the Lightworkers and Warriors, need to be at this point. 


You need to be focused on the higher vibrational frequencies that are all around you if you look for them.  If you feel for them.  Go out in nature.  Look up at the beautiful blue sky that is there now.  See the light, as Saint Germain said.  Not even just the light of the sun, of this sun, but the light of the Galactic Central Sun that is shining through those that have eyes to see.  Do that more and more, and everything else shall take care of itself.  You do not need to be focused on those lower vibrations. 


Now, with that understanding, we know that you live in those lower vibrations often times, and you are still in that third dimensional illusion.  So just let it take its course.  Go with the flow, here.  That is what you need to do.  Just go with the flow.  Let everything take care of itself.  Know that everything is being orchestrated, and before you know it, that kind of term that you use, that ‘lockdown,’ or ‘prison,’ or ‘prison planet,’ or any of these types of things that you have come to be programmed into believing will be gone.  They will no longer anything to be concerned about anymore. 


Now, Shoshanna, do you have a different perspective, other perspective maybe can be given here?  


SHOSHANNA:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We can share.  May we share, Dear Sister? 


Guest:   Yes.  And thank you for the reminders. 


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, what One Who Serves has given is a point of view that is focused on higher vibrations and their own spiritual life would resonate to.  And he also reminded us that we are in the third dimension.  So, from a practical point of view, having food, having provision is appropriate.  It is not folly.  It is not something you shouldn’t think about.  It is fine for those who wish to have provisions.  What we would say is that there are many that live in a limited consciousness and live in lack when there is abundance all around them.  So provisions and food are all part of consciousness, you see. 


We would remind all that are listening of the beautiful story of the fishes and the loaves.  How they went so far to feed so many, when there was originally so few.  If all know that parable.  This is applicable here, you see. 


We would say, have provision if you wish, if that makes you feel comfortable.  And for those that may not have provisions that you could share with, this is a practical point of view.  But then also remember that the planet is abundant, and provisions are abundant for those who have the consciousness to feel that and to have that in their conscious knowing self.   Namaste.


OWS:   Wonderful.  And wonderful added perspective here as well.  We move on.  Are there other questions, here?  Any further questions from those of you on the call? 


Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.  Hello Dear Ones, and Shoshanna.  I’ve been working with crystals.  I think I had some experience with crystals, I guess, in past lives.  So I’m working with them more, and also planning to bring them in my business.  I had on my forehead this morning a pinolith, and that thing was just, wow.  I can’t even say exactly what.  I could feel the energy, it was like tingling.  Almost too much.  At one point I finally did take it off because there was so much tingling and so much in that area.  I was wondering if it was doing something like working with my cells, or regenerating something, or working with my third eye.  What was going on there? 


OWS:   Most definitely you are reactivating those memories within yourself, those deep memories within yourself, that are recalling those times when you did work with crystals in your Atlantean lifetimes as well as, we find here, in Lemurian times as well.  And even times before you even came here to this planetary system here before in other systems.  And you have reawakened, and have begun to reactivate that connection with those energies that come from the crystalline forces, here. 


We use the term, ‘crystalline forces,’ because that’s exactly what they are.  They are forces that can be accessed.  You are in the beginning processes, we find it, to access these forces once again both outside of yourself, and within yourself as well.   So we would suggest to you to continue to reactivate these memories within yourself and continue to allow your Higher Self to continue to assist you in this process, here.  Okay?   Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   Yes.  We would like to share.  May we share?


Guest:   Yes, please.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, please state the name of this crystal once again slowly.


Guest:   Pinolith. 


Shoshanna:   Please state the color of this crystal.


Guest:   It is gray and white, and the façade is like a lot of intricate lines going through it.  Beautiful.


Shoshanna:   We will share, if we may.


Guest:   Please, yes.


Shoshanna:   We would like to share that your admiration is vast.  You have a great admiration for the beauty of these beings known as crystals.  And you have always had a great admiration for them.  And because you have a great admiration and love, and respect for these beings that are crystalline, that they will serve you.  They will serve you if you wish for them to serve you. 


The idea that you have placed this crystal on your third eye and just wondering if it is activating your third eye.  We are amused by this.  It is obvious, Dear One.  That your admiration and love, and your will to activate your third eye, and your desire, your great desire, the crystal that you have chosen and that you admire will always, always magnify your desires and magnify your will.  We find that you can place this crystal anywhere on your body and you will feel the same thing if it is your will to activate that part of your body. 


For example, if you placed this crystal upon your heart, it will also tingle.  It will also activate a resonance in your heart to become more compassionate and more understanding of those around you, you see.


So we are going to say that you are exactly following your own intuition and activating in your intuition that which you already know.   Namaste.  


Guest:   Thank you.  Can I ask you a little bit more also before you move on.  Is that okay? 


OWS:   Yes.


Guest:    Okay.  I was with my daughter.  I have a particular pendulum, that is a crystal.  It is a bunch of crystals that are all the chakra colors.  When I use the pendulum, it really works.  So I thought I was going to have my daughter try it, because I feel she has this untapped reservoir of metaphysical powers that she hasn’t really gotten into yet.  But anyway, so when she went to use it on me, it didn’t do anything at all except wiggle.  I was surprised, because I thought it was going to move.  I thought it would start to awaken her a little bit.  I thought that was weird.  Can you explain why that didn’t work for her, like it did for me?


Shoshanna:   We wish to share on this. 


Guest   Please, yes.


Shoshanna:   May we share, One Who Serves?


OWS:   Please, yes.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, a pendulum is an interesting device.  It pulls toward the will of the one that is using it.  It does not have a will of its own.  It has the will of the person that is using it, you see.  So if you wish for something to occur in your life, and you are asking the pendulum a question, it will go according to the command in your own mind.  So if you wish something, and you say to the pendulum is this yes or no?  It goes by your own will, you see.  What we find, and many do not know this, and many do not wish to believe this, because they wish to have guidance outside of their own knowing, when guidance comes only from your own knowing, you see.  So, the one that is your daughter that you offered this device to, does not have the same commands, does not have the same will, does not have the same understanding, does not have the same desire to have it work for her, you see.  So it will not.  Does this make sense to you, Dear Sister? 


Guest:   Yes.  It does make sense.  Thank you.


Shoshanna:   Namaste.


OWS:   Very good.  Exactly what we were going to say as well.  So Shoshanna has answered that very distinctly. 


Shoshanna:   Great minds think alike. 


OWS:   Yes, great minds think alike.  Yes.   We can hear a question?


Guest:   Yes, hello, One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  Much love and blessings.  I don’t know how much you can share on this.  We had a discussion during the talk earlier and there has been a big bombshell that’s come out about one of the presidential candidates and the Obama Administration.  It is pretty huge.  I was wondering if you can shed some light or share with us if that might have an effect on that particular candidate, Biden running for president, and if the election may be delayed.  Can you share some light on that story about this?  Thank you.


OWS:   Yes we can, and we will use your terminology there, ‘shed some light.’    That is exactly what is happening.  The light is being shed or shown upon the darkness.  And that is what is coming, here.  That is about what Saint Germain has spoken of with all the many announcements that are leading to rather large announcements, and other channelers have said this as well too.  Other sources have been speaking of this.  This is going to continue to occur within your Great Awakening that is happening, as many things that are being revealed and coming into the light are coming forward now, and this is going to happen. 


As to your direct question, we cannot answer that question directly as to exactly what is going to occur within your election process, here.  But know that it is a process that is happening, and a process that, we will say here, is not going to be the process that is going to continue on in the future. 


This may very well be the last election as you know it in this respect that ever happens again, here.  Or maybe not.  We cannot say directly.  But based on everything that is happening in the current time, you are looking at a Great Changeover coming to not only your election process here, but your entire life process as well. 


We know that is quite general, and we hope it does not frighten anyone when we say your entire life process.  But have we also not been saying for some time, now, that your lives are going to get much better as you continue to move throughout this transition that you are moving through now toward your ascension?  Okay?   Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   We can share on this.  May we share?


Guest:   Yes, please.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, we know the protected answer to your question, and it could change because everything changes due to the consciousness of mankind, you see.  So we see the relevant projection, ‘the odds,’ that you call them, of your question, but we cannot share it.  We cannot.  It is not within our power.  It is not within our instructions, our directives, to share this with those that are living it, you see.  We are not in the prediction business, and we are not allowed! 


We will tell you that there is a plan in place, and you have heard so many times:  trust the plan.  There is a plan in place.  And it will work itself out. 


Your job is to continue to be the Lightwarrior that you are, and follow your hearts.  No matter what is occurring outside of you, or what is occurring in front of you, what the illusion is bringing to you, you must follow your own heart, you see. 


So we apologize that we cannot share this prediction, but it is not within our power to do so.  And we think you already know the answer anyway.   Namaste.


OWS:   And we add here, as you have heard many times, ‘get your popcorn out there, and continue to watch the show,’ here.  Because it is a show.  Think of it in terms of all of the Galactics in their ships, and they have their TV’s (not like your TV’s here), but they have their TV’s tuned to the show that is happening here on the Earth.  That is what you can look at this as.  They may not be eating popcorn, they are having their own refreshments as well.  Okay?


Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.  I thought that would be your response, and I appreciate it so much.  I do have my popcorn ready.  And my intuition tells me this will all start happening before the election.  So I am just ready for that, if that is to be the case.  Thank you. 


OWS:   Very good.  Are there other further questions, here?


Guest:   Hi One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  I had a dream that I remembered a few days ago.  I have not remembered a dream for close to a year, if not more.  This dream that came through a few days earlier, I woke realizing I had just remembered a dream, and I was thinking of it so I wouldn’t forget it as I arose.  And when I looked over at the clock, it was 5:55, and I thought, “oh, wow!”   So I went out and took pictures of the sunrise and it was just a very magical moment.  I came back to bed thinking of the dream, as I didn’t want to lose it.


But here was the dream, if I may share really quick.  It was almost the same as I had as a teen-ager, waking up or realizing that it is very light and bright out in the middle of the night.  Like the sun was just coming, or the sun was becoming brighter and brighter at 11 o’clock at night.  Those were my old dreams.  In the old dreams, I had a lot of fear.  I was a teen-ager having these dreams over and over.  And I always saw ships.  The sky was filled with ships, and that frightened me, because at the time I hadn’t had an encounter yet.  And there was Army coming up our streets in some of the dreams. 


So this was like almost a full circle, because the time has changed, of course.  Many decades went by.  My spirituality and my growth have tremendously evolved.  So now finally a dream has been remembered, and it’s The Event that I’m dreaming. 


So in this dream I see that it’s a moon or something.  I am looking at the moon, I’m outside, and all of a sudden I see it getting brighter.  And then I realize, “oh no!  OH NO!” In other words, it’s happening!  So it’s getting brighter, brighter, brighter, and it’s like a sun now, and it’s getting light out.  So I realize, “Oh Boy!”  And I start walking toward the house, go into the home.  There are a few other people in there.  I don’t really look at them.  I just know that there are bodies moving on each side of me doing stuff, whatever.  And I’m looking out the window, keeping my eyes on this event that is occurring, and I’m very calm.  Everybody is very calm in this time.  I never look at the clock.  Because I always looked at a clock before in the other dreams, and it was always 11:00 at night. 


So I am watching this event occur as it is getting brighter, and instead of ships there are just, I don’t know how many, but tons of doves coming out of the sky, coming out of the area on both sides of this light that is coming.  They are just swarming down so beautifully, so magically.  There are crystals, there is like sparkling going on behind it.  Very magical, very mystical. 


And then there are animals that start to go past me.  I believe it is in the sky.  I don’t resonate that it happened on the ground.  They were in the sky.  And there were animals starting to go past me in my vision.  The first thought that came to my mind in the dream as soon as I saw the animals is the ark.  I turned to my left, because one of the people are, I think trying to get my attention.  Like I said, I am very calm.  I was not freaking out like I did as a teen-ager during that earlier dream.  While that’s happening, when I first started looking out that window while I’m in the home, as I see the doves coming down, I start to repeat, “This is it!  This it!  This is it”  And I am just very pleased.  Well anyway, so that’s my dream.  It ended when I turned to look to the person trying to say something to me. 


So how about that?  From fear to complete calmness!  A dream very similar!  Do you have any insights on that?


OWS:   It is not so much important whether we have insights, but whether you have insights.  And we think you have already said that in terms of you have said several times you have said, “this is The Event, this is the Event.”  You have seen potentially what could be in the times coming.  Maybe not exactly as it is.  It is more indicative of what you can expect.  Not so much figuratively like you have seen here.  But (what is word we are looking for…) we cannot come up with word we are looking for here in your English language. 


But anyway, it is showing what is coming, what is going to be occurring in terms of consciousness.  And that is what you have experienced here, a higher consciousness, Solar Flash, as you have shown here, doves coming down in terms of spirits, the heavens opening up, you might say, and everything that you experienced.  Very vivid dream here, and wonderful dream.  And certainly a different understanding, as you have said, from when you had this type of dream earlier in your life.  You have grown tremendously at a spiritual level here.  And your dream is indicative of that.


Now we will also say, get ready.  Because you are going to continue to experience more of these types of dreams, and potentially remember more of them as well.  Everything that you are doing, Dear Sister, is leading you to coming to a higher understanding within yourself.  And your dreams are certainly indicative of that.  Okay?   Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   Yes, we wish to share.  May we share with you?


Guest:   Yes, Shoshanna.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, we find in this dream, and in your being itself, that you have the gift of prophecy.  That you have had the gift of prophecy your entire existence for this lifetime.  And because you were not developed spiritually or mature spiritually, when the beginning of this gift of prophecy was revealing itself, you were not understanding how to use it.  This dream that you had was prophecy, was prophetic, as well as what you know as a premonition.  We will tell you--we are trying to find if we can tell you in a way that is not causing us to saying something we are not allowed to say.  We will tell you that the dream that you had was about you.  Was about your personal ascension.  This was about you and the work that you have done to open your third eye has allowed you to see the development of ascension and the development of your own personal ascension in this way symbolically in this way, and this dream is what you will receive experientially personally, you see.  And that you have experienced much of this already.  And this will be the culmination of all of your work.  We hope this makes sense to you.   Namaste.


Guest:   Thank you very much. 


OWS:   Very good.  Are there any further questions, here?


Guest:   I have a question please. 


OWS:   Yes.


Guest:  My question is, as Shoshanna was talking, is why, if you can’t answer this, maybe not, and forgive me, why can’t you answer some questions to us.  Is it you’re not allowed, is it because we are not ready for it?  Or that we might not understand it?  Or that you may be telling things ‘out of school,’ in other words? 


And I just wondered why we are not allowed to know it.  And another question is, the One Who Serves, I have a question for you, that when you are talking and you are coming through James, are you using his voice (no, your voice is different, excuse me, I didn’t mean that), I mean when you have to talk to other groups, can you talk in their language?  How do you know everybody’s language?  I think that’s marvelous.  Or are you just using his voice and his language, and that’s how you do it?  That’s how I see it. 


OWS:   Yes.  We would say here that you are looking at things from a three-dimensional perspective rather than from a higher dimensional perspective.  And from a higher dimensional perspective, we do not think in terms of being just a one being, as you are saying in terms of channeling, coming through one particular individual.  Whereas we are coming through the whole.  We are experiencing this as a together, as a collective, we will say, here.  And we can be in many placed at one time.  And certainly if we are in say, South America where they would speak more of a Spanish type of language, we will also work within that language as well.  Or in Tibet, or in France, or wherever it might be.  We will associate to that level of consciousness that that one that we are coming through will need to experience here, and those that are listening as well, you see?  So yes, we do alter the communication style that we use, here.  Yes. 

Your first question was what again? 


Guest:   I probably have forgotten, myself! (laughs)  The first question was that you say you can’t answer that question that we had as you were not allowed.  I wondered why you weren’t allowed to do that. 


OWS:   Are you familiar with the term, the ‘prime directive?’ 


Guest:   Well, I don’t know who that is, because they don’t tell us.


OWS:   It’s not a who.  The prime directive is noninterference.  We cannot interfere in someone else’s free will.  If we were to do that, and we were to tell you something that was going to occur in a predictive type of style, we could incur karma on ourselves, and also create a karmic situation for you as well.  So therefore there is the prime directive, which is noninterference.  We cannot interfere in another’s free will.  Okay?


Guest:   We are not to, either, right?  We aren’t supposed to do that either.  I love that. 


OWS:   That is correct.  That is correct.  It is a universal law.  Yes.  Shoshanna?


Guest:   Great.  Oh, I love that.  Thank you.


Shoshanna:   We wish to share.  May we share?


Guest:   Yes, you may share, Honey.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, each being that participates that asks the question here is on their own journey and has experienced what they’ve experienced on their own journey, and reached some understanding or much understanding of their own beingness and their own situation, and we can share with each being on an individual basis that which they have achieved and understanding.  We cannot share past that understanding that they have gained themselves, you see.  That is one.


The second thing is, is that we have directives that we must not be predictive in our answers.  We must not attempt to share predictions because you see that can cause a creation of that prediction by just even saying it to those that believe it, and that is not appropriate for this world at this time.  This world must come to its own understanding and its own conclusions, and its own advancement on its own.  We cannot interrupt that, you see.   Does this make sense to you, Dear Sister?


Guest:   Yes.  I’m so happy that I asked the question, because now I have a real full understanding.  Thank you so much for sharing.


Shoshanna:   Namaste.


OWS:   Very good.  Are there any further questions before we turn to your e-mail question?  Anything further?  Very good.  Then do we have e-mail questions?


Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.  We have three e-mail questions.  The first someone asked is, what is the relationship between the galactic spiritual being and technology? 


OWS:   Consciousness.  It is all about consciousness and vibration.  So when you think of technology, you think in terms of your three-dimensional understanding and technology in terms of machines, and those types of things.  But technology at the higher vibrational dimension is in terms of consciousness, working through consciousness such as the many ships that are operating by a consciousness of their own.  They coincide.  They work together, cooperate together.  Meaning the one who is, say the captain, or the admiral of the ship, and the ship itself work together to bring about a destination perhaps that they are working toward, you see?  Or to work on various aspects within the ship together.  It is not only the captain and the consciousness of the ship, but it can be the engineer, or whatever it might be, whatever is needed.  But it is all about consciousness.  Now technology at that higher vibrational level is not, again, as you understand technology. 


Now, there is, though, a technology that is used upon the ships to monitor what is occurring on the planet here, and the collective consciousness of the planet.  And you can think of that in terms of a quantum computer type of thing, here.  That is what we would call it, here.  It is light years, though, beyond your computer systems that you have now.  So that is higher technology.


Technology at the higher vibrational dimensions, though, is never used for destruction.  It is only used for construction.  There is a huge difference, here.   Now there are times when there needs to be a defensive type of technology, but it is only for defense.  It is never for, again, destruction.  If one sends a destructive type of technology toward a ship of consciousness, that ship of consciousness will deflect that ray or that blast, or whatever it might be that comes to it.  It will deflect it back from whence it came, you see?  That is how technology works in what you call a ‘nutshell.’  It is much more vast than this.   Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?


Shoshanna:   We cannot add to this.


OWS:   Very good.  Then we are done with that question.   Next question?


Guest:    Okay.  Next question:  Regarding the lockdown, what is the purpose of the lockdown?  I know you said not to use that term, but that’s the term they used. 


OWS:   Yes.  We believe we have already answered that question in a more direct way.  We do not need to revisit that one.   We move on. 


Guest:   Okay.  And finally, what’s an average day in the life of an Ascended Master?  What’s that like? 


OWS:   What is an average day?  We cannot say there is any average day.  There is only ‘in the moment.’  So every moment is different.  So when you think in terms of your three-dimensional consciousness and the illusion here, you think in terms of your 24 hours in a day and what occurs in those moments of that day.  But we think of it only in terms of the moment by moment.  And every moment brings something new, and something different, and something more joyful than the moment before that.  So it is completely different. 


Now, do we have enjoyment?  Oh, very much so.  We enjoy life at a spiritual level, and yes, even at times in a physical level.  We enjoy it tremendously, because that is all there is.  There is nothing but joy in the moment, you see? 


The James asked this question many, many years ago, here, as we find it.  He asked this same question.  And we simply answered we think it is quite enjoyable to be able to be in many different locations at one time.  In other words, ‘bilocate.’  We think that is quite enjoyable.  And we think you will find that quite enjoyable too.  Think in terms of what it would be like to be wherever you are in the moment, and then in the next moment be somewhere else that will bring you joy in the moment in another place upon your planet, or another place in the solar system, or in the galaxy itself, in the moment, you see?  It is all about consciousness within the moment.   Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   We find that what you have given is sufficient.  We will add this:  As Shoshanna, Shoshanna wishes to serve.  That is our desire in our heart when we speak through JoAnna, when we engage with those that are asking a question, it is our desire to serve that person into an understanding of who they are and how they can achi8eve a higher consciousness and to achieve joy ultimately in every moment of their lives.  So we address questions.  That is our directive to address questions, and be completely of serve and to help that being.  So we think that each Ascended Master can decide for himself how to participate in their own ascended consciousness, you see.   Namaste.


OWS:   Very good.  We are done with the question time.   Shoshanna, do you have parting message here?


Shoshanna:   We would like to share that we are in gratitude in every moment that we are called to serve, and that this is our purpose to serve you, and we appreciate that you have allowed us to do so.   Namaste.


OWS:   Very good.  And we simply will say with two words to sum up here:  be ready. 


Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.  



Channeled by James McConnell

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