Spritism is not given much credence by todays' 'spiritual people' even though it involves channeling-there are books on becoming a medium through Spiritism but it involves immersing yourself in Christian prayers and going to a Spiritist Center on a regular basis to align yourself with good human spirits from the Heavens so that the channeling is not plagued by  evil sprits.

I've read many of the books from Fransico Xavier who was an automatic writer/medium for Spiritism in Brazil

Excerpt from the book Nosso Lar -also available in a featuer length film at amazon;

 Excerpt from the book entitled “NOSSO LAR” or “THE ASTRAL CITY”

 This is a story of a doctor’s odyssey in the Spirit World, dictated by the Spirit André Luiz
and psychographed through Francisco Cândido Xavier.

“A Message from André Luiz

Life never ceases. Life is an overflowing source, and death is only an obscure effect of illusions.
The great river follows its own course before joining the vast sea.
Likewise, the soul follows equally varied routes and passes through different stages, receiving here and there tributaries of knowledge,
strengthening its personality and perfecting its qualities before reaching the Ocean of Eternal Wisdom.
The closing of our earthly eyes is such a simple event.
The shedding of the physical body does not solve the fundamental problems of enlightenment,
just as changing ones clothes has nothing to do with the deep questions of life and destiny.
Ah, paths of the soul, mysterious ways of the heart! One must walk their full lengths before facing the supreme equation of Eternal Life.
It is essential for you to live all their conflicts and to know them fully in the long process of spiritual ascension.
How childish to imagine that the mere "ringing down of the curtain" would settle transcendental questions of the Infinite.
One life is but a single act.
One body - a garment.
One century - a day.
One task - an experience.
One triumph - an acquisition.
One death - a breath of renewal.
How many lives, how many bodies, how many centuries, how many tasks, how many triumphs, how many deaths are still allotted to us?”

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