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I've started about three years ago when I was revealed the eye of God in physical manifestation and through a long and vigorous path through depression, joy, difficulty, and ease I've come this far. Then a book found me called "The Children of The Law of One And The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis". Kind of like an invitation to become a part of it... Now that I am at this point I would like to ask, and hopefully someone through further Universal Manifestation will stumble on this post to respond. I know that this is wage, but I am certain that if you are to answer to this it is because you know how to answer to this. Considering that there's no longer a chat room in this site I would like to start this discussion through here, if you would answer that is. Thank You for your presence.

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Chat works. Move your cursor to the bottom right of your screen where it says Ashtar Command (49 members online) highlight that area with your arrow and click on it. The chat room will be brought up.

I think Atlantis was the basis of mystery school teachings, and the secrete societies are trying to rebuild it.

Edgar Cayce spoke of Atlantis.

There are some good videos on Atlantis if you use google video..
Thank you Me in 2D, for helping me find that chat room. I've seen some of the videos, but I was refering to the book written by Jon Peniel, I would recommend it to anyone. Including you
I will check my local library. Thanks.
I hope it influences your life in just as wonderful way as it did mine. Thank you again for your kindness.
I Found a "golden key"? If I could I would be more than happy to open a new door for the whole world, but I need help in some way before I can help someone else, or at least the tools to help myself. At least at this point of my path.
This is a totally wonderful poem. Thank you so much for sharing this. Awesome.
Love to you
Yes I agree, this is a beautiful poem, thank you. Yet I still seek an answer, yet with much despair I don't have a question for the answer to be given. Yet in my heart I seek it so much... so much...
What is it you URN for, my friend?
It has resurfaced to me and recently through help of pepole like you I have experienced deep love and kindness with others. This gave me an experience and a relevance of what I need. The urn doesn't end there though, I seek a deeper spiritual experience, but it will only continue as I move on from this, but thank you so much for your help, and I'm certain that unknowingly and indirectly you and everyone ellse in this website have helped me, you should feel special for this.
I love this one too, had never heard it before. I am so grateful you share the most awesome and inspiring poetry with us. You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for always sharing uplifting words.

Love and inspiration to all
Hey, no problem man..

I have a few video suggestions for spiritual enlightenment.. (I know it's just a video, and you prolly seen a bunch already, but I think that lectures are pretty cool.. so heres a few..)

Sacred Geometry:
Donald Duck in mathmagic land (Seriously.. this is smart, and fun and interesting!)
Related topics: Cymatics, Fractals, Synchronicity, Infinity..

Evolution vs Creationism:

the myth of myself
the most mysterious secret

If you have not seen any of these films yet, then I have most likely given you a double dose of red pill here.. thank my friends at thats where I got my stash ;)
You already understand the principle of will and manifestation.
That alone is the secret of the Magi.
Where I have found the purest wisdom is in Taoist script.
Nothing I have learned or unlearned yet compares to the wisdom of absence of all that is.
The truth is never taken from another.
One carries it always with oneself.



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