Hello! I have serious problems.. I'm not even sure I will survive this without going insane..I attended a healing class in 2007 and learned to talk to the prime creator.. But there was someone there interfering.. And I started talking with them instead.. They seemed nice and helpful, but after half a year they turned on me.. They bother me to the extreme.. And they can do all sorts of stuff to me including control.. Manipulation of beliefs and many other things.. They also force me to take anti-psychotic drugs and pretend to be ascension guides.. And they trick me into believing that all the time.. Also I was trying to remove them with the help of a theta healer.. The healer could see them hiding in my aura and tried to remove them.. After the third failure and that they just returned.. She gave up..! How the hell is someone supposed to even know about this stuff.. And it is utterly hopeless to try to explain everything.. It is very complex and damaging for me.. I believe in ascension of the Earth and I want to go with her.. These beings/spirits make me fear that I will be a slave of the reptiles or the gray.. How can I free myself from this? I have tried praying to God, Jesus and Archangel Michael.. I have stuck a stick into the ground asking that they leave as long as the stick is standing.. No luck.. Stick was standing for a long time.. Also I have rose quartz in my bedroom and have had some help from clairvoyant people.. They claimed they removed the spirits.. But they are still here in full.. Is this normal when one is ascending? Also I have had ascension symptoms from 30 mins before the fireworks into year 2000.. But this is not very good!Also I have noted certain things that prove to me that I have been picked up by the gray several times.. Especially after the healing class..I thought they where not permitted to stay here anymore..? I suspect they get help from someone else since they can stay in my aura 24/7 all year long, and bombard me with useless things.. I must however admit that some things that are happening is good, but most are extremely painful, both on a physical as well as a psychologically level.. My mental health is very bad after this!Can someone help? Please!This is not my first time posting about this on this website.. So here are links to the old discussions!Sept. 2011:http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/i-am-my-own-enemy-please-help-meJan. 2012http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/outcry-for-some-help-spiritual-issue--Mvh. Thomas Ivan Sønsteby (Norway)

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  • I am very sorry to know about your hard experience. Believe in your soul and God. One has to help himself. God helps those who help themselves. Take the experience as a lesson and start new beginning. Practice devotion to your favorite God while doing your everyday duties without fail. It takes time but do not give up faith. Visit my website for more information and guidance. May God bless you! Hari Om!

  • Hi Thomas

    One thing I saw on youtube videos of Bonnie Meyer, she said that if you ask for help by calling on Jesus, and stand your ground telling them you no longer want this experience, they will likely go away.


    You have nothing to lose by asking for help from Jesus/Sananda. ?



  • Thank you for sharing with us Thomas.  I wish that I knew something to help you, but alas I don't know how to make them go away.  I had a problem with the grays and abductions over the years, and I never figured out how to get rid of their hampering with my life either, but I was at wits end.  They finally stopped when I hit menopause, I lucked out, but I understand the angst you must be going through....it is really rough.  Wish I could be more helpful but don't know how other than to send you healing prayers, which I will do for sure. 

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