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Spend a day in a slaughter House :-- that supplies food for the hungry that would rather pay some one else to kill your food.

The cold reality of this world we live on can be summed up in a very short phrase : “ Everything that is alive, eats something else that’s alive, to stay alive”

Our world, our society, our thinking, has covered this core truth up, the h*** Nature of this planet is kill or be eaten yourself.

Fancy car’s , Jobs, toy’s, and everything about how we live from day to day has iced over this core truth. Watching foot ball, having a beer and a hamburger at a local sports bar. Our mind has blocked what we are eating out of the picture of life.

How ever the food on your plate in front of you vegetable or animal makes no difference it was once alive, before you sink your teeth into it.

Society its self is the blindfold we all live and stay alive behind with little notice.

This is why I cringe when I hear people talking all this love and light, high vibration love this or love that, feelings of love are not going to happen while you stand in a slaughter house of food processing facility.

We sanitized our thoughts to eliminate the real core of this world, “ if you eat, something else must die for you to do so.” spend a day in a slaughter house, I don’t think any of you know where one is at let alone thought about it. Its been bread out of our society and our thinking.

This is the only sobering ; Causing serious thought: making somebody give serious thought to important things, in life…

That this society‘s, thinking of everything else but what this world is about. When was the last time you paid homage to what your about to eat. That keeps you alive?

Like the two squirrel’s above, our minds have been trained to think “Oh” how cute, or “Now that’s loving thought, coffee and a message. Sterilizing the fact that they are food. Everything is food for something else, on this planet.

For most the blindfold will stay on, when we all are killer’s. denying this core, of this reality, means we are still blind as a bat.

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It's not what goes into the mouth of a man that makes him unclean, but that which comes out of his mouth that makes him unclean!

Yes, that is for the Biblical believers.

This is before biblical thinking, before the intellectual brain washing, and society gave you a full stomach with no brains to think even why, everything eats everything else to live on this planet.

this also has nothing to do with eating meat..  sigh   ...   this is the under the normal thinking of this world h*** sale killing.   non - living beings will not keep you alive.  only the fruit of living things keep you alive not the being its self...   it dose not make anyone a killer or a sinner,, its just fact of life on this planet.. 

what I said was how can people be all love and goodness, high vibrations and  be so dam spiritual standing in a world they don't even know.    the mind of men are to believable if this one thing is forgotten,  everything on this planet kills.    or pays to have it done, buying the prosses to have it done for them..    I'm just saying with our fancy thinking we have lost our understanding of just how things are.  

How can we evolve as a being, when our thinking has been only a dream of other’s imaginings. Thousands of year’s this core truth of nature we are part of has been left behind, and we have allowed it to happen.

“Let me tell you a story “ this phrase has taken the place of life and living with Nature as a being of Nature.

Just a very few shaman of American Indian descent, still hold on to this core belief in Nature. And only our thinking can leave it behind with the imaginings of the dreams of another’s fantasy or story.

And this is the blind fold that keeps people enslaved to this unreal thinking. That we all build our lives’ around.

One phrase clichés, is denial of a simple core fact of life its self. The foundation that all life is built on. Loose that and we’ll believe and story that comes along as long as it makes us feel better life go’s on. I was just trying to bring up something we have long for gotten. And discussing other things this has caused us to for get, and get back to critical thinking. Away from the main stream dreams of others….

So, instead of feeding the birds outside my window and feeling good about it while eating a pizza at the same time, I should rather skip the pizza to feel even better in my body and mind by eating the birds instead? :)

Well I'm a vegetarian,I chose to be one at a young age for similar reasons to what you say here,now I'm allergic to meat.... and I hear you and where your coming from,but I also at the same time disagree with certain portions of what your saying,so I ask you to tell me just what did the Native Indian Shaman's eat..or the African tribes Or the Amazonian Indians in the jungles or Tibetans in the high mountains,and the Eskimo in the Antarctica for that matter..I say again I hear where your coming from with regards to respecting nature and all living sentient beings, but dont forget the human body evolved from plant eating, to have meat intake for survival,and animals incarnated here for that food chain process.. for those in places where growing vegetables isnt possible...Animals agreed to this pact along side humans to,and yes humans forgot their soul pacts...animal souls also agreed to give their lives to sustain other animals also,however human's have lost their respect & privilege of a human experience and no longer only take what is needed for their survival,now they take it to another level and they kill for the sheer sake of the kill even in sport..but if you dont believe me,when I say that animals agreed to give their lives for humans to survive here on Terra, then I suggest you step outside this holographic matrix reality for yourself and find out just like I did..

............."as a vegan I am not interested in discussing what type of diet our caveman ancestors ate, or weather God put animals here for us to murder and eat, or if we can obtain enough protein from plant~based diet, or if humans are omnivore or herbivore. These are tired arguments folks. What we should be discussing is how can we move forward and evolve as a race. The killing of billions of animals every year for food and clothing has helped put this planet and its inhibitants in the crisis situation that we are now faced with. And veganism offers the solution. Global warming, declining health of our population, polluted waterways and depleted soil, fished out oceans, starvation in all countries of the world, species extinction of animal species and disappearing forest are but just few of the problems that can be addressed and remedied if people turned to vegan life style. Meat eating humanity had backed itself into a corner, veganism offers a way out...........................sigh. 

Everything poops. The poop from all our trees in the autumn/winter is even brown.

Now that's something. Just because it doesn't come from a dark and mysteriuous h*** doesn't mean it's not poop. ;)

Trees eat carbon dioxide and poop leafs, oxygen and large ammounts of bio mass. :)



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