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It is a person whom you feel has a special,almost spiritual connection to you, or you do connect with them spiritually. Also is the love that comes with it too. So much love and time i put into the relationships i have been in through my life to come to this conclusion......

Me, i have had many soulmates in my life.Everyone of them i had a amazing experience with.Gave them unconditional love and had felt love in so many amazing ways. Its just feel i had more in my life than just one,and i will have many more. I really enjoy sharing my love and connecting with a woman on all different levels.And in the relationships i was in, eventually they came to a end.Connecting with someone on all different levels, including deep within your spirit and heart is beautiful. And one day i will have another soulmate in my life and i will give my love to her too. So when you go though life and think,"well i'll never find my soulmate again" just know you'll have one again in your life one day. And that one just might be the person you spend the rest of your life with.

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How true,,,there are so many people we can love deeply in this world....just be open to it..



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