soul keys, lady nada

Keeper of the Soul Keys by Lady Nada

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

My beloved friends, brothers and sisters of the Creator's light, it is aglorious moment for me to connect with your energies in this way and Isend praise to the Creator and your soul for the manifestation of thissacred space that we are now experiencing together. Allow your energiesto soften, know that I come with love and the truth of the Creator in myheart as I connect and communicate with your energies.

I am Lady Nada, I am the chohan or overseer of the eighth ray of lightknown as a sea foam green colour and devoted to cleansing andpurification. I am also a member of the Board of Karma assisting in manyin resolving their negative actions. I hold the Goddess energy,emanating the Creator's feminine energies to all with the purpose ofbringing forth a balance between the feminine and masculine qualities ofthe Creator especially on the Earth. I have a strong connection withthe Christ consciousness and I am the feminine aspect of Master Sananda/Master Jesus and so assist in the spiritual education of all upon theEarth.

With many aspects and soul influences of the Creator held within mybeing I have a special ability of viewing the truth of the soul withinall. This extends beyond understanding a person's soul or comprehendingtheir truth but allows me to see the origin of their soul, the purestform of the soul before complete integration with the Creator's mightysoul. It is akin to viewing the first extension of an energy or soulfrom the Creator's soul. This means that I gain a unique perspective ofthe person or their soul and their true goals, desires and qualitieswhich extend even beyond Monad manifestation. It is because of myability in recognising the purest source of truth and consciousnesswithin a soul that I have been given the title of 'Keeper of the SoulKeys'. This title implies that I hold the key that will allow you tounlock your soul, while there is some truth within this, I do not have atool that will allow an instant release of your soul into your realitybut hold wisdom, energy and consciousness that will allow a graduallyunderstanding, connection and observation of the soul.

I dearly love to work with individuals to allow an expansion of theirsoul and to assist in their expression of their soul. Many individualsin the past have fondly called upon my energy to assist them withmatters of the soul and so I have accepted a vast understanding of howone can reconnect with their soul and develop a manifestation thatevolves from a place of pure purity within them. When a person callsupon my energy to assist them in beginning a connection with their soulthen I will draw closely to their energy and channel my light deep intotheir being. This energy wave will consist of my soul light, the lightof the eighth ray to cleanse all stagnant or negative thoughts andenergies away, the Christ consciousness to anchor love and the highestvibration of Creator light that is appropriate for the individual. Iwill bathe the individual in this light for some time as purificationand to allow the individual to become accustomed to my energies andpresence. In many ways this process activates a deeper self realisationas much clutter is cleared allowing a greater sense of clarity to dawn.

As our energies begin to blend I will observe the very essence andtruth of the person's soul and may even communicate with the core energyof the person's soul to understand the will and divine path that thesoul wishes to enact on the Earth and on the inner planes. This for meis a sacred moment as it is akin to connecting with the Creator, asevery person's soul is an aspect of the Creator in manifestation. It isimportant for you to realise that even as you sit observing mycommunication, and you imagine the mighty Creator's soul, you actuallyhold an aspect or element of the purest form of the Creator's lightwithin you but it is hidden by the distractions of your mind, emotions,personality and physical body. It is in many ways protected or concealeduntil a time that you are ready to accept the Creator truth that existswithin you. Everything that you manifest as, both positive and negativeenergies, originates from this pure energy of the Creator within yourbeing, so for me it is extremely interesting to connect with your coresoul energy and then see the choices, projections and interpretationsthat have manifested into your reality. This of course is not a trueprojection of your soul as your previous experiences, the beliefs thatyou have formed and your surroundings will have influenced the personand energy that you exist as today. One is always able to see the truthor the soul and also the goals that the soul wishes to overcomeintertwining as ribbons through the physical reality and personality ofan individual on the Earth. When we are able to release the stains ofthe past and realign with the core energy of our soul then we are ableto truly project the truth of our soul as a manifestation of everyaspect of our being. Gaining an understanding that there is a sourcewithin you that is so pure and sacred and that everything flows andmanifests from this source is a powerful realisation. When you thenrealise that everything that you are aware of, yourself, yourpersonality, emotions, thoughts etc, are also an extension of your soulbut have been in some way tainted then you begin to see a separationbetween your truth and your current existence. This separation is notnecessary beneficial but it allows a greater comprehension of yourenergies and perspective now and all that is your truth. It is throughthe understanding of your current self that you create a path way oflearning, discovery and connection back to your soul.

When I connect with the core energy of your soul I am able to see thepath way or lessons that you may need to embark on in order to gain truealignment with your soul and to allow your soul to manifest withoutbeing tainted by different active aspects of your being or by thosearound you. With this understanding I am then able to guide and adviseyou appropriately in order to share with you the will of your soul.

It is my mission also to protect you and your soul as you follow a pathof clearing, discovery and alignment. Protection, support and creatingan environment of love is essential when wishing to connect with thesacred soul or Creator aspect within. These are key energies that I willassist you in gaining and manifesting in order to create a balance andharmony that allows the core soul energy to be noticed, respected andrecognised by you as you exist in your reality.

I will also assist in allowing you to develop an understanding of thefeeling and consciousness of your soul aiding the embodiment of yoursoul and the guidance of your soul.

When an individual calls upon my energies to help them with theiralignment with their soul then I will work with them for a lengthyperiod of time as this practice is not something that can be graspedinstantly and needs dedication and acceptance over time. Very often Iwill appear at different times in your spiritual growth to direct youalong a certain path which will increase your alignment with your soul.

If you feel a connection with my energy then you may wish to use thefollowing invocation to assist in our connection and to allow me tochannel appropriate energy waves into your being over the coming week.In next week's communication I will then assist you in calling on myenergies to aid a further alignment and understanding of your soul as Ihave described in my communication.

'Lady Nada, I feel a strong desire within me to gain a deeperconnection with my soul and the aspect of the Creator that is so pureand divine existing within my being. From the purity of my heart I askyou to assist and guide me in this process of clearing, realisation,awakening, discovery and alignment with my soul.

To begin this process of connection and alignment with my soul pleasechannel your soul light, the eighth ray light, the Christ consciousnesslight and the Creator's light deep into my being to raise my energyvibration, to increase the volume of light that I hold and to clear allunneeded energies from my entire being, thus manifesting a pure andclear outlook that promotes the presence of clarity within me. Allow meto experience your light pouring through my being now, when I affirmthis invocation, when I sleep and at appropriate times throughout myday. I understand that the energy I receive will assist in my connectionwith you and prepare for my greater connection with my soul and sacredCreator aspect within me. Thank you and let it be. '

Let us embark on a journey of soul alignment together and as one,

I am Lady Nada .

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